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FEBRUARY 14, 2012 11:50AM


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Rick-Santorum-Tea-Party-Candidate "It is a sin to put your finger up your butt without the permitted use of wiping it with toilet paper!! So speaketh the Bible, Jobes 32-12!!!"

For some reason, Rick Santorum makes me want to write more gay fan-fiction involving Harry Potter and Superman!

I don't know why, maybe it's the way he is always pictured holding up his finger, like, "This is the finger of God, my mistress, who I've had relations with since grade school, likes it when I finger her in the honey hole, that being her ear!! PRAISE BE JESUS!!"

Today, I'm not here to  praise Rick or kick him in the nuts, I'll let Mitt and Newt do that.

I'm here because I want to write, something, while my washing machine does all my work for me today.

When the pile of clothes in your bedroom begins speaking to you about foreign policies, it is time to wash the towels and the jeans and possibly my frilly panties.

I wear them to church on Sundays cause they're crotchless.

Teehee. They my 'holey' undies.


Yesterday, I wrote an inspirational post from the heart. 

It felt good to write and I'm glad I shared it.

Today's post is not so much inspirational as it is uh, something.

I awoke early this morning, fresh falling snow on the ground, a mix of emotion came over me.

"Do I put on clothes or just run out into the snow naked and scare the neighbors once more as I do every other day?"

Instead I opened up a can of Rocky Top Sweetened Ginger Ale and turned on E! for my daily dose of Hollywood news.

I guess Whitney Houston is still dead.

She's really taking this 'Fake Ya Own Death' prank to the extreme.

I imagine going through an autopsy is going beyond the call of prank.

I don't think Ashton Kutcher would go to such heights for a prank!

I wish he would but that's just me.

Two and Half Men without Charlie Sheen?

Just a new series that the network re-used the name as a cost saving method.

I like my Hollywood "stars" like I like my politicians, 2000 miles away and not knocking on my door to 'get my votes'.

Hollywood doesn't care about me or my votes.  If they did, they make more 'Pirate and the Slave Girl' movies with Johnny Depp as the 'Slave Girl'.

Give me some remakes I want to watch, Showgirl, Waterworld, and Dances with Male Prostitutes.

I want to see titties and ass, and maybe a cock or two, but for the artsy factor, not just, HERE'S A PENIS! NOW MORE VIOLENCE.

I like violence too.  Give me some Death Race 3000 and Showgirl, and that Britney Spears movie where she's all killing people and devouring fried green tomatoes!

What was the name of that movie?

Oh yeah, E!'s True Hollywood Stories: Britney Spears. 

Hollywood, we want more fucking, less love.  Love is for pussies, just ask Newt Gingrich.

And me.  I'm a pussy and proud of it.

I don't want a god damn storyline in my porn neither.  

Not sure when this crap started but it needs to stop.

I remember back when they had a pizza boy or pool boy.

That was the storyline, commence the fucking!

But no, nowadays, it's like, "Hi! My name is Tina, I'm a bad school girl and I need someone to teach me a LESSON!"

30 minutes later, she gets done with her speech and then, another thirty minutes of this guy telling us his backstory.

Damn it, nobody wants to hear a male porn star speak.  NOBODY!

Not even Michele Bachmann's gay husband!

We want to see ACTION.

Are you listening to me 'Director' and 'Producer' of such high quality hits as 'Take me in the Roxy' and 'POUND ME IN MY PIE HOLE RICK SANTORUM!'?

Less talky, more, well, sex!!!

Wait, what was this post suppose be about?

Oh yeah...



You're my everything, my purple pudding plum!

You're the reason God made Oklahoma and possibly Japan.

I love you, more than chocolate cake and sunrises!

You're my everything, whoo whoo whoo....

When I touch your skin, I get sick, in that good kind of sick, like, I'm barfing because I love you sooooooo much!!

And remember, Obama is fictional, this is true, I read it on the Internet, so it must be true.

And Rick Santorum doesn't really believe the only good position for a woman is doggy style, he also thinks the Reverse cowgirl is pretty sweet too.

And remember, even though a lot of folks believe abortion is wrong, they think it's pretty okay when their birth control fails.


I don't know, I was watching this commercial on TV earlier and it was like, TAKE THIS PILL IF YOUR BIRTH CONTROL FAILS and I was like, how do you know it failed until, well, you know, and then according to some religions it becomes murder, especially when the kid is 17 calling you a bitch and an asshole...

You know what I'm talking about parents!

Tell them stupid bastard wishing for a baby!



Oh yeah, the mushy part:


No wait, wrong script, I meant, I LOVE YOU EVERYONE!!

Even the ugly ones, you just have to pay!


~wanders off to go play in the snow~


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Disclaimer: Rick Santorum doesn't have sex, hence that look on his face all the time!!

