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JANUARY 19, 2013 1:00PM

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

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So we woke up this morning with two problems.

The Internet was out

The Furnace was out

My wife was on her way to a social work seminar of some sort and needed the Internet to get directions

She kindly didn't wake me up, but grew increasingly irritated with her attempts to get Internet access first on her school Mac school Laptop, then on her ( the one I stole) Linux laptop, then finally on my linux desktop. She finally woke me up when she got desperate about the time she had to get there.

The wireless router was unplugged.

mapquest a route.

write down the Left - Right turns to arrive there.

By the way, it's 50 degrees in the house, the furnace won't come on



30 year old furnace in a 150 year old house.

Me with chronic anemia, heart palpitations and a broken hip replacement.

Short of breath after walking 30 feet.

Call the HVAC people, right?

Minimum $200 bucks.


At least lets figure out what's wrong

Reset the furnace circuit breaker- check

turn off the thermostat- check

Now comes the good part


Hobble out to the cellar door access, lift the 75 lb door, hobble down the steps

sit by the furnace and catch my breath

turn off the power at the furnace

change furnace filter


Hobble back up the stairs and set the thermostat to give heat

sit down and pant

answer phone call from wife

she's lost

I attempt to give directions in terms of spatial conception of the roads and north, south east west

she needs Left right turns and landmarks

I google where she is going

use street level views to describe to her landmarks and left right and in between turns

she arrives.


I take a percocet (available to me only because I have a hip that is roughly like stabbing myself with an icepick every time I flex it)

I hobble outside and back down the steps to the furnace.

I turn on the power

The furnace begins it's heat cycle

The ignitor starts to glow- check

the ignitor heat sensor kicks open the gas valve- check

the burner lights, flames are blue, symmetrical, and travel the length of the burner-check

flame sensor heats up - gas valve remains “locks” open, igniter goes off - check

High temperature limit switch in combustion chamber kicks on the blower fan -check

Furnace burns evenly, correctly for about 5 minutes- then shuts down.

not good

Turn off power to furnace

Turn power back on

Ignition cycle starts again

Burner lights- and goes off.

Turn off power to furnace

Climb back up stairs and go inside

Practice deep breathing

Take another percocet ( I'm allowed 2 at a time, as needed- I felt it was needed)

The Furnace is a Central Environmental Systems (Sears Roebuck) PBKM-LD16N12OE

I call the local HVAC store

$89 for the service call- ( which is a bargain, believe me)

My sense of the way things work tells me that what is happening is that the High Temperature limit switch, which controls the fan and monitors the temperature of the heat exchanger, is kicking out, shutting down the furnace.

This could be because :

1) The sensor is 30 years old and has failed

2) The heat exchanger actually is overheating,leading to a meltdown and a furnace fire.

I speak to a technician - he can't guarantee what it will cost naturally, and can't get out until tomorrow-if I'm willing to pay double time for a Sunday call. He warns me that such a situation is very dangerous, and that he would have to “Red Line” ( shut off) my gas service (leaving me without a cooking stove as well) until it is corrected. He warns me that it is against the law to disable safety devices on a furnace and I could face fines and imprisonment if I were to say, simply wire around the high temperature limit switch.

I thank him and hang up

I just went down to the cellar and “hot Wired” the high Temp limit switch

Just got back up and finished my “blow” break


The furnace is running, the house is warm.

The percocet has kicked in

When I get a little more energy, I'll go down in the basement and take the switch out and go to the hardware and buy a replacement.

Meanwhile, I'll just sit here and wait for the cops to show up to arrest me for furnace tampering

Isn't common sense government wonderful?

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It's a couple of hours later as I read this. How did you make out? Did your hardware store have the part you needed? I'd be surprised if they did. You may need to go to a plumbing & heating supply outlet; I did when that happened to me. Be sure to take the old one with you so you can make certain the new one matches it. It's a long time until Monday when the store opens again. I found that out too.

NOTE: Furnaces always break down on a Friday. It's Murphy's Furnace Law or something.....