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NOVEMBER 8, 2012 10:29PM

Reply From a Frustrated White Male

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 This started as a reply to a post by Koshersalaami


Not to be argumentative, but as a white male who voted for the lesser of two evils ( Romney) I feel the need to let you know that I'm not particularly angry, just kind of resigned to what fools these mortals be.

As you know, I spent election day from 5:30 am to 9:45 pm being in charge of the voting at in a small Ohio precinct. Some observations:

I was one of 5 people overseeing the voting process in the precinct. I was the “Presiding Judge” ( You may refer to me as “Judge Rude” from now on) I professed to be a Republican, and since they needed a Republican presiding judge to balance a married couple ( The man, a full blooded Native American Democrat, the woman a German rural blonde republican) and a retired GM worker democrat, who had volunteered to be poll workers, I got the job. The 5th “person” present was a succession of 3 college girls of undetermined affiliation who showed up at 6:30. 11, and 4 to be sworn in as “Observers” who successively spent the day faced into a quiet corner reading and listening to their i-pods ( I couldn't call them out, because “theoretically” they were there to keep an eye on me.)

The only blatant “Voter Fraud” I saw occur was a mentally challenged individual, who was nonetheless registered to vote, who was shepherded in by a much younger man, perhaps his caretaker, perhaps just someone who saw an opportunity to vote twice. The “voter” signed the book, the “caretaker” requested a paper ballot, which, after I had asked and been answered that the “voter” wanted the “caretaker”s help, the care taker then proceeded to vote without consulting the “voter”. Not worth getting too excited about, since that is pretty much standard procedure for those who can access someone for whom they can fill out a request for an “absentee” ballot. Since the voting register showed the “voter” had already been sent an absentee ballot, the voting at the polling place was provisional- apparently the caretaker had missed taking the ballot from the “voter's” mail.

Anyway, a good time was had by all, and I and the native American Democrat watched each other secure the ballots and then rode over in my Toyota to drop them off at the board of elections. We pretty much found that what we basically agreed on was that we hated politicians, and that the courts in Fairborn and Greene County need to be brought under control. I invited him to join the little anarchist group I'm putting together among the social workers, mental health workers, teachers, and pastors in the county, to remind the courts, the police, AND the politicians that they work for us, and we don't pay them to harass us. But then, that really is a matter of Community, NOT government.

Now, as far as being AFRAID of “Blacks. Muslims, Latinos, Native Americans, Women ( well, I am a little skittish around my wife) I think that in most cases you are mistaking/ not understanding that the “motivation” is not FEAR, but frustration.

E.G. my wife is a Social Worker for the school board. Most of her/our church friends are teachers.

The same city that voted to re-elect Obama and Sherrod Brown, failed to pass a school levy by about the same margin. In fact, the citizens haven't passed a school levy in about ten years. This has lead to massive staff cuts. Teachers have an average of at least 2 classes of 35 students each. Depending on subject, some have 3. They have very little time to teach, and what they are required to teach is Social Justice Theory masquerading as History, “Science” masquerading as Civics ( Community ) ( dare I say “Religion?) and calculator manipulation masquerading as “Math”. Spelling? English? How dare you suggest we stifle their creativity by trying to force them to communicate in a coherent and comprehensible manner? Grades? You will crush their self -esteem and ruin your schools chance of any federal money if the little darlings receive anything less than A's and B's.

Add to that that “special needs” children ( read “disturbing/ disruptive behavior problems) have been “Mainstreamed” and any special aids they had last year were among those fired, and basically what you have is an environment of babysitting.

Now, who lost the jobs? Teachers. Aids. Janitorial staff. Bus Drivers. School counselors.

Who kept their jobs? School Board staff.  Teacher's Union Officials. Who got a raise? The superintendent of schools ( She just earned her Doctorate, don't you know). What do I know about it?

Well, they couldn't cut my wife, because she works under a federal grant. What they did do was cut all but one of the school counselors. ( The one who just happens to be married to one of the school principals, who happens to be the son of a school board member). So, basically, my wife is now the school guidance counselor 5 days a week for 3 of the schools. ( The other “Guidance counselor” has 2 schools).

So, my wife has (among many, many others) a little girl with serious mental health issues. ( Voices, hallucinations ) the school has been aware of the problem since she was in 2nd grade. She is now in 5th .

My wife ( 13 years of children's services in Columbus) has been attempting to help the child, the child likes my wife, wants to talk to her. The child's mother has forbidden anyone at the school to counsel her child. So, my wife is forbidden by law to intervene unless and until the child appears to be a danger to herself or others. (thoughts of suicide is a danger to herself, being alone, frightened and despondent is not)

“Mother” has an older daughter who went through much the same cycle. Mother is, of course, not terribly stable herself. Neither I nor my wife know what her personal history is, but she is a living example of why Margaret Sanger and Woodrow Wilson both supported the sterilization of the “under classes”

I won't tell you what race, religion, or economic class that mother is, my wife could give you like examples from Black, White, or Brown; Christian, Muslim, or haven't thought about it.

My frustration? “You People” keep telling “those people” that they have a right to have children with no responsibility to either the children or the community.

I am fortunate to belong to a community that believes in the teaching of Christ, not in terms of who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, but that what Christ taught was that we MAKE heaven or Hell for ourselves and our community right here on earth by the way we care for each other.

My church is actively recruiting people to a community that Strengthens Together ( Co Munes)

It truly hurts us to see people starving, hurting, in need. We WANT to help.

The problem is that in order to be helped, you must first understand that you NEED help.

My neighbor Mike knows he needs help. I know I need Help. My Wife knows she needs help.

