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and you will stop. don't MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! let it grow This the faith my Father taught me - and my Father in LAW taght my mate. So let it be written. So let it be done.... otherwise..... Hurry along you don't want to be LATE Butt.. Buttt.. I"M not going anywhere.... and NEITHER are YOU oh....sillyme, NO , not late in the sense of your silly temporal sytem which doesn't even allow me to show my true age.. Late as in the LATE MR DENT I men LATE in it's TRUE sence, you know DEAD..... Bit of THREAT actually come to think of it..... silly things to use to try to control a warrior priest, so I forget sometimes that it actually works on some Humans


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NOVEMBER 5, 2011 5:42PM

Hare Jitsu- WWBBD?

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Lezlie has a post called "I, Scorpio" to which, as a Scorpio, I relate

 It brings up the strange notion that Scorpios are inherently vengeful beings who never forget being "Wronged". I'm not sure where that impression comes from, exactly.

I started to write out my thoughts about Justice, self defense and being "wronged" and the actions available to you, without becoming a bad person, for redress. then I remembered I had already written that post.

 It did remind me that I haven't developed the notion of Hare Jitsu that I put forth in that post, so I will elaborate a bit now. Hare Jitsu is much like Judo, a martial art that I began the informal study of when I was 6.

Judo is a sport, developed by a gentleman named Jigaro Kano. "Judo" means literally "gentle"(pliant) "way". It emphasizes the superiority of balance to force as a fighting technique.

I still recall watching a movie of Jigaro Kano, then a wispy old man, dancing around huge opponents who attacked him. He, lightly touching them, sent them crashing to the mat.

The ideal of Judo, as I was taught it, is purely defensive. It depends on converting your opponents attacking energy to his defeat. It would be quite possible for two judo opponents to stare at each other for hours waiting for the other to make the first move. Indeed, I've watched Judo matches where the opponents circle each other for minutes and the first one to attack is instantly slammed to the mat. The lesson to be learned is not so much don't attack, as it's usually better not to. If nothing else, it leads to a civil society.

So what are your reasons for defense or redress in a civil society? Our society recognizes civil wrong in many guises, and provides civil and criminal remedies. Common law recognizes a right to self defense. The "code duello" recognizes the need to redress insult, libel, and dishonor as a matter of personal integrity (in the real sense of "keeping yourself together" - call it self esteem)

Christians are often enjoined to consider "What Would Jesus Do?' in situations that are ambiguous about what sort and type of wrong you perceive yourself to have suffered. This is not bad advice, per se- so long as one notes that there are times when you are not so much required to ask yourself "What Would Godzilla Do?" as "channel your inner Godzilla" in order to remain alive or unharmed.

The other observation is that "WWJD?" often leads to the notion that you must put up with unacceptable social behavior, either because you are "turning the other cheek" or you are not particularly bothered by it. My cat chews on my leg all the time, but if i let him do that, he also chews on his sisters. (his brother chews back) By extension, the first and last time he peed on my leg, he found himself gently floating through the air and coming up against the wall after i kicked him. i wasn't so much bothered personally as i wanted him to realize that He's allowed to think anything in the house is his (and he does) so long as he doesn't try to mark it as such. Makes for a much more pleasant smelling house. "Social Justice" as a concept isn't so much something that results in "damages"- it is that it is necessary for a society to practice Justice in order to have justice.

Personal enemies and wrongs that cause injury or damages require individual Justice, and are addressed by our civil and criminal court systems,. Justice is achieved one individual at a time.

"Social Justice' as a concept isn't so much a matter of law, as of how you live. lack of social justice allows the existence of  "Bullies".

"Bullies" are different from personal enemies, and cause harm to society itself. Bullies "bully" you because they perceive themselves to be superior to you, and able to exercise power over you, or coerce you in some way. Bullies can perceive themselves as superior for any number of reasons, ranging from size and strength to wealth, position of power, race or nationality, to education or "intelligence". Even to political or religious beliefs.

Often, Bullies are simply cogs in an impersonal and powerful private organization or government bureaucracy, puffed up with position, or harried with too much stress or responsibility for their capacity. Sometimes they are simply arrogant people. Dealing with bullies as a class is the true means of "Social Justice"- as in a "Just Society" - Once again it results from an individual decision to act, A "Just Society" and "Social Justice " are obtained one bully at a time.

So, the next time you are being bullied, or you witness someone or some group being bullied because of their position in society.   ( Perhaps a Muslim bullied over his race or religion, perhaps a T-partier having his patriotism or intelligence insulted ) Even if you are inclined to let pass something that really doesn't bother you.- Stop. take a deep breath. Think about your civic duty, and ask yourself......What Would Bugs Bunny Do?

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I truly believe we would live in a more Just, Civil and Pleasant society- certainly a more entertaining one.
So the next time I witness bullying, I'm supposed to pull out a carrot, munch on it loudly, and say "What's up, Doc?"

Even as a Jew I understand that Jesus didn't always turn the other cheek. If he had, he wouldn't have been crucified.

By the way, you should check out Aikido. Aikido is like judo but one step further: It's 100% defensive. You can't have an Aikido match because there are no attacks in aikido.

Actually, I basically agree with this.

Clever sometimes isn't as important as "unexpected" - not to say "off the Wall"


That actually is a pretty good way of injecting yourself into a situation. "What's Up Doc?" is more polite than "What the hell do you think you're doing?", and also less likely to get you immediately punched. Bugs Bunny was/is the champion at inserting himself into situations that may not be strictly part of "his Business" but involve a Bully picking on a "Little Guy"

What would happen if one person stood up to a bully and said "What's up Doc?" Bully would think he was crazy and leave him alone- What if two people stood up to a bully and said "What's up Doc?" Bully would probably think they was Gay, and both crazy. What if Three people stood up to a bully and said "What's up Doc?" What if we ALL stood up to Bullies wherever we saw them and said "What's up Doc?

Then it would be a MOVEMENT, and that's just what it is, the Alice's Restaurant Bug's Bunny Peace and Anti Bully movement. Just waiting for it to come around again on the guitar-----

(Unless you want to interpret WWBBD? as "What Would Brian Boitano Do?--which is a different cartoon and involves Blaming Canada)
WWJD for me = What Would Job Do?
Job is in some ways an estimable role model- but he isn't much fun. I've always thought that part of the point of life is to aggravate as many people as possible- makes them think. each must go her own path. May God guide you on yours- love your poetry.