December 31
Rex Der Hause
Ministry of Truth
and you will stop. don't MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! let it grow This the faith my Father taught me - and my Father in LAW taght my mate. So let it be written. So let it be done.... otherwise..... Hurry along you don't want to be LATE Butt.. Buttt.. I"M not going anywhere.... and NEITHER are YOU oh....sillyme, NO , not late in the sense of your silly temporal sytem which doesn't even allow me to show my true age.. Late as in the LATE MR DENT I men LATE in it's TRUE sence, you know DEAD..... Bit of THREAT actually come to think of it..... silly things to use to try to control a warrior priest, so I forget sometimes that it actually works on some Humans


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APRIL 25, 2010 11:54AM


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Again thanks- i posted this after the comment I made in reply to your comment on Part II, so if you can arrange it read this as afterthought to both your comments- what strikes me is that you "got" the mathematical bent of these first two posts- I got the math out front primarily to prove that, yeah, I can do the math- I find other modes of thinking much more usefull these days- If you haven't yet, read Temple Grandin. again, thanks for your time and critique Looking forward to your next post ; ) ?