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DECEMBER 26, 2012 3:15PM

Joan Haskins Belated Third Anniversary Post

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Has it really been three years? Really?

Where has the time gone?

Up soneone's butt?

Whose butt?

CRI_119036Few people know this but Joan and I have known each other for a long time.  

We were the Andrew Sisters before the Andrew Sisters, she was the Boogie and I was the Woogie, we toured the country going, "Who got the Boogie Woogie!!!" then the Bugle Boy would jump up and say, "I DO!! whoo oooo ooooo!!"

This was before there was even a Company B and we were making the companies jumped.  

Then Joan said, "I want to fly!" and she left the group to move on, and then well, you guys know the rest of the story, she went on to become Queen of the Universe, fighting Flash Gordon and such.

I went on to become a baker of children.

And the third sister...she became Lady GaGa!

We all know that Open has become slightly bad in allowing us to even sign in, so we have wandered out into the wilderness, naked, mumbling, wanting to play but,well, we can't because our Muse(Jacob Sugarman) has probably been kidnapped by aliens and being butt probed!!

Happy Blogerversary Joan!!! Here's to the good old days, and yes we did have some nice legs back then!! We still do!! Whoo!!!


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I'm not surprised to hear about the legs.
Yeah, Joan -- happy anniversary. The Damn Cat's got it exactly right, for once.
wb Tink, and you'll always have the best legs ;)

The door opened! They let me in! This will be in the top rated column or my name isn't Joan H. ~highly rated with love
Happy Third Joan, and Tink my friend, you are as funny as ever. I am so jealous~
Well done. That's you in the middle and Joan on the left, right?
The harmony's getting a little "close." May we call you "Legs?"
Yay! Tink's throwing Joan a party! Where's the bar?
Yay! Tink's throwing Joan a party! Where's the bar?
I thought it was Yoko broke you up. Must be getting my iconic blogging idols confused...
Bah! This evil machine ate my comment!

Loved the tune! Brings back memories of girls who wore panty-girdles. And everyone thought women in tight skirts were not "nice" girls.

Ah...... the memories....... two hours of fighting to get that rubber chastity belt off for 5 minutes of ......ahem!

Did any girl ever put one back on before you took her home?

Nuffa that nonsense!
Happy anniversary, Joan!!!
May you have a zillion more!

Mime, we did have some nice uns!! :D

Boaner, even a stopped clock is right twice!! :D

theig, I will!!! WEEP!! :D

Joan, ~nodding~ IT MUST BE TOP RATED!! :D

scanner, I am pretty funny!! ~nodding~ :D

jl, she was always in the middle!! ~TEARS~ :D

Stacey, you may!! :D

phyllis, in the back!! With the ribs!! :D

Margaret, yeah, wrong story line! That was Kerry and Cranky Cuss!!! :D
sky, I did once, but pffft, wasn't worth the time so....:D
The Andrew sisters always take me back to my mom so I thank you for the happy memory and happy anniversary to Joan!
Is there a reunion tour coming up? If you're taking requests, I always liked "In Apple Blossom Time".
HE'S IN! The cat. Someone let the cat out. Happy blogoversary Joanie - #3! (minus 1/2 for repairs and such)
Happy Blogoversary Joanie Hawkins!

(Hi Tink!)
LunchLady, you welcome!!!!! ~hug~

Kevin, we're working on it!! You betcha!! :)

Gabby, someone left the lock off my cage!! WOO!! :D

Hi Larry!!!!!
Hawkins. Yes...
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