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NOVEMBER 15, 2012 8:10PM

Hey Mr. Jacob Sugarman, are you there??

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OPEN FIRST OPENS IN 2008.  Times were different back then, technology was moving forward. 



Are you there?

The last EP was on the 12th, the Cover hasn't been changed in so long, even Joan H. and Cranky Cuss are getting sick of looking at their face.

Well, Joan might have wandered off to polish silverware.

But seriously, where are you?

Are you writing award winning articles on sex and candy in post modern America?

Are you eating well?

Are you still alive?

If you're dead, is Kerry still using your login for Salon to write award winning articles on your behalf, cashing the checks for the awards so he can buy tea?

Does he still drink tea?

I did get your message about the girl and me pictured on Facebook but her account was suspended before I could get there.

Damn it!

I mean, it's okay, if you're busy, I understand.  

I mean, if I had to choose between viewing free porn or being editor of Open.Salon, I'd so go with free porn.

I'll admit Open is kind of depressing on its good day.

"My dad wants to become a woman, what should I do?"


Anyways, I just wanted to make sure you're okay.

Are you?



Anyways, here's a link to my newest series ---- TALES FROM THE RETAIL WARS --- I'd post it here, but well, till you speak, at least to say, WE'RE STILL ALIVE...BEAR WITH US...then well, I'll just post pictures of my butt!!!


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See you on Our Salon, Tink. Maybe they can give you your own space on the cover there. You deserve it.
An Exodus Redux is happening, not sure who started it but so far several dozen have signed on, including me: Monday, November 19th... all right you're on. Thirty days with no activity on Open Salon. No posts, no comments, no ratings, no sign-in, nothing, nada, zip, zero... maybe Jacob and his folks will get the message. Please feel free to copy and crosspost, read and rate all posts linked to or bearing this related Headline: Keep the Community, Ditch the Site. Maybe if this is all Jacob can see in the activity feed, he'll get something done over the next month.

See you all over at Our Salon.
Nah! I'm going to start posting porn on here. Our Salon is awesome, I'm a member already. Zoomers.ca is awesome too, they feature me, have for over half my posts there!!!

Open is my home and it will continue till I can't post here anymore(aka they shut the lights off!!! Which will probably happen on the 19th!! :D)

They won't get the message but maybe I'll get some $$$ for porn!!!

Joan, damn right and still loveable!!

Tink, I remember 2008. Wait. No I don't. Never mine.
Record length cover no kidding. Each time he disappears, he goes deeper, you noticed?
"writing award winning articles on sex and candy in post modern America?"
At what point is it too shameful to show your avatar?
Never mind I've resembled that!
I do think he dispatched the IT team
`with some sort of grease gun tho
because I've only got 11 error screens
in the past twelve minutes...
which is seriously good
good gouda bruebelly
good night
When TNT69, the Mayor of Open Salon does double posting, you know this place is circling the drain. To quote Betty Davis:

I signed up at that joint. I'm not a big fan of the Our Salon place (something about having your ideas co-opted and not getting credit for them which kind of turns me off...I'm real sensitive like that, though), but that joint seems fine. I barely care to write these days unless a giant bug crawls up my ass (because, THAT'S a story), but just in case, it's nice to have a place to do it.

I like that it has forums and lots of other stuff, though I'm not using it to get laid (purposefully...sometimes that shit just lands on your jock without you knowing it), but it seems like a pleasant enough place to have a place.

Thanks for that.
No, I think they've been tinkering (no pun intended!) with the cover for four or five years and have finally got it right. So why change it? See you on Our, I hope.
Oh,well,I have been wondering myself since the last time OS was about to collapse.
Well, I've got writer's block and angst and fleas and these red spots that won't go away, but I might actually write something if I knew where it would go. I appreciate other folks making that decision for me. Our Salon needs more frivolity, and Tink is just the kitty to provide it. Tink, I'll make you a deal. You post on Ours, and I'll write a porn story to your specifications that will curl your toes. Just give me a list of essential features, such as lesbian nuns, mechanical spanking machines, duct tape bondage, TS MILFs, and all your other favorite things.
Tink! I read of your heroism at the store!
And your well deserved accolades.
No doubt you’re riding high now, full of yourself.
I don’t mean to add to that, but I gotta say you got one handsome face!
Or someone does! The guy over at zoomers is man-crush-worthy.
Especially now that he is an acknowledged hero!
Looks like you and me are gonna be the last two damnfool idiots left here on os.
I don’t mind double or triple posting!
As Emerson said, “We but half express ourselves, and are ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents.”
So if I half express myself here, and then half somewhere else..see where I am going with this?....
Jacob Sugarman will save us all. He has a kind face.
dont sweat it....e-thing will be fixed tomorrow!.....and FREE BEER!....
My working theory is that the creditors locked the staff inside Salon HQ. Kerry and upper management selected Jake to be their dinner a few weeks ago.

I joined Our Salon. I'll look at Zoomers. Your post there is hilarious.
scanner, I'm lucky to remember yesterday!! Wait...today! :D

trig, I've noticed, the more people who leave, the better the site runs!! :D WE'LL BE CRUISING AWESOME ON THE 19TH!! ;D

I've been told that they are working on replacing servers and maybe, just maybe, kissing their mom right on the lips!!! :D

We'll see my friend!! I WANT TO FRUCKING WRITE!! I got serious stuff to write about and my Iranian fans told me they won't go to Our Salon, because it's ours, not theirs!! :( :D

Lefty, when you don't know you've doubled post, it's even worse!! WAAA!! :D

Malcolm, ~nodding~ Yeah, Our Salon is a good place, I have other options as well, I'm not sure why I stay at Open. Maybe because I just am!! ~shrug~

We'll see....

Abrawang, you might be right!!!! THAT'S IT!! The PERFECT Cover!! Wooo!! :D

Heidi, it is collapsing and I'm staying to ride the wave it stirs back to shore!! Maybe start playing online games again!! :D

Sirenita, YES PLEASE, all that stuff!! :D (Oooo, alien cream pies too!! :D)

I'm already there!! :D

James, I've been told I've got a pretty face!! Woo!! :D And yes, we'll both be here when they shut the lights off and Jake is shot dead as a traitor!! :D


And ahhhh thanks on the man crush!!! I think you cute too!! :D

Steel, YAY FOR BEER!!! :D

Stim, thank you very much and yeah, it never hurts to have other options. I've been posting at Zoomers for awhile now(over a year?) and I have an account at Our Salon(posted a blog....need to post more!)

Right now, Open is in something, hold pattern. I've been told that their IT Person is doing stuff. Possibly selling old broken phones as toys at the New York State Flea Market to make money to replace the server.


I do not wish OS ill.
I absolutely hope OS will overcome the technical problems it is having-
but I'm also concerned about the "Great Spam Wars"
I would suggest that in order to keep its membership
and serve the membership that has drawn the "Spammers"
That OS CLOSE the membership for a while.
Thia would discourage the spammers,
and allow a SERIOUS weeding out of those who view OS as a "marketplace" for junk
I understand that OS makes its money by "Selling Eyeballs"
I'm fine with that
But it makes no sense to allow freeloaders to sell in the feed
and dominate others writings and community
with commercial nonsense.

I'll be hanging around, but not posting.
I probably will comment ( if i can do it in under 15 minutes)
OS needs to sort out the community from the scavenger pack
I suggest closing membership while people go "inactive"
and cleansing the roll of itinerant marketeers.