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FEBRUARY 6, 2012 5:10AM

OCCUPY TONY DANZA'S BUTT! It's all about Change!

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Hey wait a second, that ain't Tony Danza's butt! What kind of circus show is this anyways?

There's all kinds of change.

Good change, like finding a buck in nickels under your sofa.

Bad change, like finding your Uncle Buck dead  under your sofa. (And he died in 1978!)

Death is change. 

Grandmother always said death was life's way of telling us to slow down, rest a spell.

Rot in the ground so the critters would have something to eat while they wait for their own death.

Circle of Life or something.

"Death is one minute youse breathin' and the next minute, you ain't!"

I've discovered through my life, by watching like nature shows(Bad Sex) and fishing shows, that, when you've got the blues, you really shouldn't listen to them.

But when you're downright happy, full of life, sitting in an air condition room, drinking the good soda pop instead of the 10 cent a bottle stuff you found in the dumpster behind the grocery story, that's when you should go down to the Cross Road.

Best time to make a deal with the Devil is when you don't have to.

Like a Politician during election time and days that end in Y, the Devil, Stanley Winston to his good friends down at the pawn shop, will tell you anything for you to take that gold plated fiddle he's been trying to get rid of since 1907 or so.

"It's real gold!! You can tell good gold when it turns your fingers green!!!"

Girls, you know what I'm talking about.

Your boyfriend, on his butt, on the couch,while you two are watching monster truck racing, says to youse,

"Welp, guess I outta marries you, since you're liked knocked up and your Pa got his shotgun out! Wills you be my wife or something?"

And you, all blushing or just with that natural "rash" color across your face, said, "Wha? I's wasn't paying attention to you!"

And on the wedding day never to be remember by anyone, he slips that "Realz guld ring" he bought for you on QVC. $19.95!

Realz genuine cubic zirconia!!!!!

My sister is quite a catch! She not only cooks a fine turkey dinner with alls the trimmings, she can shoot the damn thing too!!! 

You wore white.

The ring turned your finger green.

"That's a guuden one there!" your mama said, half drunk on apple cider and meth.

Now what does that have to do with change?


You can change the topic.

You can change the channel.

And every Saturday, whether you need to or not, you should change your underwear and socks, cause Sunday you need to go to church and pray for forgivness.

Forgivness for what?

Your sinning ways.

Looking at Tony Danza's package and wishing he'd occupy your butt with it!

Stanley going to get you, son, going to make you want to REPENT!!!

What's repent?

It's where you give back your change to the preacher man so he can say, "You are forgiving, now go out into the world AND PASS THE GOOD WORD ONTO OTHERS!!"

What's the good word?

Pizza, I think. 

I wasn't really paying attention to Pastor Tim's service this Sunday.

There was this little spider on the floor, right in front of me, and he was slowly walking, probably going to the Cross Road, cause his woman, you know the one, that devil woman with the green eyes and 'Sweet, sweet pie' between her legs.

I smooshed the spider.

Them suckers give me the creeps!


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hold me closer, Tony Danza.
get the headlamp off the high way

I changed my undies yesterday. You better hope I do it today as well.
I suddenly have a craving for pie.
Now your sister has got it all! She aint married yet?
I have no sinning ways but I bet Danza did hahaha
That was a kill a turkey wedding right??:)
Youse gots a hot sister. I'd like her to cycle my pump action if you know what I mean--I can't say the same thing about Tony Danza though.
So Tony takes it in the butt for change? Should'a known you'd find out about it first......
"I says Repent and change your Danza butt occupyin' ways. Can somebody give me an Amen?"
"Fuck you."
"Close enough."
Don’t smoosh spiders, man. It just aint cool.they be spinning webs on which dew settles, and the univers therein reflected.
Re:”best time to make a deal with the Devil is when you don't have to” is true,as your scholarship of Goethe’s ‘FAUST” shows us. God bless ya for bringing back Goethe.

He said,
‘Nur der verdient sich Freiheit wie das Leben der täglich sie erobern muss.
 Of freedom and of life he only is deserving
Who every day must conquer them anew.”

