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July 16
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NOVEMBER 24, 2012 2:05PM

LOTS OF ERRORS : The Music Video

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Today, as I sat here in my living room, watching TV, cruising the Net, I decided,

"Open.Salon needs a music video!!!!"

And hence became...THE MUSIC VIDEO!!!



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OS still needs a music video!

And you need some better dope!

OS still needs a music video!

And you need some better dope!

Sounds like some Damn Cat's been into the Free Beer again.

I wish I could see the video on this computer, but it won't play. I hope that when I watch it on another computer later it includes you doing the lots-of-errors-dance. :)
Send it to MTV it will be a hit. Oh. Wait! MTV doesn't do MUSIC videos anymore. R
sky, you just mad cause I put you in the video with the guy from Wham instead of the girls from page 9!! Next one my friend!!! :D

Boaner, and the free dope!! :D

Diary, if you make a Lots o errors dance, please record it!! :D

Trudge, damn them!! :D
Tink, a great addition to the Saturday Night Dance Party here!
design, I thought so!! :D
So how come your new blog is up at Our Salon but not up HERE..... you miserable feline?!

sky, I tried to post it here, and it went, TOO MANY ERRORS!! Hisssss!! :D

(also at Zoomers!! :D)