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JANUARY 24, 2013 7:59AM

Will we touch the sky in our warm embrace?

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"Will you hold me in your warm embrace, never let me go?" she said to me, a thousand miles away, but seemingly in the room with me.

Technology, isn't it wonderful?

I told her yes, till forever and a day.

Heaven was closing up quickly, the gates were swinging shut, it'd be a million years before the next land rush.


Would we touch the sky in our warm embrace?

Lifeless, but still breathing.

She sighed, that sigh of relief, she would have me, she would drift asleep, the phone still to her ear. 

I would never sleep again, the mind wouldn't let me. 

I would close my eyes, the darkness was there, like before, but it was not sleep.

I would open my eyes and stare at the walls, counting the specks of dust on the ceiling, before standing and going outside to smoke a cigarette.

Life has this way of making a person wish they were dead, and then alive again, reborn.

A friend's grandmother told me once I was an old soul, born some other time, long ago, the first age, the age where I may have killed to save my true love, the love that has followed me through the time, rebirth, then we would have to refind each other.

If I closed my eyes forever, would it all remain the same?

I wouldn't understand till the next life, or the one after that, a cycle of shame, of hope, would I sleep again, in that other life?

Probably not, the same trip, just a different body.

Would I trust her in that next life, like I did in this one, even though she kept hurting me, pushing me away?

I would.

I closed my eyes forever...

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fiction, sleep, going away, tired

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"If I closed my eyes forever, would it all remain the same?"

Nope never the same vision and we have to deal with each and every one of them and it sucks
This is beautiful but painful to read, Tink. I pray things get better for you soon. R
oh, tink. no words, just a long long hug, and then we can just sit and smoke cigarettes, without even talking. just a little company there. i'm sorry.
I had a conversation like that once. Cost me $1.99 a minute and she had a foreign accent.
"Life has this way of making a person wish they were dead, and then alive again, reborn." Oh, that we could.
This was so beautiful, and full of so much food for thought. I think you are an old soul - and a resilient one. I know you'll make it through this awful time. Sending thoughts of healing and hope.
Face it ol' kat - when yer an old sole, you might tune a fiddle but ye'll never tuna-fish just for the halibut while ye flounder around.

Which is all just another way of asking, "Got any Fancy-Feast?"


This is stunningly beautiful. Some of the lines sound like poetry.
We all grieve with you, you have to know that. This post reminded though of a song. This is the one that makes the best sense to me.
There is beauty in the dark places.
Thinking of you.
Sending you a giant hug, Tink. This is so sad and beautiful.
Remember when you have rested, to always look for the light under a new sun. R

Nothing remains the same but the warm embrace, I like to think.

Hang in there, it's not yet time to close your eyes, I'm guessing. Being glad they're open will come...
If we knew for sure no one would stay...you write your emotions even in "fiction" really well.
moving... life has its ways for sure, melancholic or euphoric.
very moving, tink. sigh. r
?Linda, damn those rules!! :D

Rude, thank you!!

Gerald, things getting stranger!! I have a date with the Avon lady tomorrow night! What? :D

Jane, ~huge hug~

Company is always good!!!

cheshyre grin, 99 cents for frequent callers!! :D

Miguela, I want a reset button for this game of Life!! ~nod~

Alysa, I'm making it!! I keep going up!! ~nod~

sky, I do!! Come on over!! :D

theig, ~hugs~

Bernadine, TANKS!!!!

Diary, thank you very much!!! :)

Seer, thank you! I feel like two old souls!!

Nile, ~nodding~ Garth can sing what I feel!!! ~nodding~

island, the darkness can bring out the beauty!

Erica, always takes hugs!!!! Thank you!

Natalie, the sun wants to devour us!! :)

Thinking, a little bit of fiction, don't smoke!! ~shaking head~ Well, except candy cigs!! :D

Lunchlady, ~takes a bow~ :)

Chuck, life, what a ride!!! :)

L, lubs u 2!!!

maria, thank you!

This touches on the collective question that seems to have pushed itself to the forefront lately. I think about it a lot myself Tink. Does anyone really want to live forever, colostomy bags, endless medication and a broken down vehicle of a body. Some of us are predators born to hunt the other half of our soul. To paraphrase Italian poet who said each mans heart is halved at birth and he must spend his time searching for the other half of that heart. The poets name was Dante Alighieri and he was the greatest poet who ever lived. All men who were ever born burn for someone. There is nothing more to existence except the love between a man and a woman, or for that matter the love between the Sun and the Moon. Like the hermetic maxim says “as it is above so it is below.” Its almost time to trade for another model this ones broken down. Death is nothing but a trip to the car dealership. A used Buick for a new McLaren.
You are clever, resourceful and a true survivor. You will find a way to define a new path, with a little help from your friends.


take care buddy.
Jack, I could use a new car.body!! :)

Lyle, I keep hoping so!!! :)

I got good friends!!!!

heron, I'm taking care....I think!!! :)
Gulp. I've been away...but can I please say "I'm so sorry" right now. Your poem/prose is filled with the slow motion that always accompanies grief. Brilliant. xoxoxo J
Princess, thank you very much!!!!