December 31
Rex Der Hause
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and you will stop. don't MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! let it grow This the faith my Father taught me - and my Father in LAW taght my mate. So let it be written. So let it be done.... otherwise..... Hurry along you don't want to be LATE Butt.. Buttt.. I"M not going anywhere.... and NEITHER are YOU oh....sillyme, NO , not late in the sense of your silly temporal sytem which doesn't even allow me to show my true age.. Late as in the LATE MR DENT I men LATE in it's TRUE sence, you know DEAD..... Bit of THREAT actually come to think of it..... silly things to use to try to control a warrior priest, so I forget sometimes that it actually works on some Humans


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You've learned, by experience, that certain people do not respect you and will injure or kill you without cause, warning, or regret.

Is it Racist for Blacks to fear Police?

DECEMBER 3, 2014 9:50AM

What Color is the Sky? Yes or No!!!!!

The primary thing that needs to be gotten past in order to discuss Michael Brown is the differences in perception about what happened and the language used to describe what happened. ( ? Would it have been taken as disrespect had I, an old white conservative, referred to “Mike Brown”… Read full post »

I stipulate and even advocate the judgment that Mike Brown was, at minimum, a wrongful death, as was the death of Trayvon Martin-

the more things change, the more they remain the same

the point that Kosher and I have been discussing is a p… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 30, 2014 6:40AM

Why Ferguson?

just up for my nightly can't sleep break so:

Larry,Moe and Curly are trapped in a ditch Larry and Curly are digging a way out. Moe keeps poking Curly when Curlly's back is turned, and when Curly turns to hit Moe, Moe points to Larry. Curly returns to digging… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 29, 2014 8:46PM

The Tree

The thought comes to mind of the two people trapped under a fallen tree, that if they worked together, they could be loosened from it.

The one turns to the other and says "We're trapped under a fallen tree!"

The other says "You're just saying that cause I'm Irish."… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 29, 2014 12:45PM

My Ghanian Nurse

Just got home from the hospital yesterday-mild heart attack on Monday.

I've been blessed with quite a few things to write about stemming from the experience....but in catching up on the writing on OS, I find one question formed over the topic of Racism ( as in the… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 24, 2014 8:26PM

W.A.R Challange


go into a coma for a wekand  everything falls apart-

I wasjust checking in and noticed that tr ig caled me out on ferguson-

sorry to have mised that, tr ig, but I'm sure you'll take comfortin the fact that you and bills (and  jonathan's?) hate prayers ha… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 8, 2014 7:28PM

Conscience vs "Social Justice"

One of the most profound epiphanies to achieve in regard to the founding fathers and their insistence on "In God We Trust" is that the "God" to whom this nation is consecrated is not some bewhiskered old testament anthropomorphism, but rather the simple individual conscience of each… Read full post »

OCTOBER 24, 2014 4:23PM

On the Science of Intelligent Design II

Lets be Clear:

Evolution as the "How" of the development of life on earth is clearly enough established as the "HOW" as to be teachable as "Science" even though it is not provable by the same sorts of absolute experiments as Chemistry or physics, the overwhelming body of evidence derived by… Read full post »

OCTOBER 23, 2014 4:50PM

On the Science of Intelligent Design

Lets be clear.

Science addresses Causality.

Science addresses Objective Evidence, not subjective experiential anecdotes.

A theory, no matter how compelling , remains simply a theory, absent experimental proof of causality.

Statistics are not Science

Consensus is not Science

Scientific proof… Read full post »

OCTOBER 22, 2014 9:29AM

Unfunded Mandate part II

My new homeless guy seems to think I'm his own personal ATM.

To an extent, I am.

When he was living in the woods, i freely gave him food, clothes and on occasions, money for a cheap hotel room.

Which allowed him to clean up his act and… Read full post »

A passing thought..... I never give much more than that to OS these days, but I always do check in passing, just to see who has written something Amusing. ABM wrote a piece about the phrase “Angry White Man”, and as an Amused White Man, I can't help but have… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 6:48AM

What do you owe an evolving Consciousness?


As a Mature Conscience, I saved a Mouse's life today- and exiled him from his society.

We've developed Mice.

I don't mean that my wife and I have “invented” a new type of creature, only that after living here peacefully for 5 years without such… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014 7:32PM


"A majority of the Palin family — Sarah, Todd, Bristol, and Track — was allegedly involved in a booze-filled brawl over the weekend in which the former vice presidential candidate reportedly screamed, “Don’t you know who I am?”

According to reports from local bloggers, t… Read full post »


Think that one through... in all it's subtle implications

How about flatulence?


From my upcoming book:

“Things “Jocks” discuss when stoned.” Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 4, 2014 11:33AM

Unfunded Mandate


Well, Im just got off the porch from seeing my latest project.

Homeless guy.

With a bachelors degree in accounting from Ohio State

and a 17 year old son.

Bet he didn't see that coming

Homeless at 37

Reduced to getting around on a bicycle

He lost his… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 1, 2014 5:18PM

On Banning Lawyers from the Legislature

Let us be damningly precise about the profession of a "lawyer"

A Lawyer doesn't deal in telling you what is "Right", a Lawyer deals in telling you "What you can get away with". 

How could a nation allow such a profession to write its laws, and yet remain Moral?… Read full post »

AUGUST 29, 2014 6:14PM

Self Defense and Guns

I find myself posting this almost as an afterthought.

Fresh from another defense of Gun culture, I find that I've had an Epiphany I'd like to share with you all.


I don't keep Guns for “Self Defense”

Probably you shouldn't either.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't defend… Read full post »

AUGUST 29, 2014 2:47AM

The Hundred Yard Paper Punch

I enjoy punching holes in paper.

I don't do it at a hundred yards much anymore-

Usually more like 10 or 15

Of course, at a Hundred yards, i use a Rifle-

At 15 yards, i use a pistol.


There are reasons I don't “do” a… Read full post »

AUGUST 28, 2014 10:56AM

Home Defense

I find myself with limited time to put into OS these days- too much going on in “Meatspace” ( the Real world) to keep up here. ( City wants to knock down my 1836 original settlement of Fairfield “Stable” building so they can put in a Cracker Barrel) But this caught… Read full post »


The fact that you admit you practice “Law” as a Profession doesn't automatically preclude considering you to be a Human Being, but it argues strongly against granting you any such consideration.

  Read full post »

HRdR is helping me write this, as I screan `at bhim

“Get your G*d d******mned Paws off the keys!

DA******** IT_ I don't WANT to be “Nosed just now!!!!!!

GEt the FD*&*&*****CK OFF of me!~!!!!!

After he has helped me “Save” this document by nudging my left hand as… Read full post »

Most of the problem we have these days is that we don't elect "leaders", we elect actors who play "leaders" on television, while the actual "governing" ( such as it is) is done in back room back slapping buddy deals by both the party of the Assholes ( Dems- govern by… Read full post »

AUGUST 9, 2014 12:17AM

The Parable of Pony and Rat Hockey

The time has come for me to start my real battle with the city of Fairborn over who gets to decide what is done with the historic buildings which were once the pioneer outpost of ( either ) Fairfield ( or Osborn -  recollections vary, I think it must hvebben Osborn-… Read full post »

AUGUST 5, 2014 10:56PM

Family Reunion - 2014

Well, I was gone most of last week- Weds on.....

 Family Reunion time for my Mother's people ( not that they aren't MY people, too- just distinguishes them from Dad's family) ( That reunion is on the 17th)

 Anyway, it was held here:

Near Ithaca New York- twice d… Read full post »