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DECEMBER 20, 2011 6:14PM

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year --- Spamless 2012?

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What are my hopes for 2012?

Peace and Good Will for one and all,
A light at the end of the tunnel,
that isn't a train coming down the track!

What will 2012 bring?

A triple decker ham sandwich,
With extra mustard and a tomato?
Two sodas for the price of one?

Will the spammers leave,
Give up?

Probably not,
Who can live,
Without live feed of the ping pong match
And Olive Loaf?

Will Ed I Tor give up this illusion
Of a fight
Between her and Tinkerertink69 and give him an EP?

Probably not,
The Cover has no room
for a Crossdressing ex-computer operator!

I hope for a better tomorrow,

But I'll take the ham sandwich, if you please!

Good night and have a better tomorrow!


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On rye bread or whole wheat?
Whole wheat! But rye is good too!! Now I'm hungry!! ~:D
Make sure the pickle is Kosher. You don't wanna get Christian cooties.
Tink? You need a toaster for swiss cheese with dill pickles on grilled rye?
I bought one at a Flea Market in West Virginia. It needs a brill-o - i-pad with mayo.
The former owner never scrubbed off melted cheese, mustard, nor chili sauce goo.
I'll give it to you.
You can serve us.
You be a OSer server.
It's a dirty Oster brand.
You can cook spam too.
SEnd to skypix0 spam.
Cats eat anything. okay?
I call UPs add manager.
Add above reads `DAILIES
Aqua Comfort Plus Contact
New Every Day, Refreshing
All Day
Get a Free * trial today`so`
CLICK HERE )) Click it.
You get free dirty toaster.
I'll Contact a`Contact Lenses.
Buy Aqua Vulva `Mouth Wash.
See adds and get two free pizzas.
James M. E. no likes mushrooms.
Put pepperoni pizza in dirty toaster.
Happy holidays. Who ask for more?
OPen Salon is a ON Line E- Boy Buy?
Damn, I'm missing the ping pong match.
I have some home made pickled peppers for the sandwiches.
Aren't you worried about getting splinters from all them crucifixes when you cross dress??
Add some onions, my friend, and I'm IN! May 2012 be blessed and prosperous!
Is that sandwich on wheat or pumpernickel bread? If wheat we will all have a good year. If pumpernickel, RUN! R
@ Phyllis45:

You KNOW now Margaret's gonna show up, start bragging her pickled peppers are bigger and better than yours and the she'll offer to express the juice out of the to feet Emily & Tink's baby, don't ya???
Giggle. Ay, Safe_Bet's Amy.
I hugged a female Chaplain.

She wore a big wood cross.
It was one foot long. pokes.

The cross poked my chest.
I got many wood splinters.
She wouldn't pull them out.
I went to the ER. EP? Ouch.
A ER chaplain plucked um.
She no kisses my boo boos.
She gave me a ER lollipop.
I have many band aids too.
If it ever happen to Tink?
You can pluck splinters?
Tink won't scratch You?
Amy, yes, I expect Margaret to show after I have retired and am unable to counter her efforts. I must trust that my astonishingly tasty peppers will have Tink so puckered up from drinking the juice that he will be unable to respond to her blandishments.
I hope for a job for you between two pieces of hole wheat bread.. Thats substance baby.

Now you're talking Tink's language!!

He'll take a job between "two pieces of hole" any day at all!

The wheat bread is a bonus.........
Rated for reminding me about olive loaf. We were so poor when I was kid that we only had olive loaf at Xmas. It was like decorated baloney.
Ham beats spam every time.
Isn't this the time of year Emily goes on vacation?

Didn't you get an EP/Cover the last time she went for R&R?

(you put mustard on your triple-decker ham sammich?)
I'll take the Liverwurst or Braunschweiger on rye with mayo and mustard, with a fatty dill pickle and chips!
Ham sandwhich it is then. May you have a great NY too. Best wishes and more and Thanks!
Happy New Year, Tink. I'll talk with Ed I Tor about that EP; you deserve it!
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!! And yeah, it was around this time last year that Ed I Tor went on vacation and I got my last EP!! WOOOO!! :D
Art and I still want to know about the "splinter problem", dude! At Art's suggestion, I even got out my biggest pair of pliers!

BTW, is it true that the "T" in LGBT actually stands for Tink???
Some people really enjoy ping pong tink you are just lucky enough not to know any
Amy, yes!! :D

Jack, I've known a few but lucky me, I've forgotten them!! ~:D
Whaaaaaaa? A triple-decker and you didn't even wish for a Free Beer to wash it down? Foolish Damn Cat.
Boaner, I got plenty of free beer!! I stole it from my neighbors!! ~;D
Urp. Ham. Did you know that the word "Spam" is a conjunction of "ham" and "spew"? A vegetarian knows these things. Happy Holidays!
I just gained 5 pounds!!
Fine! But for a ham sand I recommend a Cuban joint, they make the best. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Tink. R
Give the Tink a ham sandwich already! Would you like mayo, mustard and a pickle with that? Rated.
Ham sandwich with spicy brown mustard - yummmmmm!!!
heron, ham is the best!!! :D

Chrissie, in all the right places!! Whooo!! :D

Thoth, I'm there my friend!! :D Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you as well my friend!!

Erica, HELL YEA!! :D

cc, now I'm hungry again!! :D
Now I'm hungry, but wait, I'm always hungry. Sending you good vibes for a J O B in the New Year, Tink.