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and you will stop. don't MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! let it grow This the faith my Father taught me - and my Father in LAW taght my mate. So let it be written. So let it be done.... otherwise..... Hurry along you don't want to be LATE Butt.. Buttt.. I"M not going anywhere.... and NEITHER are YOU oh....sillyme, NO , not late in the sense of your silly temporal sytem which doesn't even allow me to show my true age.. Late as in the LATE MR DENT I men LATE in it's TRUE sence, you know DEAD..... Bit of THREAT actually come to think of it..... silly things to use to try to control a warrior priest, so I forget sometimes that it actually works on some Humans


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FEBRUARY 1, 2013 12:59PM

Sudden Death Over Time

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Actually, I'm just waiting for the Bus. Or Godot. Or perhaps Godot driving the bus.

Maybe he'll let me drive.

It's interesting the blossoming of really profound and stimulating posts I would have missed had i had my hip re-replaced on Wednesday, as scheduled.

It leaves me with an unscheduled time to think.

But also a great deal of fallout from NOT having the surgery

Not the least of which is a hip joint that makes farting and creaking noises

and hurts like stabbing myself with an icepick, whenever I move it.

There is also a certain amount of relief.

I knew on checking into the hospital, the night before the surgery

That I wouldn't survive the operation.


Que Sera, Sera


I've had a foot in both worlds since at least last summer.

What turned out to be heart trouble that my then doctor, since replaced, said was my imagination

Brought on by the fact of my father having had the same heritable condition.

Time has lost a great deal of its sequentiality

It has always been just “NOW” - I would say since last summer,

but since its always BEEN “now”

who really knows.


It's NOW now.

“Native Time”

pure experience.

subjective mensuration.

Warrior Time


It has brought into focus a meme of mine

Lawyers and Warriors

Lawyers are those who live primarily in the Mind, whose existence consists of clock ticks of Realty, symbolic properties and values of all experience, measured, stored, to be traded with others. The universe is logically and rationally limited and ordered. Symbolic manipulation through language and other media are the basis of civilization and objectivity. Everything is an Object. Everything is Dead. ( unchanging) The Will overcomes the inertia and allows “Life”

Warriors are those who live in the Spirit. In the moment. In the NOW. The Spiritual Self is the accretion of experiential learning. The universe is magic, created anew each instant, refreshed from archetypal patterns with roots in the collective subconscious. All life is personal, all perception is part of self. It is the basis of self and self awareness, the feeling of an individual existence. It is subjective. All things are alive, if only through your awareness of them. Accretions of repetitive pattern give rise to the state of “no-Mind”, being without thinking. One is moved “by the will of GOD” ( for practical discussion, call it the accreted habits of your lifetime. )

So, here am I in the NOW.

The observation I wished to make is about the difficulty of communication between those who live in the mind, and those who live in the spirit.

I lean toward the warrior mode by nature

But I understand most Lawyer talk.

I understand how difficult it is for the western mind to wrap itself around the lifestyle and reality of those “on Native Time”

Mind is full of Deadlines.

Schedules must be met

Appointments must be kept.



To which the Native Warrior Spirit replies:


I am here, I am now, I am experiencing.

I do not wish to participate in YOUR world-

If you wish, I will share mine- but not for you to remake it.

The life of Mind is a game- a game with rules.

Played with deadlines that must be met.

Winners and Losers

A key thing that Lawyers learn is the value of running out the clock.

The idea is that in the contest for power over a collective “good”( what mind has it in mind to acquire)

Taking possession by symbolic logic and word manipulation, and then holding it not by winning, but by stalling to prevent losing.


The life of Spirit is feelings and experience. Words are not the reality of life. Words are not vehicles of manipulation and power over others. Life is shared experience. Words are simply a very poor way to attempt to share experience. Life is not a game. Life IS. you do not “win” you do not “lose”, you experience ( Little big man's grandfather's death song”thank you for all my victories, thank you for all my defeats”) Experience is the only thing from life that you can keep from incarnation to incarnation, and the way you keep that experience together and coherent is Integrity. Living in such a manner that there is nothing in your experience that causes you to feel shame or guilt or fear such that you cast that experience off as “not part of my self”


How different the two worlds.

The world of the mind where all is “property and value, lived within a time limit,

No ultimate goal, no ultimate reason for being except to assert your self, to WIN.

Ultimately, to win at any cost to your integrity

to your sense of who you are

of what is your worth.


The world of Spirit, the ultimate integrity of life as one in the eternal NOW


Death and Dishonor.

Life and Integrity

The one Reality itself. The other a fleeting illusion.


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Excellent ruminations.
I could sure use some of whatever it is that you're smoking!

I know about the fibrillations from atrial fibrillation but I can't imagine what surgery can do for that. Maybe yours is a different fibrillation. Or are you getting a pacemaker?

Best to ya, dude. Don't croak on us. I've got lots more bites all ready for your ankles......;-)
Yeah, let's get down to the most important detail:

What makes you think you're not surviving a hip operation? What else is going on here?

