December 31
Rex Der Hause
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and you will stop. don't MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! let it grow This the faith my Father taught me - and my Father in LAW taght my mate. So let it be written. So let it be done.... otherwise..... Hurry along you don't want to be LATE Butt.. Buttt.. I"M not going anywhere.... and NEITHER are YOU oh....sillyme, NO , not late in the sense of your silly temporal sytem which doesn't even allow me to show my true age.. Late as in the LATE MR DENT I men LATE in it's TRUE sence, you know DEAD..... Bit of THREAT actually come to think of it..... silly things to use to try to control a warrior priest, so I forget sometimes that it actually works on some Humans

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What's all this I hear about PAYING the Iranians to fight ISIS?

I'm personally looking forward to watching the Brave ISIS warriors beheading Iranian Mullahs.

Anyone who would barter the possession of nuclear weapons with EITHER of these terrorist groups

is not just a fool,

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I will say this about that.... I don't know enough about what is REALLY going on to take a side in the Israeli GOVERNMENT vs the PALESTINIAN ( Organization?) ... lot of people killing each other playing who hit whoi first.... it needs to stop... not sure… Read full post »

 comment from:

.....I see a problem stemming from the variance found in the colloquial usage of the word "believe", not a contradiction.. or a statement... It varies from place/dialect to diale… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 28, 2015 3:00AM

Toujour gai.....


I can't believe there is anyone out there who IS "Gay" ( or Black) who hasn't seen ( and  totally understood) this :

I heard it (and "understood it...) when it first came out (I was ?5?


Commnents...? As a a fat old white guy, can&nb… Read full post »


In light of Marilyn Sands post on Last Posts....

And in Recognition that any post On OS could be your last....

 Anyone who wishes to discuss Science Vs Religion ( and how we've… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 24, 2015 1:59AM

Wearing the old body

….. I admit it. I've been hard on this body..... 65 years now, and just now able to assess what a real and literal pain is going to be the next 30 years . It's been a bitch getting to the stage of being 2/3 of the way there..... what… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 1, 2015 3:39PM

....Is there any OS management?

My basic problem is trying to be polite to people who simply show up and comment on a thread about which they have no understanding and do not wish to contribute, but rather to insert themselves and take over the discussion, (kidnapping it and holding it for ransom.....) Deleting them doesn't

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JANUARY 26, 2015 1:29PM


Pajama Boy is specifically Paul J. ( PJ... aka Pajama Boy) O'Rourke Our PJ O'Rourke as Opposed to THE PJ O'Rourke

OUrs woill henceforth br P'J"Boy O"Rourke in order to distinguish him from THE PJ ( Man) O'Rourke

PJBOY says I'm trying to say I KNOW PJ O"Rourke.../… Read full post »
JANUARY 25, 2015 7:13PM

Je Suis Pajama Boy

......As again, the OS Circle Jerk Gathers and ,,,, Jerks....

JANUARY 23, 2015 4:03PM

.... or it could have been cold outside

.... has anyone thought about the fact that cold balls"deflate" in an outside/cold environment vs indoors/warm?


just sayin..... Read full post »

JANUARY 23, 2015 8:50AM

The Next step in civil rights.......


Lest you task me with being racist, let me encourage you to read this.....


“Do I forgive Darren Wilson.”

“Babe, you were supposed to say yes.”

“I did.”

“Do you?”


Cal laughs and Brown clarifies.

“His actions, what he… Read full post »

JANUARY 18, 2015 8:56AM

Thoughts on keeping the sabbath.......


  I just came across this video after looking thriought the link at snorevilles post and pondering the points he makes....

unfortunaately, youtube no longer provides an embed code that works in the combination "OSplatfom/my home platform...

so rather than fool with it here's the url......… Read full post »

JANUARY 16, 2015 1:01PM

Death and the eater of flesh,,


Come to me child

that I may care for you

be not afraid..


I know the ways of y(our) body

it is grown for your experience of life.... and death


It is grown to nourish MY body

when time comes for you to leave it....


Til then… Read full post »

JANUARY 15, 2015 2:15PM

REpost: On the Logic of Small Boys


Alll the BS and "Debate" ( most of it involving Ak-47's and RPG..s)

( When it isn't Air Rifles vs M-16('s)( yeah, I know it was either an M-4 or an HK (mm of some sort... they didn't release that information..)

going on around here these days reminded… Read full post »

JANUARY 13, 2015 2:23AM

We Got You(r) Back!!!!!!!.....

Je Suis Charlie?

Does that translate into anything worthwhile in America anymore? With our Pajama Boy Warrior King?

.... I've been making my head hurt trying to make some sense out of this by translating it into Cajun French.... after reflecting on it in Quebecois French ..… Read full post »

JANUARY 12, 2015 7:37AM







.......and that.s about all that needs to be said about our current "Leadership"

of course I only point this out because Obama is BLACK

( I also suspect that Because Kosher and I disagree on THAT 

even though I w… Read full post »

JANUARY 11, 2015 6:46AM

Solstice....... A Precis

A lot of you are probably wondering why I still hang out here.......

The short answer is: I live under the bridge, and I feed on those who would block communication via that bridge. I'm a professional TROLLL

That's right, when people aren't pestering me to eat them (EatMe!… Read full post »

JANUARY 10, 2015 6:10PM

Winning dirty........

here's the way that works in it's basic form in a collegiate wrestling match....


Right off, grab you opponent and slam him to the mat.... 

you'll get a point deducted because that is a foul move... minus 1 point......1 point........ But

He'll be doisoriented .... then

You get a takedown… Read full post »

the house was built in 1826-and it is a cold one, the sort of old one.....
the colonies lived in after victory over Tecumseh's WAY of life, Liberty and pursuit......
I sit in it -roused by the dust of ghosts, in the cold ( thgis house is never warmm....
yet I say dusts… Read full post »

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JANUARY 8, 2015 3:32PM

Paris Jihadists give PC a Bad Name

........ and that's what leftists are worried about. ( not the deaths, but rather that people will have an epiphany and realize that such behavior is the ultimate result of playing the "YOU hurt MY feelings" card.... ( So I  am, not just JUSTIFIED in killing you, but ENTITLED to… Read full post »

I actually don't do any primary writing for consumption on OS- I haven't for a while now.

I'm not sure who does anymore

We all know what it's become, and we all have our favorite reasons why


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What or which is "Justice?"


If you would label ME as a "Racist" because I look for root causes, you will find that all that does is make it hard to take YOU seriously.

You are looking for a fight.
People like Panteleo (sp?)( Cops of his… Read full post »

DECEMBER 25, 2014 7:04AM

Fly the Friendly Skys.......

And Merry Christmas from the Airline Industry...... Read full post »

DECEMBER 13, 2014 10:20AM

Discussing "Racism"

Talking about the facts of racism may or may not be divisive, we will probably never know.

What is happening is NOT a discussion of racism, but rather a demand that one side do a huge and dramatic “Mea Culpa!, Mea Culpa, Mea maxima Culpa!” and make reparations… Read full post »