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July 16
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Smell my Paws! Does that smell like poo to you? Writer? No way! I'm a guy with a cat who knows my passwords and likes to blog!! What? Oops, I mean, I'm a cat who likes to blog. Smell my paws!!! French prostitutes? Only on Tuesdays!! Lets cuddle!!


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Oh for those of you following this sega of Ed and Glads, you know the story, but for those that don't, you can follow the entire thing from here.


OPERATION FREE GLADS ---- In this episode, Glads, our hot little Dakatarian refugee is still stuck in the refugee hostels,… Read full post »

As some of you may know, I may have found true love right here on Open(read the first letter here ----> TINK FINDS TRUE LOVE AND GRIF CAN'T HAVE ANY.....A KISSY KISSY STORY) Well, grif can probably have some of this, if he wants to, I have a feeling Glads is… Read full post »

MAY 28, 2010 12:25PM

Heroin Club ---

Here is where the world would die.


And where it all began, a tight little place, dark, mood lit for those who wished such thing, not to be seen much less be heard, somewhere on the edge, a place of madness on acid, dancing in a dreary rain that fell… Read full post »

Oh, true love, discovered sweetly in my private message inbox on Open.  You would think, if it was Spam, it would be in the spam folder, so it must be true, and those messages I get from the rest of you, are true spam, because they're in the spam folder, no… Read full post »

A few days of early rising lets the Master known only to the world as Tinkerer Tink turn on the television to watch some Fox News.

I tried to watch CNN and the others but they're weaklings, they're not even worth the trouble of FoxNews to devour them. Seriously.  Wake… Read full post »

OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!  I wasn't going to come on Open for a few days, was going to take a day or so off, maybe do a post to celebrate my love for my snookums(Sunday, we'll have been married 12 years!!  12 YEARS?!?!?!! Oh my gawd...oops, I mean, doesn't feel like its… Read full post »

I decided to sleep until I woke up today, it was a long stay in the world of dreams, where I had dreams of my ex-place of employment, it was a vision of my last day there, if I had been taking LSD for a migraine headache.

A strange trip indeed,… Read full post »

WARNING  -- The above graphic has NOTHING to do with the story written.  The story just came out. My apologies to my regular readers. If you want HAHA! Tink, then skip the story and go straight to the bottom for one of his crappy cartoons downsized by Open!Read full post »

Hi!!!!  Tonight/this morning, I tried to post some comments to some folks' wonderful articles, a few went through and then, none of them would.

I'm thinking I'm being profiled and tracked by the police.  UNFAIR!! CATS WILL BOYCOTT THE INTERNET!!!!! NO MORE COLLARS!! NO MORE LEASHES!!! FREERead full post »

Nanatehay inspired this post this wonderful morning, with his post entitled: HOW I WISH I COULD BE A SPAMMER TOO!

My one and only Editor's Pick was for an article inspired by nana too.  I hope to god, this is my second pick, as I worked very hard on it.  The… Read full post »

Earlier today, I was sitting on my couch, the one that sags in the middle, but is still a good couch, and I was watching a movie, something called 'Whip It' 

 I thought it was going to be a docu-drama about the greatest band to ever live, that being Devo, butRead full post »

Today I was walking down the street, doing a lap for God or more to the point, to get some exercise, 39 pounds and I'll be under 200. 

There was a fellow, we'll call him Pastor John. I don't know his real name, and as I walked by him, he… Read full post »

Ahhh, election time. If you're a lucky state, like Southern Indiana, you not only get your state's political hopefuls running ads, but the state next to you will be ran in your household too, long after you've already had your primary and were hoping for a couple of weeks of non-political… Read full post »

Cat escape Ahhh, I don't care what Kerry says, this is truely the world's best social community/nut house/bordello of love any place the world over. 

It's like the world's largest dysfunctional family I ever saw. Sides being drawn, quartered and deep fried in lard, just like daddy use to make… Read full post »


  Ah, sunset, a time to reflect on the end of the day, was it a good day?  Was there enough porn put into the brain to make the night night dreams that much more interesting?

Who knows? 

But this post isn't about sunsets, porn or… Read full post »

Oh I thought the spammers, those rascals of night time fun, had put me on their ignore list, like Ed I Tor had, but I shouldn't be so unlucky, as one popped up before I was ready to go to press(which is Tink Code for take a dump, hit the job… Read full post »

MAY 6, 2010 1:25AM

This crazy thing called life

Man, I've been on a roller coaster of emotions.  Last couple of months, I've been having bouts with depression after losing my job, the kind you write about in your journal but I don't, because well, I don't want to depress my 245 regular readers(130 of them will click on my… Read full post »



MANNY FARTES(The E is silent but deadly) 

Mom's passed out again Ahhh memories! Mom passed out in the hallway after a hard night out with Aunty Tina again, bingo till dawn with shots of tequila after every number call.

Mother's day is once again upon us.  Some… Read full post »

Some storms are moving through the area, one of them came in with a boom about ten hours earlier than the weatherman said it would.

Weatherlady is on vacation.

So for those of you into betting on the Kentucky Derby, it probably going to be a mudder.

No, no, not your… Read full post »

Just a few minutes ago, I looked over at the feed and seen Kerry had posted an article:


"Oh no!!!" I thought "The Galatic Mafia finally caught up with her and had her vaporized!! But Kerry will probably say she was ran over by an ox car!!!"

So I clicked… Read full post »

This post is written to and for the future dumbasses brilliant writers who shall stumble into this site as I once did, in the middle of the night, with a dream in their heart and lust in their something.

I remember my first days on here like it was only yesterday and not 1929, whe… Read full post »

(Tink had a bad hair cut --- stupid stylist!! Take her license away officer!!!)  

PFFFFFFFFFFT. Masturbating to the neighbor lady as she gardens nude, in the middle of the afternoon, it's a great day for that.  Nap time, after a hard work out and the resulting ex… Read full post »

Should you Ejaculate? Ahhh, the good life, sitting here naked in my house, drawing little cartoon characters, which we shall call, "Tink's School Dayz" and then getting really bored weeks later, maybe even months, and deciding to create a chat icon for the wife but instead, taking the drawn characters of a ty… Read full post »

pffffft It's 4:30 in the morning on the east coast, and I'm able to post, without the mop coming up on cue at 4am on any day, and lasting till 5am.

I don't know who to thank, as tonight, I went to bed before midnight, but as on cue, I woke up at… Read full post »

Mad catI remember a time, way back when in junior high school, where we were herded into the lunch room which doubled as the gym which also doubled as the place where we, the boys of West Junior High, watched the sex ed film from 1929 which described how soon, we would… Read full post »