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FEBRUARY 12, 2013 12:28AM

Vatooing your Vagina -

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Hey have you heard, tattooing is not just for your butt anymore!

Hey ladies, how many times have you sat at the salon and said, "Mary I want to do something different, something cool, maybe an eagle coming out of my vajayjay!"

"Girl, do it and you'll be the talk of the town!!"



One girl in the video gets a spider web and a spider vatooed on her because "there's been no one down there in a while," which is kind of awesome and hilarious. She goes on to say that she's into "self-love" and likes looking in the mirror. The host inanely monotones, "I'm sort of in the same boat as you. I can't imagine that. That's great. I like your attitude."

Another girl got a glow-in-the-dark "69." And then they all "hit the streets" while Jersey Shore-type fist-pumping music plays. This is seriously like a parody of itself.

Spider webs and bears? Lovely ideas indeed.

A glow in the dark "69"?

Must have been one of my fans!

Of course, will such a thing age well with time?

Will a vagina tat make sense when you're 87?

"YES!" says famed vagina tattoo artist, Frank Clitus. "No one will regret any tattoo down there! Trust me! If it's on the Internet, it must be true!!!!"



Mayhem indeed!!!!!!!!

Glorious, wonderful mayhem, wrapped in a bow sometimes!

Remember fellas, lick it before you.....wander off to watch football!

Some folks just don't appreciate art!

And remember folks....just because you THINK you're someone's slut 4ever and ever, don't get that tat down there, what will Steve(your next lover 4ever) say?


Before I go, I want to say thank you for the guy and girls @ OurSalon.net for teaching me tonight a wonderful new art form.

Course, Trig has shown me the wonders of anal bleaching since the early days but well, tattooing your vagina is almost as awesome as the wonderous candiru catfish!!!

So girls, get your lover's name engraved down there, burned in, scarred in, whatever.  Maybe a butterfly winging its way out.

How funny would that be?


Yeah, I think the candiru catfish would be a nice touch too! GO FOR IT!!

Send pics!!

Good night and have a better tomorrow!

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To me anal bleaching is like making your bed, or brushing your teeth. Why bother?
As far as candiru catfish, well, I'd rather have a lamprey on my forehead than a candiru up my penis. Duh...
Rated for fashion and mayhem. . . .
To me anal bleaching is like making your bed, or brushing your teeth. Why bother?
As far as candiru catfish, well, I'd rather have a lamprey on my forehead than a candiru up my penis. Duh...
Rated for fashion and mayhem. . . .
Trig, exactly!!!!!

Fashion and mayhem go together like well, fashion and mayhem!!!!

Smooches and fondles!!!!
I never know quite how to comment on your posts, dear cat. And this one is no exception.

But hey! Pitchers and catchers are reporting!

(Rated. And it's this wolf's personal opinion that tattooing is generally unfortunate.)
This is the real reason the Pope resigned.
More than that, Margaret. More! Apparently there was an "unusual seismic event" in North Korea. There's an aroma of plutonium and kimchee, so folks are thinking nuke test.
Man Talk, my posts do seem to make folks speechless! World needs pitchers and catchers, otherwise, we'd just be out in a field playing ball with ourselves, which some of us do anyways, nothing wrong with that but apparently, it's against the law to shove a baseball bat up one's own ass and call it a sport!! PFFFT!!

What? :D

Margaret, that and I sent him an email with the pics! You know the pics!!

Yes, the ones where you were testing nukes in North Korea. Man Talk knows about them too!! :D
Margaret, if what Tink (apparently?) says is true, you need to keep fissile material away from your private parts. Do you have any idea what fissile material does to private parts?
IT TURNS THEM STRAIGHT!! OH GAWD NO....~flees into the night~
It could make the upskirt photos more interesting.
And how long will it be before the advertising agencies decide to publicize their clients down under? It could be a nice supplement to income in these tough times.
You naughty pussy. C'mon over here and lemme....never mind!

I think Jan's onto something. Just imagine Busch Gardens being 2d on a voluptiuous unshaven trollup. :)
Here kitty kitty! Time for your vatoo! But first, a nice shave!
own a complete tattoo setup,service is free....
like the t-shirt says"i;m no gyn,but i'll take a look"....
Never had much problem with ink except for to dopey Warner Brother's cartoon character tat's... never could quite understand that art... R&L ;-)
Well I..........ahm, just did not expect.. But why didn't I? I should know by know that where Tink is concerned, the unexpected is written in stone. Or carved on walls.. Or, tattooed on. Man, is that going to look bad when the woman is quite a bit older. It is gonig to look like... mayhem or perhaps.. organic trukey? I can't know. I don't want to know.

Tink, walk A-WAY from the catnip!

Rated for.. whatever.
Maybe Open Salon should run a vagina tatoo contest
I watched the video. Cheapskate kind of art done with stencils - looks like Mrs Bee may have an appointment with the Wagner Power Painter this Valentine's Day!
It will catch on as soon as a celebrity does it. R
ah i really dont give a f. what a gal is gonna do down there.
these days? anything goes, man!

it is an historical phenomenon of the past oh i dunno 50 or so yrs
when chicks learned that they got this immensely
and sir i mean IMMENSELY
complicated situation goin on betwixt their lovely legs...
and then a sort of cult sprang up.
to do to this thing, this poor dear neglected organ,
what it deserved, and alot of gals go overboard sure
but! who are we to judge, we dudes? eh?
i say, not uh anyone, so much, to..judge.

this clitoris thing started it all.damn that freud.