The problem with the “families” that produce children in need?

The most common problem around my neck of the woods is people who don't NEED HELP, because they have RIGHTS to all of the things they want. ( The Feds tell them so)

Want to know what is really frustrating? That little girl's mother's vote counts the same as mine.

I love my cats, they are my children. I don't let them decide how to run the house.

( Parents shouldn't let kids run the house in any case- except supervised “running the house” is the only way they learn)

Here's MY biggest problem.

My Church and the responsible compassionate people of MY community can handle the people in our community who need help.

What we need is for the federal Government to quit taking our money and telling us what to do.

E.G want to know about “feeding people?” The methodist churches and other organizations run food banks. With food donations of prepared food from local restaurants ( that is not sold and must be disposed of – government agencies can't distribute such food, private organizations can) and donations of past expiration date food from groceries, we usually wind up having to throw some food away. Clothing? Several churches maintain free clothing stores. Housing? Churches open their premises. 30 people are living in our church since an election day fire in an apartment building.

I'd be happy to go on at length how this works for us. Glad to teach how.

This is small town Ohio. It works here.

Other place? Glad to send donations.

Cities? I've seen the same sorts of things work in Cincinnati and Columbus- what kills them is government regulation. I cazn't abide living in a city. If “Great Society”stuff works there, have at it.

I can't speak for any place but where I live. The “Great Society” doesn't work here. Community does.

Angry? Not at all.

Frustrated? You betcha

Updated: An Angry Black Guy Explains the Election


Me and this guy and Herman Cain are running in 2016

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Rude you surprise me you have always struck me as to smart a man to worry about who won the “election”. The Bush’s have been running this country since they gunned down the Kennedy's. Ask Reagan who got himself and his entire entourage all shot up not even two months into his first term by Seniors best friends son who happened to have never served a day in jail for shooting the president. Will your anarchist group be armed? Will you gun down politicians and police officers in the street? I don't think your angry enough to do what it takes to take your country back. But if you are count me in even though I despise Christianity. A Naked God hanging dead on a cross what could be more blasphemous? I know you’re an ex soldier do you read Veterans Today. If you don’t you should start:

A lot of us are angry enough to do just what its gonna take
This makes sense to me. Except for the bit about the woman and her children. I get confused over who told whom what concerning your God given right to have children.
Small town America provides most of the enlistees in our armed forces... why, because there are few opportunities for decent paying jobs in small towns. Look at the hometowns of those who've been killed in action and 85-90% of those poor souls come from places with populations less than 100,000. It's been true since the Civil War and so it continues... that alone is good reason for frustration and anger.
I admire your work at the polls. It's a genuine dedication to democratic principles.

But... Herr Rude (!), the truths you propound do not conform cosmetically to the politically correct, pretty picture... (?) !

that is so necessary today... to maintain the Big Lie............


I understand anger, I used to really enjoy ripping up idiots, but then I discovered that too many of them were relatives. Now, I believe in the wisdom of “Don't get mad, get Even” ( As in “Restore the Balance”) I believe in the practice of Hare Jitsu.

I know most of the cops around here and believe me, given the choice of having a shoot out with me versus listening to my endless legalizations, they'd rather be shot at.


What I'm getting at is that we seem to live in an era when people who don't have the resources, patience, or affection to raise a child, are the ones having children. Indeed, they seem to be being encouraged to. The reason they believe this is that they have been taught that they and their offspring do not have “Needs”, they have “Rights” . They “Don't Need Help” they DEMAND that they be given their “Rights”. It is an unfortunate if distasteful truism that, in the immortal words of Sherman when he was berated for killing Indian ( No, he didn't think of them as Native Americans- More on the line of “Red Savages” ) Children, “Nits make Lice”.

I.E. if you let the Indian kids grow up Indian, you just have to kill them when they're older and a lot harder to kill. This is the same “uncivilized” thought process that made the notion of drowning excess farm kittens a matter of fact part of life at one time.

To be blunt, this is one of the factors in my pro-choice political stance. I believe that human life begins at “Quickening” ( NOT conception) yet, in the case of a child who is destined to be raised by “unfit parents”,( I get to define what that means, of course) it is less cruel ( and easier on society) to allow post natal abortion up until, say the age of 18. ( Basically I'm pro-death, I believe both that abortion, at least up to quickening and perhaps for 18 years after, is none of my business, and also that there are instances where capital punishment is called for- but only after I've personally reviewed the case)

All that to say, If you have people who can't or won't care for their children, the sooner those children die, the sooner we won't have to put up with “people like that” Death is nature's way of saying that "Your Kind" have reproduced beyond your capacity to keep yourself and your posterity alive.

Unfortunately, in practice, I can't even drown kittens ( and I hate cats- we should NEVER have given them the vote)


It's a matter of lifestyle/choice in some ways. I've never met an Amish farmer who had too few children, or lacked for work for them to do. (Or food to feed them). Also, many small town kids join the military cause they believe in it. ( Hard to join these days without knowing you WILL fight. Hence farming out the Military to Mercenaries- ( Private “Security”) who kind of like the opportunity to visit exotic places and kill people.


“ if it wasn't for the Honor of the occasion, I'd rather have walked” - Mark Twain on being tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail....

Inverted Interobang

Your right, I need to hire some better PR people...

PS- just added the Angry Black Guy video
this sounds good..
"I am fortunate to belong to a community that believes in the teaching of Christ, not in terms of who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, but that what Christ taught was that we MAKE heaven or Hell for ourselves and our community right here on earth by the way we care for each other."

a now god. yessir! uh how tho?

"continual forgiveness of sins was christ's message" said
blake , whom i know you will like.