And, in the event anything happens to you, either temporary or (God forbid) permanent, will any of us have a way of finding out?

OK, now on to the post:

I know you've labeled your dichotomy Warrior/Lawyer. If that's the easiest way for you to conceptualize it, fine, though that dichotomy isn't going to resonate with everyone. There's a certain amount of Eastern/Western going on here. Actually, from what I understand of it, maybe another way of putting it is Artist/Bureaucrat. The thing is, what it's mainly about for you is rules vs. principles. As a principled man, the necessity for rules offends you. Rules seem cumbersome, obvious, intrusive, inflexible, unrealistic, arbitrary.

But here's the thing: While all of that is true, what it doesn't take into account is how to deal on the level of really large populations with unprincipled men. I know on a micro level it's pretty simple: take these guys behind the woodshed and teach them some principles. I wish we could simply apply a process like that everywhere but we can't, in part because there are unprincipled men in positions of power and in part because what constitutes a principled man changes over time. As a prime example: It wasn't always obvious to principled men that bigotry was a violation of those principles. It was, of course.

Though being an artist in this respect isn't my normal inclination, not that I love rules but I do understand that perspective coming from a Talmudic tradition (which also has a very, very principled side), I do understand and share elements of this impatience. After all, law is an attempted reflection of justice, which means justice should be the ultimate value.
I'm kind of interested in your health, too. Hope you'll be able to keep creaking along for a while.

It's weird how we have to live in "lawyer" mode to get through some parts of our lives, but when I'm alone I take off the watch and go to "warrior." Living in the now.
My Dad once told me, "When you realize success and failure for the illusions that they are, then you are a man."

Athough your words are noble, deep, and my comment here not worthy to be found beside them, nor even below them, it is your words, ultimately, that moved me to write this comment.

First, I wish you luck on your operation.

Second, your post, and your character, which shines through, reminds me of the old James Cagney gangster movie from 1938; "Angels With Dirty Faces".

Briefly, for those who have not seen this movie, which has been described as 'the gangster movie of Roosevelt's New Deal', the plot is this:

Rocky [James Cagney] and Jerry [Pat O'Brien] are childhood friends, best friends, tough kids from the wrong side of the tracks.

One day, a turn of fate sends them down two very different paths in life: Cagney's character stays a thug, but O'Brien's character becomes a priest.

Fast forward a few years; the kids are now men. O'Brien's character, Father Jerry Connolly, now devotes his time and love to saving the wayward kids of his old neighborhood; 1930's Hell's Kitchen. Cagney, still a thug, gets convicted of murder and is facing the electric chair.

The twist is that Cagney now has a following: the little tough guy kids in their old neighborhood [the Dead End Kids] know all about Rocky [the Cagney character] and not only admire him and worship the ground he walks on, but, also, aspire to be like him.

To break this cycle, Father Connolly asks Rocky to set his ego aside and do the unimaginable, which is, to die a coward in the eyes of the kids who worship him.

The last third of this masterpiece focuses on the morality of Rocky's pride [dying fearless] vs. doing the right thing [sacrificing one's self for the sake of the Greater Good].

The movie ends with an unforgettable and powerful ambiguity that leaves the viewer looking inward as very few movies ever have, and so, raises the the most important questions we can ask ourselves, questions, as Bob Dylan would say, that are 'eternal'.

I don't believe myself, my spirit, nearly as noble as yours, Herr Rudy, but I sure am lucky to have folks like you to read and help me understand.

Thank you.
I liked this piece. BRAVO....stented I am from 2009 heart attacky. my days are numbered as well. re sudden death, ever hear of the Japansese term POKKURI? look it up on google and Roger Ebert knows about it now and told me he likes the concept too. google "pokkuri" and "dan bloom" together to see my essay on the pros and cons of POKKURI, which in Japan, where i lived for 5 years, means SUDDEN DEATH.... if any chat, let me know at danbloom AT gmail
every day has been an unexpected bonus for over 40 yrs.....for doing what....i don't know....
relax and enjoy......what happens......happens...
get well....
For a very important clear analysis of why and how Obama is destroying the democracy of the USA and the long history of its occurrence see
[r] Rudy, have to come back and ponder further but appreciate your sensibility and I am concerned about your health!!!

Your thoughtful spiritual exploration triggered some thoughts for me and make me think of some readings from Eckhart Tolle who wrote The Power of Now and The New Earth iirc. He writes about the power of "transcending EGO". I once heard that E-G-O stands for "E-dging G-od (Higher Power) O-ut". When your mind/ego presumes to be GOD. Humility helps and often comes along as soon as EGO starts to expand too much. Though it seems many can keep on letting it expand, tragically, and it keeps unhealthily ballooning.

Tolle told an interviewer for the Guardian:

"Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now," Tolle says, chuckling. "And that's a revelation for some people: to realise that your life is only ever now."

This is what he says about death (more transcendance).

'Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to "die before you die" - and find that there is no death.'

I also love this quote from one of the 4 Quartets (Little Gidding) by T.S. Eliot:

"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time."

