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MARCH 5, 2013 2:07AM


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Ain't been no writers on Open for years!! The last bunch left on a train for some other site and ain't been heard from in forever.

I ain't no writer, so I just stuck around here for the cock and balls, maybe some tuna fish, and well, with the new membership signup turned  off, well, ain't going to be no new writers, just the same bloggers who been finger fucking themselves since 2008.

What we need new blood for anyways? Get a writer in here, ruin the decor of Open.Salon, make it fancy or something.

Who needs that?

"I's wants to make money, be famous Pa!"

Stupid child, nobody gets that around here, we gets $2.32 a month from Adsense, if'n we lucky, and even then, only if we write about monkey dunking or something.

"But Pa, we's needs to be famous! We's gots needs, like Horus Wigner or whatever his name was from over yonder! He became famous writin' on here and he's was proud!"

No, that durn fool blew his brains out last week, he tweren't famous or a writer, he just finger fucked his donkey till the cows came home and then he finger fucked them for awhile.


Ain't no use in makin' the truth palable to the natives.  If'n we has new members, some folks to move in and take up residents in the ole town, we might be makin' it look pretty but well...

"You thinkin' of leaving her, aintcha Pa? You'se goin to huff off like them 'writers' did and you ain't comin' back are ya?"

I don't know, maybe.  The lights just ain't bright no more here.  There use to be an Ed I Tor, but I think he's in the whorehouse in New York City getting molested by chickens.

"But, they fixed up the roads, mades them faster! We're like movin' real fast now, like a big city, we even have a stop light that sometimes work, and a moderator who may or may not be real, but we's don't care that much anyways, cause we's gots dreams of being writers!"

Told you, ain't no writers left.  And that mo-dur-ator, ain't nothin' but a figament of that Jacob Sugarman's imag-a-nation! He ain't real half the time neither. 


Ain't no but, ain't no halibut either!  We's a dying town, even Myspace points and laughs at us. 

"Why do you keep posting Pa?"

I couldn't answer that child. I has no idea why I stay. Maybe for the finger fucking monkey or the cheap wine.  

"And the Adsense?"

Up to $10.23 right now! 

"Woo whee! Does u think we can buy me some teeth soon Pa?"

Don't know about buyin them all, maybe three or four though, so youse can chew your biscuits and gravy!

"That'd be swell! Lets go fishin...."



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Teeth are highly overrated.
So are writers......

And dibs on any fish you catch!

I'm eating a re-fried bean burrito for breakfast, I might be able pass an idea into a post shortly. " Winds of Change " it will be epic with gaseous explosions of everyday life. The only other thing I got is infected toe crud in society. Call me (I'm making the telephone gesture to my screen)...........o/e
Mr. Steinbeck nods . . . wanders off . . . .time to travel. Charley!
With membership closed, I guess we are now an exclusive club. I've never been in an exclusive club before because, to paraphrase Groucho, I would never belong to one that would have me as a member. R
Wow. You made $10.23 on Adsense? Take us all out for coffee?
rated for myspace, yourspace, headspace, space the final frontier, space case, no space. my train of thought derailed, think I'll go make some money, it won't be here though.
Horus Wigner DIED????

I think the best way to honor him would be to set up a writers scholarship in his name. I'm going to set the bar pretty high by donating all my Adsense proceeds to it. Plus a donkey.

Who's next?
i followed'em,they needed a janitor,and Jake was busy.....
where i your adsense ads? They seem to be gone.
There's nothing wrong with finger fucking, and if we got new members again, Pyapal would return. Chinese spammers don't like us, even if some of them write good.
i rue the rhubarb in the pie
mmmm... biscuits n' gravy....
Wait, you can get molested by chickens in a NYC whorehouse? Then why am I wasting time here?
sky, writers are a dime a dozen, fish are priceless!! :D

o/e, ~tries calling~ Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? :D

Chicago Guy, trying to travel......damn door won't open!! :(

Gerald, ~nodding~ Plus Open gives ya a rash.....even when used properly!!!! :D

heron, YAY!! :D

asia, you going to whore out Trig? YAY!!!! :D

Margaret, donkeys are a girl's best friend!! Giggle!! :D

Steel Breeze, ~nodding~ I tried following them, Jake tripped me and said no!! I must be needed at Open.Salon!! :D

Dianne, they still there, just hiding for some reason! :D

lefty, they sure do write guud!!! I like em!! :D

Pyapal was the bomb!!!

Chuck, noooomy!!!! :D

theig, and now I'm hungry!! :D

Cranky, I don't know!! GET YA SOME!! :D
You said it Tink.. fried chicken for all
What? A fishing trip, thanks for asking but all that reeling in is too tiresome. You go on without me.
There's nobody here, just us writers! (Actually, I'm hardly ever here anymore, I'm like a bad child, too busy to visit her poor dying grandmother. Although ACTUALLY when I finally posted in the early hours of this morning, everything worked! I didn't get cut off or anything! No mop appeared telling me to come back later. It was like the best time ever! Hurray for me! Where's my 10 bucks?)

You seem to really love animals. We have to admire that.

By the way, I think it's time for a little OS come-to-Horus meeting. :)
Linda, nummy chicken!! :D

~huge hug~

Bleue, I carry you!! ~runs off into the wood with Bleue on his back~ WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! :D

suzie, with the band!! (The 10 bucks! :D)

Damn writers!! ~:D

Thing, whores? I LOVES THEM!! What? ooooo!! :D
Okay, I admit it--I'm always lost around here. I know something big happened and all the good people deserted and now some came back, but what do you mean by "membership is closed". What membership? I thought this was OPEN Salon. Hmmm.
Ramona, if you look at Open, there is no longer a 'sign up' button for people who are not already a member to sign up. This was done in an attempt to control the spammers, but I think it has become a regular feature now. ~nodding~