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July 16
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DECEMBER 17, 2012 3:36PM

Four years of Tink on Open.Salon --- Four more?

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Four years of Tink on Open Salon! 

Oh my!

Will there be four more?

Probably not....

Enjoy what we got ---

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Burroughs meets Coronet. That's why I need Open.

Congrats on 4 years. Many happy!
Burroughs meets Coronet. That's why I need Open.

Congrats on 4 years. Many happy!
Stacey, exactly!! Open will survive!! WOO!! :D
OF COURSE Open and Tink will survive....... Smell their paws!


It took many tries and "Lots of Errors", but I made it.

You must have started about the time I began lurking. It's been a good run - no way to tell what the future will bring. It's been good reading your posts over the years - you certainly do liven up the place!

- Mark

Thank you. You have made OS such fun for years. Here's to much more in the coming year!
Have a more wonderful years to come here on opensalon. Happy holidays everyone.
Hey, littermate mine, I waded through dozens of F5s just so I could leave this reminder that you owe me a gallon of Free Beer.

Anyway, happy anniversary, you Damn Cat. I hope there are more. No one else on OS has made me laugh harder and for a longer period than you.
I admire your insights and creativity.

If Obama deserves four more years then you deserve a century.
It opened today and I yelled yes! Glad to still be here with you :)
sky, smell like victory!! Teehee!! :D

Mark, yep, I sure do liven up the joint!! :D I didn't lurk, just jumped in!! :D Been some fun times though!! We'll survive!! :D

theig, WHOOOOO!! :D

toritto, may 2013 just make it!! :D

Diary, at least one more!!! :D

Edward, happy holidays to you as well!!!!!

Boaner, free beer on Friday, right before the world ends!! :D

Lyle, thank you very much!!!!!

Different, YAY!!! :D

Lunchlady, we'll be here even after they shut the place down!! :D
Tink as you know every cat has seven lives.