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July 16
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AUGUST 11, 2011 4:35AM


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The other day, the wifey and I decided to take a trip up the road to a place called Cathedral Gardens in Henryville, Indiana.

We've been wanting to go for quite awhile as both of us love to wander around taking in stuff and snapping what we both call, 'Artsy Fartsy' shots and what I call 'Nature porn'  (Admit it, you like viewing flowers in the nude! Perv! TEEHEE!) and the other day, we went, with cameras in tow.

As stolen from their website @ http://www.cathedralgardens.com/ ---

In the small town of Henryville, Indiana lies one of the most picturesque locations in the Midwest, Cathedral Gardens. From May 1 through October 31, visitors may tour the grounds from Monday through Saturday at 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm. Price is $15 for first visits, and half of that for every return visit. After the tour, you are allowed to stay and take in the natural beauty. Guests are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy on the fifteen acre planted of fifty two acre grounds. It is a place where time seems to stand still as your breath is literally taken away by the beauty surrounding you. It is hard to believe this place is just over thirteen years old.

Cathedral Gardens is actually thirteen intertwined stunning gardens with statues, fountains, flowers, plants, and a whole soul experience with something for all of the senses to explore. Not a single thing has been overlooked in its creation, with its walkways and walls lain by hand of brownstone painstakingly removed from the creek, and a reported ten thousand annuals (1) added to the grounds each spring. There are ponds with fountains, amazingly created pavilions, and annual additions to keep Cathedral Gardens eternally growing in splendor. But very few people knew about Daugherty’s Cathedral Gardens before the Louisville Courier Journal featured the stunning landscaping in an article honoring Daugherty’s efforts. In 2003, the first guests to the natural sanctuary were welcomed to view the grounds.

Throughout a tour of Cathedral Gardens, David L. Daugherty’s faith in God is apparent. From references to his religious strength to images along the grounds, including a cross-shaped pool, Cathedral Gardens is a thing of God’s beauty and grace. It is a tribute to God in all definitions of the term. You can not visit this place without leaving in awe of the wonder of God’s creation and the amazement of the concept which has blossomed into an incredible place.

 DSCF1775 At the beginning of the tour, after entering the gate, the tour guide stops the golf cart and a 4 minute moment of silence is recognized.

Four minutes of beautiful silence standing next to a pond, to allow contemplation of whatever. 

It's probably the most beautiful and best part of the tour.

So, in honor of that, I will post the pictures with no text unlike my usual picture posts.



Cathedral Gardens 

























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I love doing these photo posts, but I hate them as well!! Love=sharing adventures I've had with you all, hate=takes forever and a day to post them and then you worry, WILL OPEN LOST THE POST?! EEK!! :D
"running down an old lady in a golf cart"....?!! EEEEEK!

Gosh! There really ARE fairies at the end of the garden!! Well that proves the existence of Santa Claus and God, for sure, for sure.

Beautiful photos Tinkerer but why didn’t you enlarge them to fill the whole column width?


I shrunk them for convience for myself in uploading(again, photo posts are the best but still pain in the butt in uploading and hoping and praying to God of the Posts that it won't time out when hitting post!! :D)

I compressed the photos for web pages before uploading them!! ~nodding~

And yes, Viriginia, there's Santa and God and Tiny Tim!! Life is good!! :D
Kate, you're welcome! I think we all can!! ~nodding~
I love naked flowers. Trees too. These were some fine specimens. Thank you for taking the time to share such a lovely place with us.
heron, you welcome!!! I like naked flowers and trees too!! Teehee!! ;)
Certainly palatial and beautiful. Some day, when I'm computer literate, I'll download pictures of my orange grove in the middle of the trackless desert in Mexico.
Permission to just chill for four minutes is worth the trip alone. But these photos Tink! Gorgeous. Thanks so much for posting them.
I was really moved by the silence - until somebody farted!

Great pics, good eye! Host them on Flickr for uploading
My favorite? The one of Glads puckering up for a big kiss. I trust you didn't disappoint her.
Tink. In my opinion - I think this is one of your most enjoyable, and catatonic sane ...
... and Beautiful Post.
It's Nature's vacation.
I feel like a cool swim.
Cats do a back stroke.
Politicos do belly flop.
I's gonna be a wild day.
I'll go watch K-St. cats.
They have cat lice. flee.
They scratch flea crotch.
They visit the strip shop.

Archibald's is on K-Street.
They to be philanthropist.
They are catty evil critters.

Download time was well worth a wait.
You are a good fat cat with eyeshades.
I keep viewing this beautiful. Silence.

You are the philanthropist best feline.
Friends of fat-cat like you are weighty.
If you catnap with butterflies you sips.
I watch a monarch poach on sneakers.
A black and blue butterfly eat pollens.

My porch has pairs of farm sneakers.
Mountain butterflies fly on sneakers.
I watch them and come to read Tink.

No hacks Titlist gulf balls with wedge.
Dunlop golf balls end up in bird bath.
I use to golf on caddy day. It was free.

I caddied before war. I take cat bath.
I think you have nice tan. Ohio's cat?
That lobby cat is a mammoth loser.

Fat Cats weigh about 200 pounds?
Sometimes they go to grave tomb.
They weigh about 2o pounds wet.
DC's fat-cats stink like a polecat.
I hope you win Noble Cathouse.

You can take catnaps and baths.
Politicos visit DC's whorehouse.
In another dimension they work?

Maybe stinky cats scoop cat scat.
They find a job as a dog catcher.
Cat daydream they are butterfly.

