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FEBRUARY 15, 2013 12:57AM


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We're going down the road, to the place where the blues are played, down at the end of the street, some lonely place, just you and a bottle of booze, the women in your life long gone.

These are the trials, something you can't escape, even if you wanted too.

These are the blues, the ones that get into your soul, and won't let go.  



The train whistle blows, and the midnight hour is told, I'm high on life, nothing more.  

I was standing at the Crossroad; Devil made me a promise, good life and merriment and everything else that I could use to better my life, our lives, but that damn sucker told lies, made me believe.

He ain't nothin' but a hound dog, just howling all the night, howling at the moon, sniffing around where he shouldn't have been a snooping, he ain't nothing but a hound dog, howling all the time. 



Mississippi Fred McDowell - You gotta move



Going down to the end, the end of the lonely street, to get me a beer, and some smokes, be back later, come back then, but you sure look pretty, stick around a while, and lets see what happens at the end. 

Sonny Boy Williamson - Nine below zero



History of the  Blues - I was broke when I was born, and in all likelihood, I won't have a dime when I die.   These are the perfect times for the blues.

Everybody got the blues, one day or another. 

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Blue, blue blues.......



Bonnie Raitt-Take My Love With You
Check it out on You Tube.

"...let it be the light that sees you through..."
I pilgrimaged to the graves of Sonny Boy Williamson, Charley Patton, Robert Johnson (3), MI John Hurt, and stood at the junction of rt. 61 and 49 in Clarkesdale and looked around for the devil. I have a plastic spoonful of dirt from MI John Hurt's grave rattling around in my guitar, but don't play any better for it. It's all myth and legend, and when you're there, very very mundane and unremarkable. You realize that the magic is all in the music, and the music you can have anywhere, any time. DADGAD, my little rooster ;-)
I am a huge fan of Big Mama Thorton and wrote about how the racists in Oakland tried to ban her gigs. Well done.. gotta love this music..:)
The blues are an excellent way to explore one's soul. But as Joni Mitchell sang in Both Sides Now, 'Clouds got in my way.'

sky, GOT EM!!! OH YEA!! :)

2 cents, got to love the Bonnie!!!

heron, exactly!! About the music, the legends just extra whipped cream on the cake!! :D Noooomy!!!!

Linda, ~nodding~ Got to love the music, keep it in your heart!!! ~nodding~

Lyle, ~nodding~ Damn those clouds!! :)
Thank you for this blues writing and singing post Tink!!!
Stathi, thank you! And welcome back!
Read & rated over on Our Salon... howl on you fuzzy butt kat! R&R ;-D
Drunk, mouth agape, listening, reading...somehow, your picture in your profile is a misrepresentation, yet...the music is good...the writing is good...I feel better than I have in a long time by stopping here...

hey....I'll shut up now.
toritto, get them blues!!! ~hug~

jmac, aroooooo!! :D

Steve, nah, keep talking!! :) Thank you!
Sometimes, the glasses make the cat.
The glasses surely do!! :D
For the sake of clarity, I guess it must be said that the glasses I referred to in the above comment were the old reading glasses, and that you must've agreed with me, for you changed them to dark sunglasses [I don't want anyone thinking I don't like these new shades, Tinkcat].

That's all.