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July 16
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APRIL 12, 2012 2:49PM

Saving the Hunger Games by Koch, Balls and Nepotism!

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Yesterday, I took a walk down the street, into the creek bed and through the woods. 

It was better than sitting in a dark house after the Power Company disconnected the power. 

(Tink note: Power back on! Stole some money from the neighbors.  Don't judge me, they weren't using it, heck, they weren't even home when I broke in!) 

It was a fun trip.


"I wish I could go on a fun trip like that! Being a grown up sucks big fat donkey dicks!" Wifey said pouting as she had to work at The UPS Store.


The sun was out and shining and saying, "Hello Tink! How are you?"

And I replied, "Funtin' Peachy Sun!"


I decided to slip down the side of a creek bed that acts as a drainage ditch in the heavy rains and melt offs.

Wifey has mentioned a few times that it would make a good photo journey and yesterday, I meander my way through the thorn vines and tree limbs to discover that yes, it was a pretty awesome photo journey!


"I really really wanted to go too!"

Tink note: Wifey wouldn't have made it past the first 'crossing' as she would have had to get her feet wet.

"No likee the wet feet!" wifey says shaking her head no.


Pretty flower(one of many!) welcomed me into the scene.

"Don't fall off a log and hurt yourself Tink!"

"I won't flower!!"

Tink note:  At the end of the Creek Bed Journey, I came this close from falling off the log and breaking my neck.  Stupid thorny twig that spooked me and made me turn a half step.   I caught myself before falling off ass backwards into the water.  Hurray me!!!


Tink note: Those 'special' pills from the Spammers really seem to be working nicely! 3 inches? OH MY!! I guess you're not suppose to take the whole bottle at one time!!!

At The UPS Store, I gave Wifey the Diet Coke I had bought her and then meander out back of the store for some more adventures.

Right outside, I found UPS Store Kitty(there's a few strays who call the area home, most of them find new homes by the dilligence of one lady, Crazy Cat Lady who lives a few miles down the road!)


Remember kids, just like honey badger, The UPS Store Cat just don't give a poop! He'll knife ya too!

And then just take a nap like he just don't care.



The UPS Store Deer don't give a crap neither. 


Stoned cat 

Stoned Kitty just kept asking, "Dude, where's my car? Wha?"

And to end the day, I found the Lost Breeding Ground of Golf Balls!


Tink note: The driving range is close to the wooded home of UPS Store Deer and I'm guessing some folks have very bad slice.  Hundreds of golf balls litter the one section of ground!

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All joking aside, Tink, these photos are beautiful. To be feral, that first cat looks pretty fat. I must say you managed to get all the "trending" topics into your title. Maybe there should be a separate EP just for clever and misleading titles! Yeah, that's it.

The UPS kitty and the stoned kitty are ever so cute. Maybe you can play matchmaker and they can hook up?
L, the cat lady comes around and feeds them, gets them use to human beings and then takes them and finds homes for them(there use to be a good colony!!!!) plus it helps that Chef down the way feeds them nummies nummies as well!! ~:)

And yeah, the title should grab something!! ~:D

(Thanks by the way on the compliment about the photos...I have a lot more, it was a good day to take pictures!!! ~nodding~)

Erica, maybe!! ~:D
Fun pics... glad you fingered out how to post em...
jmac, ~nodding~ Lots of cuss words and screaming got them loaded!! ~:D
RE: stoned kitty

Obviously Dumpling (one of our outdoor cats) teleported herself up to Indiana just to say hello. Proof once again that kitties haz mystical powers!
up on cripple creek she sent you?
UPS Store Cat looks like my fur ball. As a matter of fact, mine's missing? Wait. What? Oh there he is napping in my favorite chair. Where else? R
That UPS cat looks like you just asked her for weekend delivery. Scary.

What great photos!

I think that the UPS Store cat looks frightened. My advice is to be very gentle. As for that last cat in your line up, what did you do to that cat? She looks as if she is most seriously displeased with you. :)

It must be fun there. It looks like Wild Freakin' Kingdom. :)


P.S. Please send my best regards to your lovely wife.
The deer is one funny looking cat, Kat~
Wild iris? How cool. Nice walk. Next time, take wifey where her feet won't get wet.

Stones kitty looks like a cool cat. Purr much?
lefty, that we do!! ~:D

AJ, ~nodding~ ~:D

Trudge, most time is nap time for us cats!! ~:D

Gerald, ~nodding~ :D

Diary, Stoned Kitty wasn't displeased, led me to his home and introduced me to Barky D. Dawg!! No pics of him!! ~:D

scanner, ~nodding~ He said the same thing!! ~:D

Kate, ~nodding~ ~:D

phyllis, all the time!! ~:D
This was your best! You live in a beautiful place and have many fine friends with their extra sets of legs. But that penis needs to be sanded.
This was your best! You live in a beautiful place and have many fine friends with their extra sets of legs. But that penis needs to be sanded.
I'm grooving on the reflections in the creek photo Tink.
and posting photos on this site is never easy OR fun.
Looks like the server could get a new hamster to help turn the wheel.
Or something...

reaches for the fresh coffee cup steaming by keyboard....
I think stoned kitty was really saying: "take one step closer and I'll knife you!"
zuma, all out of sand paper!! WAAAA!! ~:D

Mission, ~nodding~ It's like, PICTURES? YOU DON'T WANNA POST NO PICTURES!! :( :D

Painting, no way!! We played cards afterwards and smoke some fine stuff!! ~:D
Oh God! In Indiana, even the cats are on drugs!

Just say NO kitty!
Beautiful photos, Tink! Wifey should let you out more often! I luv the stoned kitty. Did he find his car? Maybe you could score some stuff from kitty and bring home to wifey cause she looks sad stuck in store!