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and you will stop. don't MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! let it grow This the faith my Father taught me - and my Father in LAW taght my mate. So let it be written. So let it be done.... otherwise..... Hurry along you don't want to be LATE Butt.. Buttt.. I"M not going anywhere.... and NEITHER are YOU oh....sillyme, NO , not late in the sense of your silly temporal sytem which doesn't even allow me to show my true age.. Late as in the LATE MR DENT I men LATE in it's TRUE sence, you know DEAD..... Bit of THREAT actually come to think of it..... silly things to use to try to control a warrior priest, so I forget sometimes that it actually works on some Humans


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NOVEMBER 15, 2012 5:21AM

Southern Strategy, Redux

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I was asked , what could Obama possibly gain by setting up the Benghazi attack and the "coverup"- Whatcould possibly his motive?

He didn't set it up. It caught him totally pants down  Whether Hillary set it up is another question- now that the problem of Old White Guys has been settled, Obama can be discovered to be "Not Authentically Black" and Incredibly Incompetent and we can go back to trusting the Feminist wing of the Dem Party, with President Biden "Gracefully" bowing out of the 2016 election, and allowing Hillary "her " turn.

Anyway- The point is that Obama is like the school yard bully who has his "Gang" do the actual fighting. ( Except for that not so secret mission when he sneaked in with the seal team and personally killed bin laden) He has no idea about the dynamics of a fight. He thinks he has the "respect" of the Arabs because he rolls over and presents a throat( Not his, of course)  ( He KNOWS that it's "just for show", cause all his politically appointed Generals tell him how powerful he is) He truly is dumbfounded when they actually rip out the presented throat. Well, shoot, it wasn't like it actually killed anyone important- the important thing is to not let the attack be perceived as a weakness, or an indication of the actual strength of Al Queada- at least until after the elections. ( Which are the only thing that matter to him)

So, gosh, it is too bad that we're listening to these guys dying in real time, and we could send in a gunship in about an hour - but that would just enlarge the incident. I got  a Big Day campaigning in Vegas tomorrow, tell everyone it was a "Flash Mob" pissed off about a video. Yeah, Petraeus knows better, but now would be a good time to let him know that we know about his affair with his biographer.

Motive? no "motive" at all ( unless Hillary had something to do with it- she and Bill are pretty good at that game, too)

It's a pure case of "cover my ass " with whatever is available ( General Petreaeus, Susan Rice, The CIA, the FBI, the Military)

Like the guy in ZoNation says, the day of the Doughy old White guys is over. The fight now is between The Fems and the Ethnic. Joe Biden is just another doughy old white guy. (And Obama will be found to be a classic suburban Oreo who never knew what it meant to grow up black, in sharp contrast to the FIRST "black" President, Lyndon Johnson -er Bill Clinton. ( Which one of them was it said " I'll have those n***** voting Democratic for the next 100 years? smart man. )

Seriously, at the VERY BEST Benghazi is indicative of incredible incompetence. But so far, the Buck never stops with Obama. (Teflon Presidency, anyone?) So tell me, is Bush did it, Right? ? or is it Hillary? ( And her old buddy Dianne Feinstein)

I'm not trying to be offensive, but you are old enough to remember Watergate, and I'm old enough to have voted for Nixon in one of the greatest "Landslide" presidential elections of all time. This 2012 election was just barely by a majority, and a majority voted to keep a Republican house. The Dems may have the senate, but they are STILL deeply divided over Obamites and Hillarycrats. Guess who holds THAT "majority"?

And right now I can tell you, there are a lot of doughy old southern white guys who are wishing that THEY' had voted for Hillary Clinton. I sure wish I had- no, wait, I did. ( Does the Primary count? cause after that in 2008 I was stupid enough to vote against John McCain) 

So, 2016- Do the Catholic Latinos and Baptist Blacks vote for the Immoral Doughy Old White Lady or the Dynamic young and Moral Catholic Latino, Marco Rubio? 


Vote like your Lady Parts depend on it- in 2016, they WILL

Malcom X on "the Southern Strategy"


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"Vote like your Lady Parts depend on it"- 2016- Because by then, they actually WILL.
[r] I match you in anger if not in all dimensions of ideology, Rudy.

blind Identity politics got Obama back in. Women and Latinos put on blinders about the ruthless betrayal of everyone and clung to the bullshit rhetoric.

I have no idea what the future of the Dem or Repub parties is. May they both rot in hell.

I have as much contempt if not more for Hillary Clinton than Obama who is every bit the amoral gamesperson as Obama. She and Petraeus and their dark plans for Iran.

