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NOVEMBER 14, 2012 11:39AM

Consider this.......

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General Petraeus has said he will testify before Senate and House commitees in closed door sessions on Friday.

What happens should he tell the commitees that he was blackmailed by the administration into presenting his "party line blame it on the video" report on the Benghazi attack? 

Senator McCain (liberal Republican) and Dianne Feinstien ( Liberal Democrat) are pushing this in the Senate. 

Will the Democrats decide to throw the Chicago crowd under the bus in order to keep credibility- or are we in for another Watergate? 



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Like I wrote: Bengazi was a "cluster fuck" but the fault lines can hardly be drawn to Obama... very thin ice for an impeachment proceeding, don't think the Republicans are stupid enough to try that twice and Dianne Feinstein isn't about to go out with that kind of deal as her legacy. Just thinking... R&R ;-)

as with watergate, the problem isn't as much the "Problem" as the attempt to cover up. Would the democrats in congress honestly have the balls to cover for a president who, at least tacitly, patreaus says blackmailed him over knowledge of his affair, in order to get Patraeus tgo shut up about Benghazi?


Look for Petraeus to die in a plane crash before Friday- with a 9mm hole in the back of his hea