Thank you!
Tink--either you're off your meds today or you need to get laid. I'm not sure which one. And I think I get your theme--Santorum et al are porn--totally without redeeming social value.
Walter, meds? Were's my meds?? ;D

(Actually, I'm just sitting here waiting for my clothes to dry so I can put in the next load. Get it? Load? HAHAHAHAHA!! Sorry, good day for me, rotten day for everyone who has to put up with me!! ;D)
The most important factor in helping me who decide to vote for for President is where they stand on man-on-dog sex. In front or behind?
Santorum has pulled ahead of Mitt in a nationwide poll.
I enjoy seeing him on tv, for he is freshfaced & pleasant.
I don’t usually get man crushes, but this guy might do it for me.
I cannot believe he is 9 yrs older than me! He seems
19 yrs younger…
I applaud him for his backing of Intelligent Design, even though
it is bullshit. His dad was an Italian immigrant & psycholist.
His mom adds more Italian & some Irish.
He wrote “it takes a family”
A page turner!
He said, “ contraception is "a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be,"[133]

And he stated in 2003 that laws should exist against polygamy, adultery, sodomy, and other actions "antithetical to a healthy, stable, traditional family".[134]

I want a prez who can say “antithetical” . Obama can, so maybe I will vote for him..
That was a lot, so i just have one question...

Can male porn stars actually speak? Wow. I wonder how long it takes them to learn their lines. "Yeah, baby, like that. Harder? Yeah, I can do harder. You like that, don't you." or "Oh, that's right. Yeah, deeper..."

Can't be too difficult. (I almost said hard.)
Dan Savage from Savage Love did a real number on this guy.
If he wins any more I am going to hide...
In the bushes hahah
Now you tell me. I'll be saying Hail Mary's for an eternity and I'm not even Catholic!
You need valentine nookie! Or a good pizza! I think we're opting for the pizza. When you're old, you can't surprise your genitalia with stupid mid week holiday sex.

Good luck TINKY! hot smooches from way over here.
Happy Valentine's Day, Tink! If ya can't love the one you're with, then love yourself!
The fact that a goodly number of Repugs seem to take Ricky seriously- and can not only envision him as president but wish that would happen- makes me alternately homicidal and suicidal...
lefty, in that case, you'll want to vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE including Obama!! ~shaking head~ Side to Side!! WTF? :D

Julie, EXACTLY!! :D

If I want a storyline, I'll put in like Dancing with Wolves or something! Sheesh! ~:D

James, yeah, I'm going to vote for Obama, cause he likes to send me emails asking for money. Wait...:D

phyllis, they can speak, trust me, this one I watched the other day, I kid you not, the male in the film talked for like 10 minutes straight, at the beginning!! And the actress, god, her voice was like Fran Drescher meets a car alarm from hell(and yes, she sounded the same when it came time for the 'sex sounds', it was like OI MI GAWD! OI MI GAWD, YEA..YEA....RIG THERE...RIG THERE...OI MI!! :D)

That's why they invented fast forward!! ~:D

Linda, I hope he wins more. He's my hero!!!

We're talking about the porn star right? :D

scanner, it's okay, just say you were out of toilet paper!! ~:D

Foolish Monkey, I no get no pizza today, we had that on Sunday, it was nummy!! ~:D I been washing clothes today so maybe nookie!! With Snookie?


ccdarling, done and done!! :D

Happy V-Day to you as well!!!

Ian, have you heard him speak? HE'S LIKE AN ANGEL SENT FROM HEAVEN TO TAKE US INTO A NEW AGE OF UH...what's that next word, oh yeah...ORGASMIC DELIGHT!!

Yes, that is candy!! Very nummy candy!! ~:D
Well no wonder I don't watch television much any more!
I'm gonna have to find some porn just so I can FF. LOL
Chrissie, I try not to, especially the news. Gives me strange ideas for blogs! ~:D

phyllis, EXACTLY!! :D
Well Happy VD to you too, Tinkeroo!

I've heard that "The Church" is going to adopt Valentine's Day as a Holy Day. Instead of priests anointing the foreheads of the faithful with ashes as on Ash Wednesday, they'll anoint all the little boys of the parish with KY on their....... well, you get the idea.

I've decided that this is the proper day to come out of the closet and confess my undying love for felines. Specially those who blog on OS and have thorn-bushes to play in. Smoochie, smoochie, Tinkie!!!

If it helps Tink, I've checked and Whitney is still dead.
Like a spider, she couldn't get out of the bath.

sky, I LUBS U!! ~smoochie smooch~ And yes, The Church should do that, be more fun out in the open!! ~:D

CreekEnd, poor spider! Someone should have helped her!! (The spider...okay, and Whitney too!! :D)