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July 16
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Smell my Paws! Does that smell like poo to you? Writer? No way! I'm a guy with a cat who knows my passwords and likes to blog!! What? Oops, I mean, I'm a cat who likes to blog. Smell my paws!!! French prostitutes? Only on Tuesdays!! Lets cuddle!!


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My dear friend, Michele Bachmann, Congressperson to the Stars, sent me an email.

Dear Jason, 

As a most cherished friend and an immensely loyal supporter, I'm writing you today to say THANK YOU for all you have done both for me and my campaigns. 

As a special thank you, I have prepared a
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Mad men dream of electronic sheep, dancers in cold rooms making up medicines for the war raging on inside their minds.

"Take your pills! We are watching you!" they say, smiles, braided hair, crisp white smocks, mocking us who now sit on the edge of our beds and color our legs… Read full post »

Every story has to have a good punch, mine don't.  


I apologize.


This is a tale that has no end, it just keeps going and going on my friend, some people started reading it, not knowing what it was, and they'll....well...close out and go to Google or something.Read full post »

It's either really late or I'm up too early.

Tried to fall asleep after writing a wonderful post I dedicated to our whatever Ed I Tor and Mod E Rator but decided it was too full of love, so I deleted it.

I know, sad!

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Prayers and good thoughts going out to those affected by the tornados in Oklahoma and other areas.  

When you think your life is rough, tough, whatever, something like this happens and you are shown, that every breath you take, every moment that you are alive, is precious.… Read full post »

1st posted @ OurSalon because well, I can.....http://oursalon.ning.com/profiles/blogs/random-cyberpunk-story-89-787-world-war-xxx-in-the-circus-which



We were drinking gasoline from dirty cups, cheap metal, found out on the desert floor, someplace USA, when the thought hit us.

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potential Terrorist connection

Note: According to Google Ads after viewing this, I could become a terrorist hunter, get a Master Degree in Anti-Terrorism!


Boost Your Career in Anti-Terrorism w/ a Degree. Learn frm ex-CIA, FBI! 

Woo! Learn frm ex-CIA, FBI!

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Bear likes to sit his butt down on a nice soft pillow and watch movies! What kind of movies?


Internet is filled with FREE MOVIES, FREE TV SHOWS, and butt sex!!!

Last night, I jumped on RETROVISION.TV (http://retrovision.tv/) where you can find some good stuff, full l… Read full post »

potential Terrorist connection 

WASHINGTON (AP) - Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday defended the Justice Department's secret examination of Associated Press

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Many moons ago, in a tiny village in North Dakota, I was introduced to FREE HINDI MOVIES ONLINE!!! by a woman named dlfksfklfgjklsdfg flkgldfsgkdfgdf! 

She said to me, "Would you like some wine to go with your candied figs?"

I nodded and she filled up my cup and then… Read full post »




Is it really already Monday, May 13th, 2013? 

Why is it time for frucking classes already? SWEET!


You know what the fuck is wrong with you, you have known for years.  

You're like me, mental, unstable, both… Read full post »


None of us on this site will ever make it into Heaven, even those who "Believe" will be sent back with the instructions, "DO NOT BLOG ABOUT ANAL BLEACHING AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, WE'LL LET YOU IN TO SEE THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ!!!"

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Oh Kerry, where are you now?   Jacob Sugarman, I think you and the new Mod are just figments of my imagination, like that St. Elsewhere, only not as cool.

So there I was, reading some very old posts from the Archives of Open.Salon, trying to beat my meat to… Read full post »

The following post was originally posted at Our Salon.

You should go over there and read it as you can experience the wonderful artwork in all its goodness there, where as, here at Open, you gets it, but you don't GETS it!!!!


MAY 7, 2013 10:01AM



BEAR PONDERS - How r unicorns made?



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I know, most of my posts are about me, me, and more about me!

Well, today, I decided to post my favorite bloggers and why!!!!

Open has seen some awesome bloggers, most of them have left to become rock stars but a few stick around in case the economy turns around… Read full post »

(To those who viewed and commented on my earlier post from the day, I sorry, I decided to delete it and take my anger at Open into a new direction --- a repost from Word Press of one of my shitty poems!!!)

Who is Alice? MY FRIEND I SMOKE POT WITH!!… Read full post »


Fiddle Faddle Dimple Dump,
Hex a drug, fuck a duck!

Headlines ripped from corpses' butts,
Lifeless eyes seeing out into hateful content,
Who are you?

I am me!

Fiddle, faddle, fickle dink,
Hemp a dress, finger fuck a monk!

"Are you crazy?'

Findle dump a dork, semper fi, Due or Dye!
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APRIL 26, 2013 2:21AM



I farted in the White House today.

Guess who got blamed?




Also, I may have piddled on the President's leg but he seemed to really like it, kept screaming something about drones and playing with me.  Least I think he said playing, I… Read full post »

When you live in a town that is mostly a high way and a liquor store twenty miles down said high way, you discover your thrill factor goes up with the mere mention of a trip into town.

This week, I got to stop in at a funeral vistation for a… Read full post »

After a long day of coverage of the 'capture of the suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing', there was finally a capture.

Cheers erupted from the crowds.

And for some reason, I sat there, shaking my head and wondering what the hell just happened.

When did this 'all day we must… Read full post »

The other night, I received an email in my account, ARE YOU LONELY? TRY MATCH.COM! 

Was I lonely?


Not really.

I felt pretty good.   Maybelle across the street wanted to know if I would come over and help her plant some flowers.

And we all know what… Read full post »

When you live in a town with no horses and a guy named Bubba is your closest neighbor(2.8 miles), going to the Walmart store is about as good as it gets when it comes to living life.

First off, as most of you know, Walmart is like the circus, freak show,… Read full post »

I sit here, a changed man, not better, not worst, just changed.

I see through the same eyes but I see differently, not sure why, I just do.

The mind keeps wandering, wanting to yell out loud, “I am alive you fool, use me!” but the words don’t come out right,… Read full post »


Porky, defender of the corn fields of Southern Indiana since his birth in 1998, went off to that great journey we all shall go some day, into the hand of God he went to get petted on this day.

He was surrounded by family and friends(Tigger, his adopted son, played aRead full post »