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NOVEMBER 13, 2012 4:38PM

President Biden or President Boner?

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The choice may well be up to the Senate, specifically Dianne Feinstien

The only question at this point is whether General Petraeus will be found a suicide, having fallen on his sword ( and shot himself 6 times in the back of the head.)

Follow where this is going on your own, if you will- you may have to check out Fox and the Drudge report BUT

The cut to the chase that will be discovered in Benghazigate is something like:

June/July FBI discovers Petraeus is having an affair, which leaves him open to blackmail.

FBI reports to Holder- June to at latest, September. ( He says September)

September 11th, Benghazi- Obama, Clinton, CIA, Military caught not just with their “Pants Down”, but engaged in a huge ClusterF***.

The “Emperor” has paid a great deal for his New Clothes, hopes to be able to retain his “wardrobe” intact.

The Emperor and his council decide that it would be much better for his image that it NOT be “discovered” that Al Queda, far from being “On it's heels”, has on it's “Air Jordans” and has totally punked his ass, and gone in for an easy slam dunk in Benghazi.

The person who will investigate how this occurred, this all just happens to be open to blackmail. It occurs to the Emperor or his council that if Petraeus would like to keep his affair quiet, it would be good for him to tell the senate the same thing that the Ambassador Rice and the rest of the administration is telling people like Wood's father. IE That Damn FILMMAKER!!! We're gonna get Justice and throw his butt in Jail!!!!


The only real question to be answered is whether Petraeus was overcome by remorse and decided to tell the truth, or whether the Emperor decided to throw him under the bus in hopes that the chase after the juicy details of the affair would draw people away from the real problem, which is what happened in Benghazi.

Somebody obviously forgot to tell Dianne Feinstein the plan, or forgot to be sure there was something in it for her. I doubt the Emperor counted on the a fellow Democrat calling him on the this.

BUT!!- In her mind it probably comes down to being old enough to remember Watergate.

And whether Joe Biden can be portrayed as being The Jerry Ford of his Generation and Party.

(IE believable as “not being in on it”, enough to keep from being impeached as well. )

So, believe it or not, I'd rather see President Biden than President Boner, ( For reasons that I may explain in comments if anyone is interested. )

This is just off the top of my head.



We're in for a long bumpy ride.

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You heard it here first.
Are you sure? I cannot find any news on it. If this really happened it is because Petraeus would not back down from telling the truth. It is what he said more than once. The alqaeda Taliban in Afghanistan was becoming more stronger than when they first got there because of their little hide out in Pakistan and the on and off again war with the seasonal war. I wrote a fifty page report on Afghanistan culture, economics, geography, and the war today for my Asian History Class and got an A+.
But I cannot find any news on Petraeus' death. It is a tragedy. He spoke the truth. Plus I am not to Judge that is left up to God. It sickens me when the media puts all of this personal stuff in the news paper. Woe be to those that judge harshly because God says that person who judges will be judged by the same meter as with they that judge. I just hope Petraeus' family overcomes all this with the least amount of pain even if this is even possible.
I meant to say * if this is even possible for them to overcome the pain.

I apologize, I did not mean for the "Falling on his sword and being shot six times in the back of the head" to be taken literally. As far as I know he is still alive, but as fantastic, improbable, and outrageous as this whole "saga" has become, I was expressing the meme of the Honorable Soldier who kills himself ( By "falling on his Sword- a Roman custom) rather than live dishonored. A military custom best exemplified in the popular mind as the Japanese Sepuku- "Hai-Kari"

The reference to dying by shooting himself 6 times in the back of the head ( with a rifle) is a nod to the "Urban Legend " of a Chicago gangster who a Chicago Coroner had ruled a "suicide" in such circumstances.

I'm mainly just dumbfounded at how brazenly this is being turned from the story of the death by terrorist attack of 4 Americans in Benghazi due to at the very least UTTER incompetence, if not downright depraved indifference to the deaths of American Military and Diplomatic personnel in furtherance of the President's agenda, into a sexy story of lust and adultery involving the only arguably republican in the executive branch.

I just see a very clear parallel with the way the Watergate Burglaries were dismissed as laughable conspiracies, which just became more and more fantastic until Nixon finally resigned.

My prediction is that Benghazi is going to be Obama's Watergate.
Bengazi was a "cluster fuck" but the fault lines can hardly be drawn to Obama... very thin ice for an impeachment proceeding, don't think the Republicans are stupid enough to try that twice and Dianne Feinstein isn't about to go out with that kind of deal as her legacy. Just thinking... R&R ;-)
I'm still trying to figure out who is going to be the first to crack, or die, and tell all. When you look at all the people who had to know what was going on somebody has to have some honor or is worried about the legacy.

Take Clinton. She may want to run for president. If she gets tied up in a bad way with all this then she is toast. If she resigns because she can't lie for the president anymore and throws his a$$ under the bus then when he resigns or is impeached then she can have Biden's slot to ride into the 2016 election.

Does the general want to go out remembered the way it's going? I don't really think so. I'm sure he wants to write books on being a war hero even if the left did call him Betray-us.

Just a question for everyone. Do you remember Secretary Ron Brown?

as with watergate, the problem isn't as much the "Problem" as the attempt to cover up. Would the democrats in congress honestly have the balls to cover for a president who, at least tacitly, patreaus says blackmailed him over knowledge of his affair, in order to get Patraeus tgo shut up about Benghazi?


Look for Petraeus to die in a plane crash before Friday- with a 9mm hole in the back of his head.
This is entirely nonsensical. Somebody is watching too much Fox News and reading too much Drudge, along with killing every brain cell it takes to know what impeachment requires.

Maybe you can draw up the impeachment charge. Crime: You blamed it on a video! Watergate! Watergate! Attica! Attica! Remember the Maine!!!!!

[sfx] slide whistle, dishes crashing.

If you're aren't on drugs, maybe you should be.

First off, I'm not really interested in getting sprayed with your fertile "enlightenment", so keep it in your pants or be gone, OK?

What did the President know and when did he Know it?

Was General Petraeus Blackmailed with the fact of his affair by the "administration?". If so, did it stop with Holder ? ( Slide whistle. dishes crashing) or was the President "in on the loop?"

Back this evening, Again, if you want to discuss it, PJ, keep it in your pants, I've watched you wave your dick around enough to last me several lifetimes.