I remember when Petraeus said something honest about Israel and the global trouble it made for everyone and he couldn't walk it back fast enough for the sake of his political survival. Hillary keeps her servile stance to Israel.

What feminist wing? The three harpies of Susan Rice, Hillary and what's her name, that third woman I once thought was impressive and turned into a neolib hawk, Samantha Powers. Blecccch.

I am out of the loop re the Dems, I am afraid, Rudy.

If you are talking Green Party Jill Stein humanism, I can talk that talk. Feinstein, Wasserman (who was so stupid she didn't even know about obama's kill list), McCaskill ... our pols are trying to do all the bullshitting they can now to get the citizens whom they betrayed by giving away $16 trillion tax dollars to the banksters and the fraudsters but whom they want to coax us now into more austerity slashing our entitlements while talking up modest taxes on the rich. All the time enjoying their Gucci shoes and Tiffany jewelry and for them and their families lifetime primo healthcare.

And we as citizens should simply eat shit and smile? Well, we actually did by voting like good little lemmings this recent election. We gave up our leverage to strike fear into either party by not endorsing and enabling third parties working for us.

What a stupid citizenry! conscience-less and stupid!

best, libby
I think you are as much a Dem as I am a Repug

I'm starting the "Long Island Iced T-Party"

The slogan is "CHILL"

The Platform is mostly "mind your own business, but remember that your business will be required to put more into the community than it takes out" The theory is that the ONLY "Fair Trade" is one that benefits ALL parties to a "deal"

The "encouraging" part of this election is the number of state issues that re-asserted the "Mind your own business" part.

IE. Abortion is none of the states business.
Drug use doesn't become the states business until you endanger someone else ( eg- DUI )
Who or what you chose to have sex with is no-one else's business . Tax and Social advantages sanctioned by the state will be either open to any couple, or preferably not provided to ANY couple.
Taxes will be flat rate and based not on Income, but on a percentage of your wealth. No Exemptions.
No more Food stamps. Organized food distribution
No more Mortgage exemption. Free basic public housing.

The federal government returns to it's role of protecting our borders and dealing with ACTUAL "Interstate COMMERCE (ie actual TRADE- not "intellectual possibility of trade")

In that regard, the Federal Government Closes the Borders and when they ARE closed, grants AMNESTY ( NOT Citizenship- that must be Earned) to all illegals in the country.

The question of "corporate" personhood" will be revisited on a state by state basis, with an emphasis on the distinctions between the rights of a Human "citizen" and the "rights" of a corporate one.

The problem that I see that will be most delicate between us will be of "Global Warming", because quite frankly, I see cap and trade as another market scam to make people like Al Gore even richer.

I whole heartedly agree with conservation and recycling, and making sure that industrial sites don't poison the environment. Where we have room for discussion is whether CO2 is a "Pollutant" or just a way of bankrupting the coal industry to the benefit of speculators.

The way I see it, the only way to prevent Obamney et alia from taking over and doing just what you predict, is to organize NOW for a party that will embrace the concerns of BOTH the T-Party AND OWS

Citizens of conscience must work together to take back the electorate from the citizens of "self-interest".

PS I'm trying to get this guy to run......
Rubio might survive the primaries to become the candidate and if the dirty money crowd figures out that poorly written lies in the mask of TV advertising doesn't get anybody elected to anything the Republican candidate in 2016 might have a chance of winning. If it's Hillary and like you I expect it will be, there will be little resistance to her inevitability and no money for any other Dem. She will take into her campaign the entirety of the Obama machine and that ground game is an enormous advantage in critical battleground states. Barring any massive economic collapse or disasterous military adventures in Obama's second term, if she chooses to run in 2016, the presidency is hers.
immensely incendiary stuff, which as u know i love.
haw. i gotta disagree about joey biden being doughy.
hillary, yeah. ok. the end of the WHITE MAN.
good, about time. except we white guys are not all old or doughy
and some of us got that esprit you get when u out and among
with the colored boys. I mean, men of , uh, darker pigmentation
cuzza their ancestors' proclivity to live in zones
that produce natural protection from the sun,
is what i mean.

they all seem to be a decent buncha guys and , of course, gals.

what i love about em is they dont hold my pasty white german/
english skin against me!

At this point, a massive economic collapse is looking pretty likely. And the disasterous military adventures are unraveling right now. What better way for the Hillarycrats to "Flush it All" and start with a "Clean Bowl" than to discover that they are Shocked! Shocked! by the perfidy of this Not Not Truly Black Imposter and his Chicago thug cohorts? The Tidy Bowl man is even now launching a fleet of small boats to "Keep the Waters Blue!" ( And Southern )


it just keeps getting better and better