Herr Rudolphus der Rude

Herr Rudolphus der Rude
December 24
Reindeer Breeder
Sancta's Workshop
Breed: Orange Fokker - Knows Reindeer (still) . Renowned creator of Flying Reindeer, Herr Rude bred the first illuminated Air Deer and holds numerous copyrights and patents. he is the originator of such popular sports as Error Hockey and Rat Hockey and Hare Jitsu Herr Rude also developed and claims all legal patent, trademark, and copy rights to: Flying Pigs (Error Hogs)(air hogs)(Ehre hogs) Flying Monkeys (Error Monkeys)(Error Monkeys)( Ehre Monkeys) Flying rabbits (Error Hare)(Air Hare) (Ehre hare) and all other "Erroneous" animals derived on his patterns and patents


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JANUARY 27, 2012 8:53AM

What Would Andy Do?

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Token: I sat here and read all about your smartness with computers and sighed. I wish I could be like that but if I can turn the computer on and off I'm good. I am lucky I have someone in the family that knows.:)
As for Andy Taylor you are so right. He would be sitting back laughing at Barney Fife who would have one.:)

I wish I had your sense of style and beauty- but then, not really- differences in our customizations of the basic Human OS are what make it so much fun to know other people- I don't want to BE you, but I appreciate the glimpses you give us so that I can ADMIRE you-