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JANUARY 29, 2013 11:48PM


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I was standing there, third aisle from the action; cat food.

Two young girls stood in the center aisle, talking, not hushed tones, old ladies jostled past them.

“He went into me up to his second knuckle!” one girl said, nodding, as if this was the best part of her life, her boyfriend finger banging her in his mom’s bed room.

“Jimmy says he wants our first time to be special, Super 8 and everything,” the other girl says, as if in competition, she’s no slut; she’s waiting for a commitment ring or a life saver.

Or free waffles before 10 am!

“I’m saving myself for marriage!” the other smiles, nodding.

“How far have you gone?”

“He’s put it in my butt, and my mouth, but I said no in my pussy…”

Yeah, you tell him sister! You can put it in my ass and mouth or vice versa, but until I get a ring on my finger…

“These kids today!” an old woman says to me as she passed by to pick up some kitty treats, “In my day, we didn’t even get in their jalopy till AFTER the wedding! And even then, we kept our hands in our lap!”

I nodded.

Back in my day, I touched myself quite a bit, but I was very gentlemanly about it, got myself a napkin to clean up afterward, and bought myself dinner and maybe a movie.

Course, back in my day, we had like thirteen channels that was cable, one of those channels was the channel telling you what the other channels were, and when we invited girls over to the house, our parents would freak, thanking the lord their son wasn’t gay and maybe, just maybe they might be grandparents someday.

Different times, different strokes.

We listened to Bon Jovi and made out.

Well, I didn’t, my friends did.

“Jason, you’ll never guess who I banged last night!”

“Your sister!”


I was down in my parent’s rec room playing my Atari and drinking grape Shasta.

The good life, nothing on but the radio, and pants, and maybe a shirt.

Shoes sometimes, but only to keep my feet comfy.

A few friends would sneak away, coming down there, to play Atari, they might bring beer.

Well, near beer.

Few of those friends are now dead.

Few of those friends are now parents.

They send me pictures of their kids.

“Sarah is an academic genius!”

She flunked English though.

“Mark is an athletic giant!”

He failed to make third string football team.

“Judy’s pregnant!”

Awesome Ted, you’re going to be a grandparent.

“She’s 13!”

And a young grandparent too!

“Hank’s in prison for armed robbery!”

It makes me wish I was a parent.

(No, not really!)

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Yup, the concept of virginity is fungible today with young girls. Stick it in anywhere except where to make babies, and you're still a virgin. The young boys though, mostly play video games and lie about how much sex they've had (including with themselves). Whole different standard of morality.

My gosh I'm relieved to read this. I was beginning to wonder if all that horrible noise the young'uns likes to pretend is music these days would do them harm.

Guess not. Seems like they're gettin' up to the same ol' tricks we did about 60 years ago!

*Linda bangs her head on table*
These kids.....
MTV bound.
It all went South when someone put in that first basement rec room.
I laughed way too hard at this one. Atari was kinda before my time, but hell, it's gaming and it sounds good. So does grape Shasta. Down with The Man! I miss the old days of N64 and diet Cherry Soda. Biggest obstacle in life, other than the parents, was... well hell, that was it.

These are are true stories, aren't they?

Those were the daze!
Back in my day girls were considered sluts if they kissed more than one boy per month. And no one thought about girls kissing girls. Sad, sad days they were.
Back in my day "getting to first base" literally meant getting to first base. R
lefty, up to here with uh.....used condoms??? :D

sky, exactly!! :D

Linda, I miss MTV, the music television, when they played music!! :D

jl, I know, right?? :D

theig, mmmmmm N64!! :D (I got up to Sega Genesis but.... got the emulators for N64!!! :D)

Lyle, true stories!! :D

Matt, we thought they never end~!!! :D

Stim, girls kiss other girls? GASP!! :D

Bernadine, don't go into the store shopping, you'd flip!! :D

Trudge, sadly, I always struck out!!! :( Baseball was still a fun game to play!! ~nod~ :D
I am old too. I thought kissing made you pregnant when I was a teenager.
it will make you pregnant poppi, if you let him go on doing it. lack of oxygen has impaired many a maiden's capacity to enunciate 'stop.'
woo, emulators! for the longest time I had a Genesis emulator on my old laptop. I have an N64 console now, gonna get the games I want for it very soon :)
Poppi, you mean, it doesn't??? :D

Al, ~nod~ :D

theig, emulators are the bomb!! :D