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July 16
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Smell my Paws! Does that smell like poo to you? Writer? No way! I'm a guy with a cat who knows my passwords and likes to blog!! What? Oops, I mean, I'm a cat who likes to blog. Smell my paws!!! French prostitutes? Only on Tuesdays!! Lets cuddle!!


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Oh it true!! I am sorry, I will be dying soon, very soon. I have the most dreaded disease called cinthia laban and the only cure is to send Reverend Goodwin of the Nigerian Goodwin Home for Wayward Princesses 12 million dollars before tomorrow afternoon.

Guess I'm screwed.

Goodbye cruel world.… Read full post »

November 2nd, 2010 is fast approaching and with all the politicans trying to win votes with their pretty mail stuffers, wild and colorful television ads, nifty websites and knocking on your door just as you ready yourself to watch the weather lady, Tink is reminded, "Man, my political pieces sure do… Read full post »

Middle of the night, wake up, try to fall back asleep.


Dreams coming in, about nothing, old days, high school friends, smoking something, standing on the street corner, like we did way back then.

"Got your homework done for Stephen's class?" someone, maybe Jim, a friend of mine who blew… Read full post »

Ah love, how we love to find it, hold on to it, and then cry the night away in the corner, with our love letters ripped between our legs, wet with the tears that fell from our eyes when our dearest true love ripped out our heart and stomped on it till… Read full post »

Some nights are just made for going out and drinking $2 a glass whiskey and cokes.

Wednesday was my night.

It was a celebration, a salute to my cousin and her soon to be hubby, their wedding is today, aka, Friday at 6pm.  

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Smile, you're going to die What is my story?

Where did my story begin? 

Perhaps billions and billions of years ago, in the ooze of the cosmic ocean, one bit of ooze, looked at another bit of ooze and said,

"Wanna fuck?"

And of course, the other ooze said, "Not with you!" Hence began… Read full post »

The other night, more like early morning, I decided to take a walk down to the local Meijers and buy some fixings for a big breakfast.

It was 2 in the morning, the wifey was having a girl's night with her friend and two daughters(one is 3, the other is 7,… Read full post »

Democrat Senator Evan Bayh decided he doesn't want to play 'Catch the Sausage' anymore as senator in Washington, DC and will not be seeking re-election this time around, a position he has held for 12 years.

His ass hurts, I don't blame him.

Some think he'll run for governor of Indiana when… Read full post »

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a senator, running the high seas, declaring war on skippers and getting booty.

Then I remember, that's a pirate life and I go back to watching American Idol and live blogging about it.

I've decided that I too want to become… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 23, 2010 10:40PM

Who is Dr. Rand Paul?

I live in Southern Indiana, right across the mighty Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky, as most of you know, and in this region, we get more of the Kentucky Political Scene(now forever known as KPS(or Kentucky Political Shit) than the Indiana Political Scene(IPS, well, you get the joke!).

I've been… Read full post »

 salmoncat Ahh, salmon, nothing a cat like Tink enjoys more than a nice piece of fish, especially when they don't have to catch it.

 Old man Johnson, a fine fellow to all alley cats indeed by leaving a big bowl of ice cold milk and some fresh tuna in another for yours truely,… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 1:38AM


I don't usually do posts on television shows. 

Television shows are like religion, you say something like,


and soon you discover you have friends with no taste or eyesight, they just go by hearing, like, "Oh no, sounds like plane being hijacked and going to crash into… Read full post »

Hi everyone. I shouldn't post today, or any time actually, I suck, and not in that good way, except on Tuesdays, then hello milkshakes!!

Malts too.

I'm still in love with Open, it gives me a place to post crap that would be allowed on Facebook but well, Facebook slut,… Read full post »

Sarah and Tink a true love story


I was playing lazy unemployed bum, like I have been since March 16th, 2010, watching some TV when I noticed my movie was on, CYBER SEDUCTION HIS SECRET LIFE which, if I'm remembering right, I've reviewed on/… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 15, 2010 6:52PM


The best drink to trip out on 


Advice to Mormons and other religious orders who go door to door on some sort of Mission across the world, skip Tink's house, he's a prick AND an asshole and he blogs about it! Woooo!!

I seem to be at one of those points in my… Read full post »

Hello! How are you? Great! 

I was just sitting here wondering what I should write about, I almost went with my gut and almost posted my article, "Nebraska, what to see and do in my Lexus!" but well, I decided to hold off on that till maybe tomorrow.

You can… Read full post »

Dearest world,

Can't we just get along or at the very least, can we just agree that we'll never agree on anything and just give up the killing in the name of God.


Why base hate on something like religion? Can't we just hate each others' sport teams?

I mean,Read full post »

It seemed like a perfect day to plan a wonderful trip to somewhere, anywhere, and I said to myself, "Self, Lexus is sponsoring an open call, to blog about an event in some select cities before it happens! What a grand idea!!"

And my self responded, "You know who loves Lexus more… Read full post »

September 11th, 2001: The day some planes changed our lives. 

Some of us were close to Ground Zero on that day, some  of us, like me, sat on our couch that day across the land, watching in horror, wondering what was happening.

We still wonder what happened.

It was one of… Read full post »

Ahh, how I love thee Mr. and/or Mrs. Spammer, who will watch the Detroit Lions play the Dallas Cowboys?  Or Minnesota Vikings against the Chicago Bears?

The candy man!

All for free, an amazing deed, indeed! Teeheehee!

Montana Septembers, Minnesota Weather, titles you make up in amazing fashion,… Read full post »

I'll post my entry for Foodie Tuesday later, but for tonight, I shall respond to Trudge164(the true number of the beast but we love him anyways!)'s open call 

I don't usually answer open calls because most of them require me to remember stuff like 'Your top ten prom dates who killed… Read full post »

I decided to take a trip with the wifey when she went to help out another store, couple hours west of the old homestead.  

I had my cell phone's Internet access but it doesn't like Open unless I go through the 'Adapted for...' by Yahoo and well, typing out any kind of words o

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Way back when, in a different time, war was a different beast.  People would get dressed up in their finest clothes and settle up on the best spot on a hill to watch war being played out below.

Picnic lunches were packed and everyone clapped when their side would shoot off… Read full post »

THUNDERCUNT --- the world's worse new super heroine ! Graphics by Bob X. Williams, words below by Dorothy LaMoure.   Posted by Tinkerertink69 cause well, he's depressed and feels like getting the song lyrics he has pounding in his brain out. Full un cut version of the above can be fRead full post »


(RANDOM HISTORY LESSON: Way back when, Ma Bell use to arrange dates and sometimes marriages with neighbors, now, well, Ma died and nobody has stepped in to that role.  Also, remember when Radio Shack use to sell more than just cell phones? Those days were awesome!!!

Ma: Hey, waRead full post »