Best, libby

again, thanks


I keep tryin to share it with ya........
No false drugs for me
I'm high on the REEL things of life
Powerful gasoline
A clean windshield
and a Shoeshine!

I'm not planning on croaking any time soon
just not really having much luck PLANNING anything these days

Who writes this stuff, anyway?


As I said to Sky- not planning on croaking just yet
Just kind of a Deja Vu- that was ( anti) climaxed by my cardiologist not giving me clearance.
My mother had what is known in the hills as the “Sight”
She had a really scary way of knowing things she couldn't know
Unfortunately, in the small towns of Ohio, the “sight” is often called “Nuts”
One of the reasons kids gave me a wide berth when I was growing up was my reaction to the use of that term in reference to my mother. By the time I was in High school, I really didn't think anyone knew about her, at least no one mentioned her condition around me.
But, suffice to say, I learned a lesson about “rational” people and knowing things you “can't” know.

It just wasn't time- ( There's sort of continuity jump- like watching a movie, and in the middle of the dialogue, a watch suddenly appears on an actor's wrist) Gonna have to catch a later bus.

No reason to die from the surgery, it's going into surgery with anemia that would raise the chances of the anaesthesia killing me.

As to the other, if you think about it, you know my name and where I live.

In regard to the post:

The dichotomy is highlighted with many different pairs, each slightly different
Persig ( Zen and the Art of Motorcycle miantenance) refers to it as Classic vs Romantic
His point is “Quality”

( as is mine in : )
As you know, I play with Lawyer/Warrior

Actually, with some exceptions, I usually prefer the company of Lawyers these days.
It's kind of scary to find how many of the “warriors” are ready to go on the “warpath”
I can talk to Lawyers about stuff like Rights and Obama's overreach and simply be thought crazy or amusing. Fun to bat the notions around.

The problem of talking about such things with “warriors” these days is that they know I'm “Right” , and I really don't want to find myself in the middle of ( much less at the head of) a raiding party going off looking for “Collectivist” scalps.

Where you aren't quite “getting” what I'm driving at, perhaps yet, is that I heartily approve of Rules and Laws, in a way that only a converted savage can understand. Guidance by “Spirit” is the essence of Life, but Guidance by Law is the essence of civilization. I LIKE civilization. I'm acutely aware that unless the nasty old socialized health care system gives me a hip replacement pretty soon, my heart is likely to give out just from shear aggravation. I don't just LIKE civilization I NEED civilization.

I just won't stand for the FORCED civilization of the collective, especially when I have finally realized the perfection embodied in the plan for Justice for EACH. laid out by the constitution.

It isn't about the rules.
It's about playing by the rules.
And the penalties for NOT playing by the rules.
It is not ok to Ignore the rules and it is not ok to make up rules as you go along.

I don't advocate the “Supremacy” of either Lawyer or Warrior
I try to point out that the true REASON of the Free WILL of the Founding Fathers REQUIRES both.

Thus :
Ethics is generally taken as the rules governing the application of Law by coercion ( Enforcement) and to be the standard for law enforcement
Morality is generally taken as principles of civilized behavior- hence not “Enforceable” but only something that can be “encouraged” by clergy.

I would say rather that Morality is derived from the intuitive experiential feelings of “what is Just.”
Whereas Ethics is the constraint of logical argument in consideration of what is Legal.

So, when administering Law, the true guidance of a Lawyer must always be Morality,while a Warrior, when tempted to “administer his own Justice” must always consider the Ethics.

Thus, precedent for immoral violation of the Constitution by an opponent in no way justifies anyone else's violation of the Constitution. All should be very aware on the other hand , that Ethics DO provide for forceful disobedience to unjust law enforcement.

I would say that it is time for everyone to review and reaffirm the need for both moral Law and ethical Justice. A civilized person, a REASONABLE person of compassion recognizes and uses his logic AND his intuition, his mind AND his spirit, in harness together.


Me too on the public/private- except I'm probably spending too much time in “Warrior” mode these days because I'm not getting out.
Thanks for your concern


Such compliments make me feel humble and very undeserving. I don't know how old you are, but, if you understand what I'm saying, I guarantee the only difference between us is experiences.
I would like to have your reaction to:

I always welcome discussion with an intelligent participant


Thank you. Interesting piece you did on Pokkuri. It would be nice to see you do more stuff.

Steel Breeze

Thanks for the thoughts....

Jan Sand

Good read. I recommend it to anyone who sees this.


Thank you.

God and Ego and the everlasting Now

I find myself sometimes too much in the now these days
nothing scheduled, can't get out the door, so I go voyaging on Yahoo
( I know google sponsors OS, but I find them in violation of their corporate ethic about not being evil)
Got to thinking about “The Truman Show” found I could watch it on line

Your T.S. Eliot reference reminds me of Eddington's
“The Worm Ourobouros”

A long read bujt an extremely good one if you like Tolkien- this is one of the books he patterned on

Thank you as always for your visit, and for your concern.