In ha, “Faust the sequel” , a wild pornographic romp thru western history, which is what u provide too, to yer credit.

The devil is a damn fool.

your sister needs wooing from a good man.
the cock of her gam , her leg, is indicative of her
tomfoolery. what a guy needs in a gal...................................
Your flock needs you Reverend Tink, and I don't mean turkeys.
Malcolm, I changed mine too!! Tony has that effect on me!! ~:D

Frank, strangely, me too!!! :D

Erica, she says, "Only if ya cans catch me!!" I don't run too well up hills!! ~:D

toritto, I've been on that list for years!! ~:D

Linda, ~nod~ ~LOL~

Walter, I know what you mean. My sis does that everytime we go hunting(yeah, just like Brokeback Mountain story, except instead of fishing, it's hunting and uh, we're brother and sister. :D)

sky, ~nodding~ He's a known line cutter and now, uh, a butt cutter? :D

Stim, AMEN!! :D

lefty, I AM PREACHING MY FRIEND, to the choir!! But I am preaching!! AMEN!! :D
' "That's a guuden one there!" your mama said, half drunk on apple cider and meth. '

If I had a penny for every time I've heard that. The Ways of my People dictate that I don't think about politics but Tony Danza's butt is a different matter. What do you think about his daughter, Alyssa Milano? I'd tap that if she didn't have that stoopid restraining order, kpffft!
whar? alysa milano is tony's daughter/

the charmed gal? she of the sweet countenance &
bounteous bounty centered in her chest chakra/

nan is right;re.
"Tony Danza's butt is a different matter. "

i hope never to encounter it, even in the library.
or down a dark alley, arg
nanatehay lies.
"Alyssa Milano is the daughter of Lin, a fashion designer and talent manager, and Thomas M. Milano, a film music editor.[1] Milano was born in Brooklyn, grew up on Staten Island, and was raised Roman Catholic.[2] She has a younger brother, Cory (born in 1982), who is also an actor. In a 2003 interview, Milano recalled having had a good childhood, having grown up in a "loving, true family."[3]

Milano is a cousin to actors Eric Lloyd and Emily Ann Lloyd."

but the catholic loving family indicates, i hope, why she
is so willing to show us her bounty.

bounty. good word.
Nana, I'd tap that too!! But as you say, DAMN RESTRAINING ORDERS!!

By the way, true story, apparently, the Queen of England has a restraining order against me! What the hell? I sent her one fan letter, saying, I thought she had pretty lips!!!

Maybe she thought I was talking about the lips on her face!?


James, I've only encountered it like a dozen time, all in a dark alleyway!! :D
The Catholic Family disowned me. Said something about me being a 'Puke on the Body of Christ'
Nana, I already told you (in your doggy love porn blog) that Alyssa uses her blinks, and my cats', to tell me she loves me.

Now, you're trying to steal her from me!?!?!?!?

Them's fighting words. Just let me fashion my tin foil hat into some boxing gloves, and I'll meet you behind the playground.
Ohhh.....I forgot how much I missed the 70's when men wore teeny tiny satin shorts. Sigh. I guess they were the everlast years and they weren't meant to last either. But why damn it! Why!
The good word is definitely pizza! that or margarita
I have missed reading your special brand of writing. Be well and quick killing them thare spiders, they eats the damn roaches and other icky bugs.
Interesting info on alysa milano to be found in these pages. A little disturbed that no Tony Danza butt histiography.
Malcolm, Nana steals everyone!! He's a slut that way!! ~:D

hulagirl, they just weren't!! ~WAAA~ ~:D

Julie, oh my yes!! ~:D

Aunty, I can't help myself, squishing them is so much fun!! And welcome back!!!!!!!! :)

fernsy, next week, I have a special interview with Tony Danza's butt!! :D
The only positive thing about Tony Danza is his package.

ps I have green eyes ;)
Firechick, WHOO!!! Helllloooooo nurse!! ~;D
Ok. What what? Nothing like a package that Fed Ex didn't deliver.. oK Ok, I'm leaving...