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July 16
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JANUARY 2, 2013 8:59PM

Cheese snot!

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Somewhere, out there, some one is wondering, where do we go from here?

We go down the hill, over the mountain, drown in the river, and then...well...after that, nobody knows.

sunset sunrise

I keep thinking of heading outside and playing in traffic but a few of my links to reality keep telling me, "No!"

It's fun to play in traffic.  Whee!

I've been trying to move on, one foot in front of the other but, I keep going back to my blanket and saying, pffffft.

Good times.

Really good times.

Not really, but lets pretend for awhile.

Good night and have a better tomorrow... 

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Hah! I've got better traffic to play in than you have.... so there! Why, right there in front of my house, which is on the main street, I'll bet we average a vehicle every ten minutes, at least! Well...... during the daylight hours anyway. Might be one per hour at night; which is surprising because the streets are so much wider after they roll up the sidewalks - all two blocks of them.

I stayed under a blanket for a couple years once, though I skipped the cheese snot...
sky, yeah, the streets do get wider at night here too!! :D

Justin, I could never skip the cheese snot!! :D
Don't worry Tink things can only get better. Maybe it will make you feel better that I am actively lobbying Jacob to give you his job since he obviously cannot do it.
Cheese loves me, cheese loves me snot.
@cheshyre grin,

Oh how I hate you! You wrote the comment that I should have written - 'cept I didn't think of it. Too bad "Reader's Picks" isn't still around. I'd nominate that for comment of the decade!! I just LVOE bad puns!!
I'm jealous.........(ᵕᴥᴼ)
Would it make you feel better to know that 98% of the world's population doesn't own a blanket? And some of those blanketless people are missing a foot. Some are missing both feet. You have two feet and a blanket. You're a very lucky man.
Jack, ahhh thanks!!! That's why he sent me that message saying, YOU CAN HAVE IT!! :D

cheshyre, exactly!! :D

sky, reader picks was pretty damn awesome!! :D

Margaret, you're right!! And I have all my teeth! Can eat corn on the cob!! WOO!! :D
Aha! So THAT'S why there are all those teeth marks on Miss Page 31, just a few inches below the staple!

(Isn't that cannibalism?)
damnit... now I want a blanket and some cheese... minus the snot. You could act LIKE a snot if it's Brie cheese, but you can only eat Brie with some fancy wine and a pinkie up. Sounds like too much work. Kraft single slices r 4 me.
Hiding under a blanket may seem like a good idea, but cheese, really it's snot.
I can vouch for Justin... but you have to come out of hiding sometimes.. and it sucks
sky, yes it is!! :D

theig, me too!! :D

Boaner, I know!! I just hid for a little bit!!!!! ~nod~ :D
Linda, I only go into hiding for a few hours, poke my head out, say, "Still the same!" and go back in!!! :) ~huge hug~

Kraft is not cheese. Real cheese is made from milk just as those icky slices are. When the milk is separated into curds, the slimy waste, called whey, is left over. Cheese makers used to send that to pig farmers; pigs being the only critters who'd eat snot like that.

Then Kraft found out how to use that waste as the base of "processed cheese." After a long and bitterly fought court battle where the makers of 'real' cheese (from curds) sued Kraft for using the term "cheese" for their product, the court decided that the term "cheese" was a generic term and that Kraft could call its whey waste product stuff, cheese.

You'd not like to know what all goes into that stuff....
Nothing says winter comfort like Campbell's tomato and a grilled snot.
@Sky: Kraft doesn't make *real* cheese? No whey. It's enough to curdle your milk....
You should be jealousing of me right now because I'm in Mexico -- and here they have five pound bags of Cheeze Whiz! That is one thing that I'll bet is not available where you live.
Stacey, exactly!! Nummy!! :D

Boaner, and make you say, OKAY!!!! :D

toritto, exactly!! No timing on this thing from what I've been told!!!! ~nod~

lefty, oh man!! ~packs his bags~ :D
I spent about a year under the blanket once. The world was still there when I finally was ready to poke my nose back out.

There was still plenty of cheese around, so I guess it was OK.

If ever there were a time for your blanket, it seems that now is the time.

Perhaps you might consider carrying it about with you, like Linus. That way you'll have it with you whenever you want it. :)
Steve, cheese will always be around, no matter what!! :D

diary, done and done!! :D ~hug~