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July 16
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MAY 18, 2011 6:19AM


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Last week, I had an opportunity of a lifetime, that I have done one other time in my life.


I got the chance to visit Henderson, Kentucky.


As always, my trusty camera was by my side and I went walking on a beautiful Thursday afternoon.


The city of Henderson, Kentucky is located in Western Kentucky, on the ole Ohio River, which right now is well over its banks and seemingly is thinking about changing its banks to the bigger and better one it discovered.


It's close enough to Indiana that I could pee straight into it without leaving my motel room(why? Beats me, sounded fun, till the State Police showed up but then it got back to being fun as they started peeing into Indiana as well.  LITTLE KNOWN FACT, INDIANA AND KENTUCKY LIKE PEEING INTO EACH OTHERS STATES!!!).

Henderson has had a few famous residents.

One of them was John James Audubon, a naturalist who lived in the town in the early 1800s.

He's dead now.

Unless you read Wikipedia and take them for fact. 

 Then, according to them, he is still alive and well in Henderson.




Maybe he is.

For those of you who have read their history books, you know that Mr. Audubon invented birds that are still alive today even though he tried to stuff them and mount them(which sounds kinky, but in reality, I've discover, it is not) so he could sketch them.


In tribute to this grand thinker(I've discovered trying to take pictures of birds is tough, them suckers fly off before you can take their photo! Dead stuffed birds much easier to photograph or sketch!), there are sculptures based on his paintings throughout downtown.

Tink got to see one.

A Mudsucker Rapture Hawk or maybe a diseased pigeon on vacation from New York City(see, Tink can make fun of other places other than just Duluth!! Hi my friends in New York!! ~WAVES~).


(More of these sculptures can be at Henderson's official website @ http://www.cityofhendersonky.org/  )

Others have called Henderson home as well.


Or close enough to spit on it that Henderson can say, "yeah, they were here long enough to spit on us and have some barbecue which we celebrate to this day by having a multi-day barbecue down by the river! SPIT ON US TINK!" such as blues legend W C Handy.

Home of author, lecturer Lucy Furman as well.


(no picture of the barbecue held in honor of  W C Handy --- http://hendersonkyhistory.com/WCHandyBio.htm )

And of course, the most famous blogger since your mom, Tinkerer Tink, has laid his head on a pillow in the greatest motel since Bates.

Yes, they will place a marker!


'TINKERERTINK69 SLEPT HERE --- WE HAD HOPE SOME DAY, HE WOULD BECOME FAMOUS FOR SOMETHING MORE THAN WRITING SHIT, MAYBE BECOME A SERIAL BOMBER OR SOMETHING! Though he lived in New Albany, Indiana, he came to Henderson with a dream in his heart, to become the #1 female impersonator or something.  Every year since 2025, Henderson Kentucky has hosted the Tinky Winky Memorial Drag Queen Competition.  Tink, known to his friends as 'That asshole who kept pissing on my roses!', died tragically in 2016 from a shotput to the groin.  GOOD NIGHT AND HAVE A BETTER TOMORROW Tink, wherever you are.  Probably Hell, you damn sinner!"

Speaking of sinners, Henderson has a lot of churches to go with their many pawn shops, cash for gold, and liquor stores.







Tink even found himself a business to call his own....


DSCF4987 ...signage included!  Your favorite! 

Quick, pick one!

Yeah, I'd go with spirits too.

I discovered that was a fancy word for 'booze from a plastic bottle'.

Served on Sundays as well.

DSCF4984 And a shoe repair place right across the street!

And not very far from river access. 

River boat gambling?

Who knows!


 Of course, no Tink Travel Guide would be complete without a peek under Mother Nature's skirt. 

Sit back and enjoy.

DSCF5009 We started with the birds, here is the bee!  Teehee.














Stuff they don't show you on those OTHER Travel! Henderson Kentucky websites!

Trust me, I've looked. 

DSCF5017  Wait, aren't they a little TOO young for that?

Wait, that's COUGARS!

Never mind.

Wait, jaguars? EEK!!!

But yes, just like veal, I guess. 


Not that I'm advocating Feline Hunt and Kill of elementary kids.

That would be wrong!

Maybe junior high.

Once they get to high school and beyond, they get kind of tough.

DSCF5029 Viva La Revolution! And it seems to be 'growing' in Henderson.

What 'Revolution'?


DSCF5019  Farmer VS. Wilson for Commissioner of Agriculture!

DSCF5022 Cheap smokes, liquor and beer, and PAWN!!!  



At the Dairy Bar! 

I mean, yes, I could have gone with a hot dog and cola, but jesus, people, this is a revolution, and it is growing in Henderson.


Who loses during a Revolution? 

This tree sure didn't!

"I am warm in the winter, thanks small children of Church Day Care.  I am sorry my friends the jaguars ate you with such delight that the priests, they threw holy water in an attempt to save you from 'Lucifer' himself! You'll be missed. Also, thanks for the bench.  My leaves find it very comfy to fall on!" 

DSCF5021 America, my friends, God blessed or not, has decided to close down in Henderson, Kentucky.  A sad day indeed.

DSCF5013 Even sadder when I learned that Funk was dead, put to rest in the St. Louis Cemetery in Henderson. 

Yes, I discovered this cemetery as I continued my walk down the street.

I also discovered one of the streets leading to this place was called Horseshoe.

To those of you in the know, you can laugh and cry with me.  To those who don't know my career history or its downfall, you can go, "I don't get it!" but if you've read me enough, you can put 2 and 2 together and get 69!

