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July 16
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Smell my Paws! Does that smell like poo to you? Writer? No way! I'm a guy with a cat who knows my passwords and likes to blog!! What? Oops, I mean, I'm a cat who likes to blog. Smell my paws!!! French prostitutes? Only on Tuesdays!! Lets cuddle!!


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None of us on this site will ever make it into Heaven, even those who "Believe" will be sent back with the instructions, "DO NOT BLOG ABOUT ANAL BLEACHING AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, WE'LL LET YOU IN TO SEE THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ!!!"

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Oh Kerry, where are you now?   Jacob Sugarman, I think you and the new Mod are just figments of my imagination, like that St. Elsewhere, only not as cool.

So there I was, reading some very old posts from the Archives of Open.Salon, trying to beat my meat to… Read full post »

The following post was originally posted at Our Salon.

You should go over there and read it as you can experience the wonderful artwork in all its goodness there, where as, here at Open, you gets it, but you don't GETS it!!!!


MAY 7, 2013 10:01AM



BEAR PONDERS - How r unicorns made?



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I know, most of my posts are about me, me, and more about me!

Well, today, I decided to post my favorite bloggers and why!!!!

Open has seen some awesome bloggers, most of them have left to become rock stars but a few stick around in case the economy turns around… Read full post »

(To those who viewed and commented on my earlier post from the day, I sorry, I decided to delete it and take my anger at Open into a new direction --- a repost from Word Press of one of my shitty poems!!!)

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Fiddle Faddle Dimple Dump,
Hex a drug, fuck a duck!

Headlines ripped from corpses' butts,
Lifeless eyes seeing out into hateful content,
Who are you?

I am me!

Fiddle, faddle, fickle dink,
Hemp a dress, finger fuck a monk!

"Are you crazy?'

Findle dump a dork, semper fi, Due or Dye!
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APRIL 26, 2013 2:21AM



I farted in the White House today.

Guess who got blamed?




Also, I may have piddled on the President's leg but he seemed to really like it, kept screaming something about drones and playing with me.  Least I think he said playing, I… Read full post »

When you live in a town that is mostly a high way and a liquor store twenty miles down said high way, you discover your thrill factor goes up with the mere mention of a trip into town.

This week, I got to stop in at a funeral vistation for a… Read full post »

After a long day of coverage of the 'capture of the suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing', there was finally a capture.

Cheers erupted from the crowds.

And for some reason, I sat there, shaking my head and wondering what the hell just happened.

When did this 'all day we must… Read full post »

The other night, I received an email in my account, ARE YOU LONELY? TRY MATCH.COM! 

Was I lonely?


Not really.

I felt pretty good.   Maybelle across the street wanted to know if I would come over and help her plant some flowers.

And we all know what… Read full post »

When you live in a town with no horses and a guy named Bubba is your closest neighbor(2.8 miles), going to the Walmart store is about as good as it gets when it comes to living life.

First off, as most of you know, Walmart is like the circus, freak show,… Read full post »

I sit here, a changed man, not better, not worst, just changed.

I see through the same eyes but I see differently, not sure why, I just do.

The mind keeps wandering, wanting to yell out loud, “I am alive you fool, use me!” but the words don’t come out right,… Read full post »


Porky, defender of the corn fields of Southern Indiana since his birth in 1998, went off to that great journey we all shall go some day, into the hand of God he went to get petted on this day.

He was surrounded by family and friends(Tigger, his adopted son, played aRead full post »

Very few people outside my circle of 'artistic' friends (READ - FELLOW MENTAL PATIENTS) know about my painting career.

I was featured in a Biography channel documentary called  THE LIFE OF THOMAS MORLING (Also little known fact, my real name is Thomas Morling!)

I know, I could watch th… Read full post »

APRIL 3, 2013 1:48AM

JOB AT SALON MEDIA: Culture Editor

Joan H.  known throughout the world as 'Do I know Republicans? DO I? I DO!!!' sent me a wall post over at Facebook!

"Hey Tink!! Here's a job for you!! All you have to do is move to New York City and kill people!! I think! I could be… Read full post »

Today, I was sitting here, thinking about stuff, over at Facebook, where I do my best thinking.

I was thinking, WHERE IS JACOB SUGARMAN? Who knows what the Shadow knows? And other thoughts that creep into my brain at 2:27 in the afternoon.

Apparently, Jake is still alive and well and… Read full post »

MARCH 28, 2013 11:01AM

If Martian Law happens tomorrow.....

What would you do?


Cause well, tomorrow never comes.

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 UPDATE: Yuyuyuyuyuy is dead, killed by the Spam Police, in cold blood!!! NO JUGS! NO PIECES!! NO JUGS!! NO PIECES!!! 




I have many heroes on here, so many, I've lost count. I think it may be up to twelve.

Few bloggers/writers/monkey spankers on here inspire me to write… Read full post »

I got picked up by a friend from Grammy's house.  

It was a good time, I needed the break and so did they, my sister in law(me hitting on her) and Grammy(me hitting on her...you know how I am! Yes, like you, I smack on their ass and call them… Read full post »

Me1Wandering aimlessly down the road of life, towards the horizon, eyes down, gazing the ground, searching for an answer, that may never come.

I keep moving, in hopes that I will not stumble, will not fall, if I do, I fear I shall not get up, will lie there in the… Read full post »

I have no idea but I must blog.

"Government? Ain't been a good un in seventy five years!!!"

I have no idea but I must blog.

"You ain't right in the head and here's why!"

I have no idea but I must blog.

"Shoelaces and why they're wrong: A ten part… Read full post »

MARCH 17, 2013 5:19PM

I'm in loves!!!!

With myself!!!!


~runs off stage, real tears in his eyes~

So happy!!! So very very happy to finally come out...

Wedding is in June...I'm going to wear white!!!!


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Ever been online, on a board, reading a topic, a post, a blog, watching a vlog, and hit the comment section and wonder, "Who has the time to figure it all out?"

Well now you do!

With this handy dandy guide you'll be right in the mix of things!

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I tried to flag myself but well, apparently, Open.Salon has a policy against that! THE COD SUCKERS!!!!


I went to bed, half past a monkey’s ass, quarter past his knees, warm in the knowledge that the world knew aim was  a cod sucking prostitute!!!

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