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MARCH 6, 2012 6:47PM


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Today has been one of those days I shouldn't be allowed out of my cell.

A good day for me, as I'm in a good mood, where I want to write love songs to my sock.

For a bit there, I was in a grumpy mood, the kind where I would walk up to Republican Presidential candidates and push them in front of a runaway street car.

Yeah, really grumpy.

Mitt Romney now has a restraining order against me.

I said I was sorry and it wouldn't happen again or until I was in another grumpy mood.

RULES TO LIVE BY: Don't say NICE KITTY KITTY to a cat who is hissing and his fur is in that raised 'Imma goin rip out your eyes and piss down your throat' kind of way.

I guess Salon now has a new TV critic, according to Harry Dongleman's newest announcement right here on ClosedButts.com.

TV CRITIC AT SALON ---- If you go, tell Kerry "Tink sent me and he thinks you're a star!" as I get a nickel each time that phrase is uttered to Kerry! I know, talk about a scam!!! 

I always wondered if writing about TV was really worth the ink it took to slap to the old computer screen.

TV is suppose to be watched, not written about. 

Why would I want to READ about a TV show when I can wander down the hall, fall down ten flights of stair, and watch a TV show?

Silly people and their ways in trying to scam the system.

I mean, I could see a book critic as a credible job announcement.

Books are suppose to be read, or possibly ignored, which is what I do with most TV shows so, maybe, a TV critic is a "credible" job as well.

Today, as I sat here in my darkened computer room, writing some fan-fiction in the nude, I pondered,

"Do electronic sheep fear that the electronic shepherd? And do either of them sleep and dream of electronic sea gulls riding android elephants in space?"

Yes, I keep hoping my meds will come in soon too.

Earlier this morning, I was watching the daily mix of news and sports, an attempt to get my blood boiling and making my head hurt.

I still don't understand why anyone would want to go to war with Flock of Seagulls.


I like that song!

And I like Flock of Seagulls.

I had the same hair style back in 2011!


OOOOO, different 'IRAN', sorry.

Yeah, I think it might be time to nuke them, we haven't had a world war in awhile now and it's a fine time we got busy with one!

Or yes, we could arm the rebels of some of these countries as that has worked wonders for us in the past.

Maybe add a 'self destruct sequences' into these rebels in case they go all Cujo on our asses, we can just hit the button and POOF! problem solved.

I'm still not sure any of the world's countries should have nukes.

Nothing says, "I'm king of the fucking universe!" like a good old pillow fight!

Slap fights are good too.

Right now, I'm drinking some Cherry Dr. Pepper and waiting for the hookers to show up with the cocaine.

Super Tuesday should not be celebrated without hookers and cocaine.

Good night and have a better tomorrow.

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We could suggest the pillow fight to the Pentagon- then the girls could play, too. Think what that would do to the men that believe their urges for women are uncontrollable.

Help, my robe is tangled on my woodie and wrapped around my legs! A-a-a-a-agh!!!!! Splat. Whoomf.
You shouldn't joke about fingering a dolphin: they can't breath!
Tink. Your safer in bird cell . . .
No get a vasectomy on You Tube.
Have a great sleep at warehouse.
Mattress Discounters as Sales.
Buy (not but) a used Pillow.
Beware of seagulls,
Puffin birds, wrens,
Chickadees, hawks,
and nasty crappers.
a tufted puffin
posing for the camera
nine eels in its beak
You'd love Nova Scotia.
phyllis45's bright eyes?
Brush Tink's whiskers.
Writing about TV is like playing music at a NASCAR event: useless! What? This deserves an EP.
phyllis, done suggested and they've already responded, "Will there be cake and punch too?" OF COURSE!! :D

ASH, I know!!! :( :D

Art, whiskers brushed, THERE'S GOING TO BE A PILLOW FIGHT!! :D

zuma, ~nodding~ EXACTLY!! :D
Mical, I'm not even turning on the news today, too icky!! I'd even watch Mighty Mouse!! ~:D
A war with Flock of Seagulls! Bwahaha! Oh, tink, that cracked me up.

I hope the hookers show up soon, too. You need to get laid.
and for good measure *thwemp* with a pillow
I think they will all duke it out or have their cats do it....a CAT FIGHT! Wait until the convention....on man on the ground could be toritto! There could be fresh tuna and first aid for all the fights!!!
I'm currently watching Lube & Fecal Matter blathering on about demonic universal healthcare, and y'know, I think it is time for a little coke n' hookers...
What we need to do, we need to get Rush Limbaugh to parachute inside enemy lines in Iran. He can open his mouth (or the opposite end of his digestive tract) --- AND TOTAL DESTRUCTION!!!!!
The mind-numbing post-election" speeches should ONLY be watched while drinking Cherry Dr. Pepper with cocaine & hookers. Except too much caffeine makes my heart palpitate, ditto cocaine (I am merely guessing, of course) & hookers are bad for my self-esteem. Can I just drink wine?
No comment on the election, but thanks for your support today. Posted about it just now.
Thanks again
According to Sheldon:
Soft Kitty, warm kitty
Little ball of fur,
Sleepy Kitty, happy kitty'
love you tink

It is always difficult to find hookers and cocaine on ****SUPER TUESDAY**** because it's all going to the politicians. Never considering the needs of the electorate these political guys are worse than rock stars at a strip club.
Well, that did it........

I had a half-dozen really good zingers to stick in here........ really good!

Then Linda just messed up my head totally!

Did you see what she did? Outrageous!! There oughtta be a law!

Imagine getting a Linda comment without any HUUUGGGGGS!!

Amazing! I'm still in shock........

I used to read Marvin Kitman religiously. He’s a brilliant and funny man unfortunately I can say neither about his subject matter. Outside of documentary's and movies which I use for a night light I don’t watch TV.
Apparently, if you live in New York City, on Super Tuesday you have to send flowers to your super. Then, you order the hookers and cocaine.
Firechick, they haven't, but Mitt and Rick showed up in my email and that's good enough for me!! ~:D

Julie, I lubs u!! ~;D

Sheila, it's going to be a bloody fight to the end, there will be feelings hurt, and gasp, President Palin could be a reality!! OH MY!! :D

Chiller, always time for coke!! ~:D

lefty, talk about Weapon of Mass Destruction! Or dung!! EEK!! ~:D

suzie, wine it is!! :D

Token, need to head over in a bit....

Linda, ahhh, luv u 2!! ~huge hug~

Anthony, I know, them bastards!! ~:D

sky, she gave them to me in private! Oooolaaalaa!! ;D

Jack, there's a few shows I like to watch, got sucked into Ink Master and some other shows like that, but otherwise, cartoons!! ~:D

Frank, ahhhh, that's nice!! Supers like flowers! Mine didn't back in my apartment days, allergic!! So we'd send cards!! ~:D