The greedy cats are catastrophic.
Why do they remain catatonic?
They love vain tans and skunk.
Why do they sniff skunk hole?
They are jackal and polecats.
They later become hyenas.
They eat rotted carrion.
Fool love rot company.

They'd best reflect.
What fool in pool.
Thanks for beauty.
@ skypixeo- I have to do the same thing with mine or they have over the memory allowed. They have to be cropped.

Tink what a wonderful post! This should get a EPPPPPPPP!
I especially love the swan, angel, and fairy photos. Just beautiful!!
said Linda clapping from the lily pad
HA! HA! HA! I'm number thirteen.
Wurra sublime place, Tink. Love the photos. You and the missus have a good eye.

(But I don't see anywhere to sit and have a beer, free or otherwise.)
omyg! feel your pain and pfffffitsss posting pix to this site. Lots of clicking, lots of time loading, resizing, not to mention
@#$%^&*()!!!!ing around. In this case, well worth it.
I love those water lillies. So peaceful and serene. Thanks for posting.
Very nice pics, especially if you're into fairies! Where are the garden gnomes!
So, when I want to enlarge my photos, I go to post edit, then click the tiny html icon and find all the numbers 285 and make them 485, then click update. That usually works and they fill a larger space and are nice and clear.
You and your wife really know how to have fun! Love the black butterfly!
oooh pretty! and I love the idea that they had a Green Man and fairies there :D
Simply sublime. Ty 4 sharing these images with us. R
Simply sublime. Ty 4 sharing these images with us. R
I almost forgot. I don't care too much for nature porn, but statue porn makes me rock hard. Btw, that redheaded fairy, the one right after the swans, she winked at me. I swear. Please don't tell Venus.
What a beautiful, peaceful-looking place. I wonder if they'd let me live there, maybe in a little shack under that weeping willow in the sixth photo?
What beautiful photographs. I saw your tag that says "running down an old lady in a golf cart. Really! I certainly do hope that you return her camera. :)
Ooooooh, nice, Tinky. My favorite is the fairy playing the harp.
Thanks for the pretty pics!

Thanks for this post, Tink. Really lo-ely.

Haha - amused to see that in this garden for the praise of God there are fairies and a Green Man.
Sublime, peaceful, uplifting. What did you do to the real Tink?
Meow! I like the faerie with the well proportioned breasts. Also like how you had all these pics so perfectly aligned center. May I ask how you did that? Must have been a great day!! WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lefty, damn it, hurry up and learn, I wanna see!!!!!! :)

Linnnn, ~nodding~ silence can make your thoughts that much easier to hear!! ~nodding even more~ :)

Harry, I've hosted a lot of photos on some of my other pic posts. Next time ,I might do that, if there is a next time!! :)

jane, ~nodding~ Nice to get out and just get in touch!! ~nodding even more~

Matt, I never disappoint! Teeheehee!! :D

toritto, they were there, but they wouldn't sign the model release!! :D

Art, ahhh, you're welcome my friend!!!!

Susie, no EP for this cat, if I wanted an EP I'd have to go up to New York and hold that crew hostage. And even then, there'd be discussion for hours!! ~LOL~ But thanks.

Linda, isn't this pad the best? ;D (See above about my chances in gettin an EP!!! ;D)

**huge hug**

bobbot, you're always no.13 here in TinkLand!! ;D

Boaner, there's some really nice benches down by the pond for drinking beer, FREE BEER!! ;D

Vivian, ~nodding~ I think it was well worth the price!!! :) Thank you!

Christina, I love the water lilies too!! :)

Cathy, ~nodding~ Most times with my pics, I'll do that. Once or twice, I've hosted the pics on another site, that way, you can have a thumbnail and have clicky to see the BIG photo(the original unshrunk are just w------wild!! ~nodding~ :) )

Julie, ~nodding~ Got to love the fairies!! ~:D

Trudge, I won't! Venus and I aren't speaking anyways, she got mad I went to Vegas with Athena and well....~Pfffft~ :D

nana, I bet they would!!! They pretty nice!!! :D (I'll try to delete your repeat comments and such.)

by the way, my friend, WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!! Wooo!! :D

Diary, no way!! Nice camera and now, MINE! ;D

libby, ~waves~ :D

nana, I'm not sure if I want to delete any of them!! It'll ruin the flow of the conversation, so, uhm, NOPE!! ;D

L, you welcome!! :) I like fairies!! ~nodding~

Myriad, I think you'd LOVE the place. I just posted a sampling of the place, it's like inspired by soooooo many influences!! ~nodding~ :)

Cranky, the real Tink found God or something, he's travelling the country looking for something, possibly a Gremlin or a Lincoln Contiental from 1982!! :D
trig, thanks my friend!! I like boobies!! ~nodding~ :D

(On the align question, the answer is, after I hit post --- I didn't like the leftie pics, so what I did, was went into Edit Post, selected all the pics and then hit the CENTER align button and woop, they were centered!! ~nodding~ :) )
I disappear for a relatively brief period and what do I return to, statuary instead of hookers and cocaine. Well it is beautiful statuary and good photos since I've always wanted to snort cocaine off of Venus de Milo's butt I'm sure it works out after a couple of beers.
No kidding, great photos.
Anthony, the cocaine nevers disappear!!! ;D

F A B U L O S O - (new Jali word) my friend. There is always time for the nudity later. Rated with a Jali Smile. :-)
Jali, ~nodding~ Always time for nudity!! ~:D

Thank you very much!!!!!
Beautiful pictures. Hope you had a great day with the wifey.....hehehe
Aunty, good day indeed!! :)
Tink. You are most clearly on the right track.

Take Care.
Bloody Mayans, Tink.