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and you will stop. don't MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! let it grow This the faith my Father taught me - and my Father in LAW taght my mate. So let it be written. So let it be done.... otherwise..... Hurry along you don't want to be LATE Butt.. Buttt.. I"M not going anywhere.... and NEITHER are YOU oh....sillyme, NO , not late in the sense of your silly temporal sytem which doesn't even allow me to show my true age.. Late as in the LATE MR DENT I men LATE in it's TRUE sence, you know DEAD..... Bit of THREAT actually come to think of it..... silly things to use to try to control a warrior priest, so I forget sometimes that it actually works on some Humans


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FEBRUARY 8, 2013 8:32PM

Sax and Violins

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Had an interesting time this morning

Went to a Pain management Doctor.

Mapped out the fact that just about every joint in my body hurts

Not odd, really- many years of hard usage and sudden strains when I was young

was told to concentrate on the problem NOW

My artificial hip, replaced in 1996 has come apart.

To say I walk with a cane isn't quite inaccurate

More accurately, I don't walk anymore than I must these days

Turns out she doesn't do Management long term

She does pain Intervention

Couldn't let me get used to too much medication pre re- replacement

She proscribed me some Robaxin


Stopped at the supermarket on the way home. Big suburban place.

 Parked in a handicapped space- one of about 20- big store. 

Limped in painfully and got Milk and bread and lunchmeat and Cheese

My diet these days


Limped out, put my groceries in the car

Got back in the drivers seat and sat looking over my receipt and waiting for my hip to throb a little less before driving home.


there was a thump

I looked up and saw a round, short, dark haired woman of the “redneck” variety ( I can talk about “Rednecks”, my maws folks) backed by a a taller skinny blonde. The round one had banged her shopping cart into my front fender and was yelling something.

I can't hear anyway-So I looked up and shrugged at her questioningly

She yelled some more and I shrugged more broadly.

She proceeded to bang her shopping cart down the side of my car, forcefully, each bang obviously deliberate.

When/as she came out behind my car on the drivers side, I unthinkingly jumped out and confronted her and yelled, “What the hell was that about?”

She turned around, backed in stereo by what turned out to be her tall skinny daughter and screamed something about how I'd “hit her Car”

Two things occurred to me- I hadn't t hit any cars, I wasn't and hadn't been near hers.


This woman is nuts

I answered her  in the mildest possible and most sympathetic way, helpfully pointing out that she was  a loose moraled female of the canine variety and undoubtedly demented, and turned to get back in my car

She hit me.

I raised my cane to let her know that if she hit me again there would be consequences

And turned back to my car

And her son jumped on me.

redneck beanpole in a stocking cap, (taller than me) grabbed my collar and backed me into the car screaming “you leave my mother alone” or some such- I wasn't listening.

I grabbed his collar and faced him around and said “Get off me you little shit “

he got red faced, sucked in his breath, and then continued yelling

( I may have kneed him in the groin when he grabbed me, accidental like-

not sure- I felt it go home, but he should have reacted a little more noticeably- he should have fallen over)

At this point a large black gentleman intervened and separated us.

I thanked him, got back in my car and drove away, as he held the kid.


Got home, looked the car over, didn't see any damage.

realized I felt better than I had in quite a while

Nothing like adrenalin and endorphins


I called the Store later this afternoon and asked if the incident had been noted or reported to the police

The manager said yes, she saw the end of it, as I drove off

The woman claimed I'd just jumped out of my car and accosted her, and something about I'd hit her car.

the police had not been called

They knew the woman, she comes in there all the time.


I'm not inclined to press it, best time I've had in a while. But it wonder's me

Is she one of Mine?

Or one of Yours?


Don't tell me I'm an ass for getting out of the car

I'm an ass by nature, as most of you already know

Too old to change now.

Should I do anything to be sure she is warned about such behavior ?

( the manager is going to “watch” her from now on)

I actually thought her kid showed commendable spirit in defending his maw-

Hopefully he did at least NOTICE that he'd been kneed


NOW, my hip hurts.






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Thank you for your good wishes-
I really do seek other people's insight as to what would be the best way to handle this at this point-

I don't bear the people malice, hell, all in all, they were the cause of the first hours of total pain relief I've had since they sedated me over Christmas in the hospital. ( NB- NOPE- sure not gonna go looking for more of ether)

But what's to be done- when I thought they were just random people who I'd never be able or want to find again, I said "SEP" ( Somebody Else's Problem") Now, I'm not sure.

By calling the store I found that they CAN be found- it's a small enough town

They really looked like their lives were unhappy enough without me piling on- and thinking about, I it "checked the tape" and I nailed the son solidly in the balls- kind of disconcerting at the time since he didn't seem to react to it ( OH SHIT, now I've probably made him mad) He's GOT to be hurting this evening.

