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July 16
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Smell my Paws! Does that smell like poo to you? Writer? No way! I'm a guy with a cat who knows my passwords and likes to blog!! What? Oops, I mean, I'm a cat who likes to blog. Smell my paws!!! French prostitutes? Only on Tuesdays!! Lets cuddle!!


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Today, ala Sunday afternoon, I was watching some television, The Smoking Gun --- World's Dumbest, when an advertisement came up, it was for a product called ISafe Bag.

isafebackpack Someone reading this right now is thinking, "Tink, I bought that bag for my kid! And it works!! Really!!!! Stop being an… Read full post »

Joy, lovely lovely joy! 

This fine day I decided to sleep in and not log onto the computer because well, it just seem like a good thing to do.  I didn't even turn on the damn thing and instead watched stuff on TV, mostly cake challenges and stuff about cybersex addiction.

Ye… Read full post »

AUGUST 13, 2010 5:08PM


If you're easily offended by the use of the N-word(nanobots!), the mention of cocksucking makes you think back to the days on the farm, or you take everything Tink says as the god awful truth, then back away from the computer and go outside and play for awhile, maybe climb a… Read full post »

Here recently, it seems like there has been an increase in hopeful loves spamming the bejesus out of Open.Salon.  

Usually, I would have happily spammed them right back in a pursuit of love, sex, or drugs with an additional hope for an email back from Reverend Goodwin.

But lately, I… Read full post »

(Parts of graphic(hand and curtain) were stolen from Visit Indiana -- the text and parts of the blue background were stolen from inside my head and translated in PhotoShop)

Awhile ago, I wrote a blog entry about the lovely state of North Dakota.  It recieved many hits including some folk… Read full post »

Hi everyone! I'm still here, and boy are my arms tired.  No wait, that's not how the joke goes!

Or maybe it is.

Today, I was doing my job searching when I ran upon a lovely position, Embassy Security Force in Afghanistan. 

It said I was perfect for the job! … Read full post »

August 4th, 2010:  President Barack Obama will celebrate his 49th birthday in his home of Chicago. I would wave towards that direction, but it's too hot.

There will be birthday celebrations all around the nation, including here in New Albany, Indiana where someone will host a get together, I was… Read full post »

I'm so confused.  The new "in" thing nowadays seems to be boycotting something, someone, or someplace. 

Tired of the local Walmart's gay agenda into turning straight men into lesbians?  BOYCOTT!!!

Think Walmart not doing enough to push the gay agenda? BOYCOTT!

Awhile back, the AFA(Ame… Read full post »

Everyone has an idea on what we, The United States of War Mongers and Cars sales people, should do about our current wars.

We should stop making them. We already have too many going on right now.

Oops, I mean.....

Of course, Iraq we should just make our 51st state, it… Read full post »

1am, thoughts pondering, booze all gone, but your mom passed out about a half hour ago uttering the phrase, "I think I drank the toilet water..." 

She was a trooper, gave the best rendition of 'It's raining men' right up until she went under.

I realize, at this point, 1 am,… Read full post »

Cute kitten Somedays, it is just easier to sit in the old kitty condo and contemplate the floor than it is to wander outside and possibly get ran over by a dump trunk full of cow manure.

Somedays, you're the pigeon, most the time, you're the statue, and other times you're the scratching… Read full post »

roseascii1 Sometimes, I think I got this whole thing called LIFE figured out but then I take a nap and wake up to discover that no, I do not.

I've lost the meaning.  Is it ice cream? Is it nuking the planet out of existence? What is it?

"The political system… Read full post »

As most of you know, Tink does his little travel down the road known as Craigslist in hopes that something will inspire him to write his next award winning piece.

For awhile, I've been riding a roller coaster of emotions, up one day, down the next, loop to loop straight into… Read full post »

Another Open Call attempt by your friend, Tinkerertink69!  You know, this one, will win the heart and mind of that Ed I Tor person, I just know it.  I mean, I don’t have a chance with my soup recipe because well, in my family, you’d be killed dead for trying to/… Read full post »

earlydaysofporn1 Porn, any kind of porn, is good porn.  The pic my wife sends me is the even better porn. Nobody beats my wife when it comes to horny making of me!!!

I just wanted to write something good for my wife. She's my lover, my best lover, even those nigerian… Read full post »

On July 16th, 1971, in some hospital in Spokane Washington(HI HOLY FAMILY HOSPITAL!!!) a woman went into labor(HI MOM!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD AN ABORTION!!!! MY THIRD GRADE TEACHER TOLD ME THAT, AND RIGHT NOW, I AGREE!!!) and soon(OKAY, NOT SO SOON, BUT I WAS AN EASY BIRTH, NOT LIKE MYRead full post »

In a galaxy far, far away, in a time long ago, like 200something, a group was gathered who we will call Pre-Ops by the legendary Dick Tracy pretending to be Joan Walsh or Kerry or some leprechaun who was tired of being butt raped by chatters over at AOL.Com.

And this… Read full post »

UPDATE BEFORE THE ACTUAL REAL ARTICLE:Just to let everyone know, right now, money is on the way to lawyers --- I still have a house, well, maybe, we'll discover on Friday when someone shows up claiming they own my house, which will then mysteriously burn down!!!

Also, learned a lot over… Read full post »

If I don't have $22,000 to the Bank of America by Thursday July 15th, 2010, my house will go on the auction block by the sheriff's office.

Somehow, they haven't recieved a payment from me since 2008, which is strange because I just made a payment last month and since that… Read full post »

The other day, I was filled with something and something, not sure what, but someday I hope to find the cock sucker who programmed my life in God's huge super computer of life.

Oops, I mean, I'm so happy I could kill myself with an overdose of spray cheese in a… Read full post »



What a beautiful world, orange sky, blue grass, some guy named Vinny selling crack to the poor and rich alike while Mother Mary sings about The Revolution. What a day to be alive.

Take me home,

I want to seeRead full post »

Ah love, a wonderful thing, that can be the world one moment and then be your sucker punch the next. 

Your laughter of joy in a second, and the next your tears of pain.

True love, they say, is hard to find.

Whoever says that has never been online, where… Read full post »

It is another beautiful day, a Saturday, the day before the 4th of July, thirteen more days till the most important day in world history, the day Tink was born in 1971 to Ethel and Gary Czakawaski in a place called Spokane, Washington.

Or Duluth.

Or maybe it was Poland.

I… Read full post »

July 1st, 2010 --- 8:30 am, meeting will start IMMEDIATELY!!!  at this time. Please be at the office 15 minutes early to register.

The letter from the employment office read that I recieved two weeks before, along with a form I was told I NEEDED to fill out COMPLETELY before the… Read full post »

I remember around this time last year, I posted a couple of Happy 4th of July videos, showing the world how to melt a gate with 10,000 bottle rockets, rocketing off into space.

What a year makes changes!

Back then I was filled with hope and joy for my country, for… Read full post »