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July 16
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NOVEMBER 8, 2012 10:42PM

Bear with us if you can

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Bear with us if you can

 I know it has been awhile since my last note and I have such wonderful news.

First, I've decided to be straight!!!

For at least one month.

I know!

Secondly, I'm doing it to get laid by an actual person.

And she is a she!

I asked!

(Yes, she could have lied!)

She thinks I'm cute.

And old.

She LOVES old guys.

Hell yeah! 

Open seems to be running per normal operating procedure(after three years of running like my dead grandmothers, it becomes normal operating procedure.   Put it into the manual --- OPEN MUST RUN AT LEAST AT 3.5 MINUTES BETWEEN CLICK AND LOAD, ONE MINUTE TO DIE @ FATAL ERROR! )

Something about your mom and better times to come....

Your soon to be gay again fondler,


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~runs into the thorn bushes to check out the latest Page Three through Nine Girls and feast on some Fancy Feast~
They should just let you run the site Tink you couldn't do any worse on the technical side and you are Herman Melville as compared to their writing skills
There's a fire on in Recent Comments ~ no, let it burn !
Thank god you're here Tink. I thought you were ignoring us, or feeding us the "tomorrow" bs.
I'm so relieved to know OS will be functional again. Your input and communication skills set you apart from all the other Editors we've had the misfortune to write for free for.
On their paying site.
My ad today is Australian Unity, a healthcare fund. Click & join now, it's that easy !
Wow -- you even got an image to load....you've got some kinda' magic going on there, Tink !
Emily, and it's working faster right now!! HURRAY!!! :D

cheshyre, ~nodding~ UN-BEAR-ABLE indeed!! PFFFT!!! :(

Jack, I could do worse, or turn it into a porn site!! Either way, WE WIN!! :D

Kim, I could never abandon you all, where would I get my mops and free materials for my paid site! Whoops, I mean, I cherish each and every one of you!! :D

Thinking, I'm that awesome!!! That and I'm using an Atari 2600 with Notepad for my browser!! TOO FAST!! :D
I wanted to come over and visit you. It only took two days to get here. Next time I think I'll walk to Indiana instead.
~nodding~ Be quicker that way!! Then we can walk back to your place, to see if Open loaded yet! :D
Yes ol' Tinkeroo! Open is open!

It took so long to load yesterday that I had time to write a nice blog and post it on another site while waiting. I also got through 30 pages of Robert's (St. Amant) book, "Computing For Ordinary Mortals", and 80 pages of Nils Ling's "Truths and Half-Truths". And 2 (count 'em - 2 ) local newspapers. OS is certainly improving my reading skills!

And yours too, I see! First 9 pages of Hustler, indeed. That space is just wasted text, fer gawd;s sake! Move on up to page 31, ol' pal. That's where the females of our species is...... (*snicker*).

Watch out for Larry F. cruises for "Toms" of all species!

Intense marijuana intoxication
helps one enjoy the Open Salon Experience,
as it slows down the sense of time, makes extraneous things
interesting, like all the pretty colors and the tv and the radio
you can simultaneous have on,



oh sorry. and your mind can wander strawberry fields
as you wait in no hurry for..

oh for os to load, etc. haw! i am lookin at yer bear! he is a
spitting image of Tip Oneill, former speaker of the House...
Wow, after two tries to log in, let's see if the gremlins still like me enough to double post my comment...
That bear that's with us must be a panda because it moves slow like one. I'd like to see it traded in for a cheetah but even a grizzly would be an improvement.
Amazing that we continue to put up with this BS... Jacob please do something!!!
I wonder how many bears are gay. [Off to apply for a government grant]
Bob, Congratulations on finding a lady. Question: Regardless of a partner's gender, do you call him/her "Honey"?

Also, please tell Tink that I just posted something with a similar title, completely unintentionally. And there is no switching-team bear involved. This post is a million times more interesting and pertinent.
sky, skip the junk and get to the good stuff!! WOO!! ;D

James, I know, get time to wander off, get a soda pop, down the street at the gas station and move back to the computer!! WOO! :D

phyllis, no double post!! :( :D

Abrawang, the cheetahs and the grizzlies cost too much to be featured!! :D

jmac, Zoomer featured me today!! For a piece I wrote early this morning!!

Why do I put up with Open?

The free drugs!! WAAA!! :D

Chicken, HELL YEA!! :D

Stim, in certain places, ALL OF THEM!! :D
Just how well DO you know General Petraeus?
You have no idea how long it took to get in here. ~r
Can anyone explain to me why Open Salon has gone tech-faily?? I can't import a feed anymore, tons of error messages, slow load? WTH? What's the excuse here?? And who is meeting with the Bear to resolve this?
I Got To Run -Off Before Thee` Amish/Mennonite Friday's `Hymn ` Choir Sing.
They are not:
Full of EGO,
and still See:
Natural Beauty.
Beers Be Sooth.
Bear Sip Bears.
No Skin any Cat.
There's one Way.
One Way Cat Scat.
No Belittle Black Bear.
No Shave Bear Skins.
No Burp Beer Burp.
No step in Cat Scat.
Go To a Cat's House.
No snort Cat's Hairs.
Say` God Bless You.
No Sneeze @ Salon.
You May Do` Burp.
No Hug Bears tight.
Bear Burp` Beer-Up.
Bear Wag` Fat-Tire'
No let a beer` kill cats.
Treat bear ` pot bowl?
No be pot-busted yet.
Monk Pepper?
Chaste Tree?
It's not pot.
It's 5-leafed.
It's peppery.
Plant Herb?
No Be Rude.
O Your Not!
I say they give you a shot.. I try and try but finally I have become errored out.. Like someone said.. no one under 35 would put up with loading time like this.
Between the time I clicked on this post and now, I took a nap and baked a cake. Sigh...

The reason the server is so slow is because it is too busy tallying up that money we are making from having ads on blog pages. I just can't wait for my check to come in. I will finally be able to get that liver I need to get off life support. Hey nurse! Don't trip on that coooooooooooor
Rumor has it that the high speed traders on Wall Street are borrowing OS' server to do their algorithms on. This is why we can see the smoke coming out of the Commodore 64' s box.