Do I have any further duty to my community to try to to let them know these people are out there? or to try to "Help These People With their Anger Management Issues?"

I'm serious. This is how people get killed.
Dear Herr Rudy,

I've heard of the 'tragically hip', but I have never heard of 'the tragic hip' until now. A tragic hip that is falling apart is indeed something to write about, my friend, and your descriptions of your failing bionics fill me with compassion. To offset this pain, I have decided to call you Herr Austin, the Six Million [something] Man. I hope you're okay with that [I still don't know what that 'something' is; pain pills maybe? Don't know yet;]. It is, I assure you, a term of endearment, my friend.

But that's not the only tragedy I see here; I see that you posess the noble standards and ethics of the ancient Greeks, and have decided to portray the enemy in a noble light [think Homer], which is not the way; although I didn't buy it [they were probably Young Republicans, and probably identified you as one of the 47%], I'm sure many did.
Your pain management person sounds like another state authorised floozy with an MD. You don't need the pain medication after you get the hip replacement (I ended up throwing mine in the garbage).You need it before you get it. Find another Dr.

Actually, after the "dust up" i didn't need pain medication at all- best I'd felt in months- Adrenalin and Endorphins, Maybe somebody up there telling me to get off my ass and quit whining.

Maybe what I need to do is find a Judo dojo and get back into it-
Just philosophizing after the fact

Some stuff from an e-mail correspondence about it with my "lawyer"
No, none of the above-' The "tape" is my memory- which is like watching a video"- when I rerun what she was saying when I asked her "What the hell was that about" she was saying My Cart hit her car- My sense of that was I was putting the groceries out of my cart into the passenger seat of my Lincoln ( OLD lincoln ) and when I looked up the cart wasn't there- which, in the state of mind i'm in- I didnt even think about- it may very well rolled forward and hit her car. She may very well have misunderstood my "I can't hear you" shrug as a "So What" and then lost an already frayed temper and banged my car.

I don't think she would have hit me if I hadn't refereed to her as a crazy fucking bitch after I decided she was just nuts- Rule of thumb is crazy people have the right of way

And when she hit, If I hadn;t raised my cane at her, her son probably wouldn't have jumped me ( Gettin old- didn't see him coming) But then he wouldn't have gotten kneed solidly in the balls.

So, a fun and relatively equitable time was had by all. No blood, no foul. I handle stuff that way because that's the way I've handled stuff as long as I can remember. I just wish I knew how to explain what happened to them, and square it mentally-( Mind reaction vs Spirit reaction) - - but not likely to happen
Her, RIGHT? Aside from defense of self or property, there is never an excuse to escalate from words to physical force in civil society- If any "fighting words" were thrown, she'd thrown them all at me in her first blast. When I saw "Crazy", I backed off- in almost all cases "Crazy" has the "right of way" My observation as to her habits and pedigree, much less her performance ( I recall muttering rather loudly "Crazy Fucking Bitch" as I turned away from her- ) was no more nor less than "Reasonable under than circumstances" ( My buddy the Lawyer)

What I'm getting at is that if a bear attacked me, I'd react and I'd be in possession of my thought processes while I reacted.- That is how I am trained - It was gratifying to find it still works. I remember making a conscious decision to knee the guy ( Kid is too evocative- he was late teens, early 20's and bigger than I am- kid only in the sense of lack of sense in jumping someone so recklessly, after I had moved back from being any threat to his mother)

No, the cops, my lawyer, the people in the store all believe "he got what he asked for". I believe he got what he asked for. I was never really clear just WHAT his mother wanted- I only piece that together from re-running the memory.

My problem is that I have a thirst to understand- and I DO understand what happened- An unhappy woman was pushed over the edge by my callous inability to understand her anger and frustration at a "Wrong" she perceived and failed to make me aware of until AFTER she"Snapped" and attacked me/my property, - as then did her son.

I'm not looking for "moral critique- I'd do the same thing given the same circumstance and understanding I had -I'm looking for thoughtful critique and input about what the situation says about how we interact as "Civilized" creatures.

I'd feel sorry for a rabid dog, even as I killed it.
that's kind of the point. I think whichever side you asked these days would tell you that at least half ( the other half) is not "Civilized".
Yet we can't "Not" let them vote.

Much less kill them outright as dangers to society
[r] Rudy -- dear God! Bumper car encounters, figuratively or in this case literally, with troubled people not the way to go I'm thinking or physical dust ups with rabidly loyal sons no matter how inappropriate the moms. Endorphins or adrenalin notwithstanding. Sometimes we can't even indulge in a bit of self-pity and even self-focus without having that be distracted by too close encounters of the freaking-out humans kind. Let's be extra careful out there! And take care of thy precious self. best, libby
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