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DECEMBER 22, 2011 10:46AM

Sponsored Post --- I was a spy for the KGB! Really? NO!

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To all,

Merry Fucking Christmas and Blow me New Year!


Everybody dies in the book, saved you two hours and fourty five minutes in watching the movie.

Except the one spy, he just gets neutered.

And oh yeah, the real mole was the inn keeper in chapter twelve.  Who would have guessed?

Aren't sponsored open calls the best!! Now, you don't need to read the book, you can just answer the open call in ten minutes!!

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The innkeeper? Really? I thought it was Col. Mustard in the library with the lead pipe. Who knew? R
Nice of the sponsor to reveal the mole up-front.
If you can log in.. Maybe you are a new person and the fort has been shut down like yesterday..:)
You are the best, Tink, but now I'm scared of you since you're a spy!!! Rated...
But was the real mole a REAL MOLE?
rated with love
You're just mad 'cuz they stole part of your name for the title. Fess up, feline!

Loved the whole story in a nutshell so to speak. Now don't change a word.
Yes, Tink our man of intrigue... Agent 1369 (=unlucky c*cksucker) who's disguise as a cross dressing transsexual allows him to infiltrate the seamier side of the evil OS empire.

He's even seduced and impregnated Ed I Tor!

Yes, Tink... Agent 1369, who likes his cheap rotgut wine shaken, not stirred, is the new spy hero of the 21st century!

(coming soon in paperback!)
I don't know why, but this made me uncontrollably laugh for am extended period of time.
Thanks, Tinky.
Your bestest thus far. And each new one overshadows the previous.
Merry Christmas, and all that to you. . .
disembowled rats. right on. yeah.
You are one naughty kitty.
So, Agent 1369, what's this about boobies replacing the spies?
(please do not read!)

TO: Secret Agent 1369 (aka Tink, aka Wanda, aka "EWWWW!!!! That's gross!")

- Be on the lookout for Maragaret F. (aka Skankzilla, aka Margo Hairy, aka "Chick with the big, fake plastic filled boobs!"). She is expected to be in your vicinity sometime today, as soon as she finishes having sex with the entire male population of Pittsburg.

She is considered to have arms and is dangerous! (remember STDs kill!)

That is all!
And now for a word from our Sponsor...
I think you blew it. It's supposed to be a closed call...wait. What? Close call? Oh, wouldn't ya know. Mea culpable.
Amy, for chrissakes, Margaret has already confessed to having undersize boobs. Remember when she apologized to the cop who was frisking her for being disorderly, rude and outrageous? Your distortion of the facts is even more outrageous. You'd best be careful or Officer Arthur Louis will be by to frisk YOU!
Wait...you said "fake" boobs. Mea even more culpable. Bad day on the roost.
That's why I religiously read Tink. Or is it that my religion involves Tink? Either way, only Tink dares to tell us the truth, and now we find out he's also a spy. And off his meds, as usual. But fortunately...well, there's no fortunate part now that I think about it, but at least we no longer have to read the book.
Fine, but where did you hide the microfilm?
Books are dangerous. We're watching you.
sincerely, KGB, CIA, ED-iTOR
Tink, why do you insist on making me laugh so damned hard? I already shake like a dog shittin peach seeds. If it gets any worse I won't even be able to keep hold of my mouse (Yes I said my mouse, get your mind out of the gutter) long enough to click rated which I just did while rolling on the floor
I had to read the comments to stop laughing, you are one sick cat
Damn it. I hate it when a new edition comes out and totally rewrites the story. Did the British double-jointed agent trollop (or is that trollop agent?) survive? No one gives KGB moles a better dose of clap than that trollop.
The one spy who got neutered ... so ... that would be a Damn Cat then?

(Happy hols, Tink, from the Great White North.)
But what about when Irena disemboweled Odessa in the bathtub? Fake boobs don't answer that. I think Amy's just fixated on 1369.
Trudge, I know!!! Surprise!!!

Dandy, I know, wasn't it? That way, I don't have to waste any money on the book or movie!! Whoo!! :D

Linda, I can log in!! Woooo!! ~:D

Erica, I'm a good spy, only sell secrets to hostile forces like the secrets to making good mayo!! ~:D

RP, maybe!! ~:D

L, HISS! Damn right I am!! :( ~:D

Miguela, I might change the title!! ~:D


Mical, made me laugh writing it!! :D

toritto, I'm just happy to be able to login!! ~:D

Fusun, ~takes a bow~ My present to the world!! :D

Justin, with a sauce to die for!! HURRAY!! :D

Christine, I know!! President sent a special spanker!! :D

phyllis, BOOBIES!!!! :D (I had a different plan for this post, but didn't change the tags cause really, what are the tags good for??? :D)

trig, Merry Christmas my friend!! :D

Jonathan, thank you my friend!! I shall light a candle tonight in your honor, or maybe sell Cranky to the government!! Either way...:)

Amy, she's already here, and she has a gun, I think!! ~:D

willie, that word, talcum powder!! Back to our usual programming!! :D

Chicken, I tried to do a closed call, but I got a sore butt for it! Wait, what? :D

Duane, exactly! Reading sucks!! I want pictures!! :D

John, up your butt! You were sleeping, didn't want to wake you!! :D


Ian, ~shaking~ I R scared now!! ~FLEES~ Or fleas? :D

Stretch, I do it for the peach seeds!! THEY MUST BE FREE!! :D

Jack, I am pretty sick ain't I? :D

Stim, clap is involved, very much so!! I shouldn't tell you this but....the rat bastard, in chapter 23, is killed by chapter 40 and is totally written out of the movie!! The best part!! I know!! PFFFT!! :D

Boaner, si!! :D Happy Festive Days to you as well!! Rainy here!! God it doesn't feel like Christmas!! PFFFFT!!! Who wants to make mudmen!!!! PFFFFT!!! :D

phyllis, yeah, the fake boobs were just a red herring to throw us off the fact that Amy was really Doctor Tim Swankerass!! What the hell???? And they don't reveal that till almost 83 pages into chapter 169!!!! C*ckshockers!! PFFFT!! :D
Damn, that book was on my Christmas list.
(Comment typed in invisible ink!)
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