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MAY 13, 2012 3:27PM

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY --- even if ya ain't a mother!

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To those of you, who are mothers, or just crazy mothers as decided by the State of your choice, then,



Remember kids, your mom has lowered her standards in the past, she had unprotected sex with your dad at least once, or maybe not, you sure do look like the mail man! And also, if your mom has a penis that isn't detachable, THAT'S YOUR DAD!

Your dad is a crossdresser!!

To those of you who do not have kids, why not go outside and dance naked in the rain?

Why not scar the neighborhood kids for life?

Seriously, just go out there and sing, "Its raining men..."


Yes, I'll be doing the same thing on Father's Day!

Good afternoon and have a better good day!


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Tinker!!! You make me laugh,as always.
Are you a mother or one with a detachable?
In either case:Have a great day.
Hmmm,Mother's Father's Day,hi,hi.
I rated this ,you know!
...I mean,
"f your mom has a penis that isn't detachable, THAT'S YOUR DAD!"
I never noticed if my mom's penis was detachable or not. It isn't raining here. Now what?
Tink, You pervy mofo!!! Nonethless, I salute you strange and twisted sentiment... Happy Mother's Day to one and all!
So if the penis is detachable
my mom is in front
if the wanker stays put
It is dad who grunts.
Happy Day right back tink
One never knows how efficient 2 pumps & a squirt will be until it's too late...........

"Press the R button please FRed(tm)."
Bartender, I'll have what he's drinking.
Nothing beats mom porn!
*sniff, sniff*
did you call your mother?
Τinker...you are the beauty here...and a child!!!!!!Have a beautiful and loving tomorrow,my friend!!Rated!!!
I wondered why Mom had no Boobs~
Thanks, Tink, I really needed the laugh after my last post. I was happy, but in a I'm about to burst out sobbing sort of way, so this helped me from losing my composure. Whew!

Close one!
No rain here, either. Maybe next year.
Heidi, Wifey has a detachable penis! She calls it B.O.B. :D

Gerald, then go dance naked outside, pretend it's raining!! ~:D

jmac, that's what my therapist says too!! ~:D

Mission, ~nodding~ ~:D

CreekEnd, ~nodding~ You know what they call people who use the pull out method, right?

Doctors. What? I don't know!! ~:D

Chicken, I just drank a Coke. :D

lefty, oh my yes!!!! My mom makes the best porn, even going into her 30s twice removed!! What? :D

Julie, I call her every Friday and say, HI MOM! And she goes, WHO IS THIS? I HAVE NO SON!!!

She's still kind of bitter I didn't become a doctor!! ~:D

STATHI, thank you my friend, always a good day when you forget to take your meds!! ~:D

scanner, ~nodding~ My mom kept her boobs in a box!! :D
owl, here to help my friend!! ~:D

phyllis, just come on over here, been raining alllllllll day!!! ~:)

It's your turn first! :)


P.S. Please send my best regards to your lovely wife and to your mom.
i agree - i kind of think we all mother in one way or another, dont we?
I live in clothing optional community, so dancing naked in the rain is no big deal. R
Diary, done!! Now you!! ~:D

Jane, ~nodding~ Yes we do!!!

Trudge, damn you Clothing Optional Communities!! ~:D
You are an adorable nutcase!
V, I try to be!! ~:D