(Yes, I went a little camera happy during my adventures, and well, seriously, I think I have fallen in love with Henderson, Kentucky!! It's like Kentucky, but close enough to Indiana to still be Indiucky!!!)




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Wow, who knew I lived within driving distance of such a historic city! BTW...those flower shots are really nice Tink.
Lovely pictures. I especially liked the perspective sidewalk shots.
Oh no! Funk is dead?
Now I'm not feeling so great either.
Gee. You sure got around in Henderson. Glad you got home safe and sound.

Nice nature porn. A little known thing about Audubon was that he shot birds by the gunny sackful, then dragged them back to his studio where he wired them like wee marionettes in simulated flight and berry eating postures, which explains why his birds look so unnatural and sorta broken necked (cuz they were).
Henderson is a remarkable place. Over here in So IL we pee into Missouri, Kentucky, and Indiana. Well before the rising rivers made that AND river boat gambling impossible. C'mon Tink, cross the river into Illinois and see the history we have here. We have abandoned strip mines, ghost towns, even a place where Lincoln debated Douglass. We have the Garden of the Gods (note the plurality and wonder if we are really pagans after all) See the lakes and the glacial moraine. See the oldest Bank west of the Ohio river (once the water goes down) Visit scenic Cairo at the confluence of the Mississippi and the Ohio (see above). Best of all if you venture this way around July 15th, you can attend my amazing backyard bar be que, held beneath the swaying grove of genuine Illinois bananas. We may not have Audubon, but we have Jim Brady, and we even had Gene Rayburn, not to mention Bruce Jenner and Micheal Mc Donald of the Doobie Brothers. We also have some of the best sweet corn and watermelon in the nation along with a fine product of the more medicinal in nature (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, Know what I mean?)
Wow tink.. you went all out.. well done..
Beautiful photos Tink! I learned something too! ; D
Most be the porn holding you back Tinkertink. Or the good writing or the variety of great pictures...
Nice lookin' place and nice to get such a good tour out of ya....
you take good road pictures

Like the red road picture better - in my town they actually have a Red Road which isnt red but yours is so melikes it, I like red, I see red all the time around here on OS these days - must be growing color sensitive. like they are growing revolution in Kentucky America. with so much pee in the soil the fruits of revolution is going to be well nourished and sweet am sure

you shot me? the third little bird waiting to sprout wings is me looking up at all the stalwarts up there, am sitting there on my two centimeter legs wondering what is going on up there - I ought to use it as my avtar. but you have the rights. wd you give me the rights to use it please?
Ah tinky, tinky, what a wee devil you are. You slipped in that photo you you and the sheep so smoooooooothly! All you mention is "taking a nap"..... with a sheep - yeah....... right!!

(*but why does the sheep look so disappointed?*)

What, no thorn bushes??? Gadzooks!!!
Wheeeee.. A great ride. Thanks!
Is this the beginning of the travelogue series? It looks like a nice quiet place to live.

And insurance rarely covers that "shotput to the groin" contingency. When the policy includes that, the annual premiums are outrageous, but I am sure you knew that.
What? No pictures of someone's mother screwing her brother? I mean, KY after all.
You always know when urine Kentucky. Sorry. Couldn't resist.
Torman, ~nodding~ It actually is a pretty cool little town. ~nodding~ :) And thanks!!!

Myriad, ~nodding~ They had some neat sidewalks!! Actually, they had sidewalks which was awesome. I've noticed in my years out east, sidewalks are like bad or something. They don't exist in a lot of areas!! :D

Frank, I know, right? Boohoohoo!! :D

heron, I know!!! Audubon also wrote some other books like HOW TO SERVE BIRDS PROPERLY ---- WITH GRAVY! I know you birds aren't too keen on the memory of Audubon!! ~nodding~ :D

bobbot, I have made it into your fair state once or twice. Never stopped but damn, the 15th you say? Just a day away from my birfday! Might have to think about it....

The river probably still be up!!! EEK!! :D

Linda, ~nodding~ Picture posts always take the longest to do to, and I think this might be the last one I do for awhile. Boohoohoo! No EP, lucky to even get on here today!! WAAAAAA!! :D ~huge hug~

Susie, HURRAH!! :D And that's the best part. ;D

Mission, she won't come out and say it, but I think Ed I Tor hates me. Or maybe lusts me. Either way, no EP for me till Doomsday!!

Which, I'll chronicle!! ;D

Thanks. Actually, nice little city-town. I had fun that day. Walked for hours.

Rolling, go ahead and use it!!!! :) And yeah, they had red roads, white roads, black roads, all the colors, mixed together to create...well roads!! :D

sky, the sheep might have been disappointed, but I wasn't!! :D

Matt, I know!!! They didn't have any!! It's like a law or something, NO THORN BUSHES!! What the hell, where's a cat suppose to go and take a nap!!!??? :D

zanelle, thanks!!! It was a grand ride, except where I almost tripped and fell on the weirdly angled sidewalk by the mission. EEK! :D But even then, good times!! :D

Cat, it could be!! Maybe when Open starts running better than my grandma(who has been dead since the early 80s!!! What? :D) and yes, Shotput insurance very expensive!! Boohoohoo!! :D

lefty, you know how you can tell a virgin in Kentucky? She's the one who can run faster than her brothers. Hahahaha. What? :D

john, ~teeheehee~ ;D
Ya done good.... enjoyed both the pictures and the story.
Chrissie, thank you very much!! ~takes a bow~ :)