Herr Rudolphus der Rude

Herr Rudolphus der Rude
December 24
Reindeer Breeder
Sancta's Workshop
Breed: Orange Fokker - Knows Reindeer (still) . Renowned creator of Flying Reindeer, Herr Rude bred the first illuminated Air Deer and holds numerous copyrights and patents. he is the originator of such popular sports as Error Hockey and Rat Hockey and Hare Jitsu Herr Rude also developed and claims all legal patent, trademark, and copy rights to: Flying Pigs (Error Hogs)(air hogs)(Ehre hogs) Flying Monkeys (Error Monkeys)(Error Monkeys)( Ehre Monkeys) Flying rabbits (Error Hare)(Air Hare) (Ehre hare) and all other "Erroneous" animals derived on his patterns and patents


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MARCH 25, 2013 9:55PM

Herr Apparent Suicide

Herr Rudolphus der Rude, heir to the Air Reindeer fortune, was found dead this afternoon, an apparent suicide. Friends reported that he had been moody and withdrawn since an internet encounter with a Pit Bull last week.

A note he left said in part that he had been… Read full post »

MARCH 25, 2013 12:29PM

The Christain Way

Well let's see-

got a PM from one of my admirers ( out yourself if you wish)

 It kind of reminded me of what I was going to give up for Lent

I decided to (more or less) give up being RUDE


Maybe it's time to do that, since… Read full post »

MARCH 24, 2013 10:26PM

Pondering My Point of View


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MARCH 21, 2013 10:33AM



MARCH 20, 2013 11:31PM


The floor is open.......

MARCH 18, 2013 11:20PM

Being Gentle

I guess for me the whole thing about being Gentle ( as in a Gentle Man)  has a lot to do with something that was taken for granted by the rural people who composed both my father and mother's people. We ARE animals- or rather, and here's the… Read full post »

MARCH 16, 2013 1:32AM


Very interesting day today. I went over to the county SS office this afternoon and attempted to retire, an adventure that left me Thoughtful, to say the least. Also, butt sore and thoroughly pissed off. The “butt sore” was from their waiting room chairs, not from their attempts to help… Read full post »

MARCH 14, 2013 5:07AM

Welcome to the Junkyard



Let's see It's about 3 in the Am, the pre bedtime perk has worn off and the hip stiffened up

from lying on it.

Hurts enough to wake up and take another perk

But why waste it by going back to bed?

so I'm out… Read full post »

MARCH 10, 2013 6:57AM

Observation vs Judgement

What is the difference between the President of the United States and a teen age drug lord in Chicago?

30 years of on the job trauning. 


That, and it never costs less thaan several million dollars when the the POTUS orders a hit, while the teenage drug lord gets… Read full post »

They threw me out, so I'm home again, just chomping at the bit to tell tales of nursing hoime abuse ( except I haven't got any- very nice folks at the facility).

Anyway, what better way to re-enter the bazaar tha by recaping what I think of as my best,… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 28, 2013 7:51AM

I'm back, kinda


The hip surgery went well, i'm stuck in a rehab facility for now- no access to internet. The reverse lobotomy, unfortunately didn't take, so i guess I'll be just as obnoxious as ever when I finally am allowed access to the internet again.

Best to all, probably back in another… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 12, 2013 1:44AM

Good Night Emily

 ah what the hell

"What's all this fuss I hear about Waterboarding?  I LIKE to surf!"

back to bed

Goodnight Emily

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 You may or may not have been following the fun I've been having with trig, mostly on OS, (Moral Authority and the Poor Man's Drone) but on oursalon as well. Here's what I was waiting for him to admit:
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FEBRUARY 10, 2013 12:09PM

Moral Authority and the Poor Man's Drone

15 year old julie is being fitted out by her family, tribe and and Nation to be honored.

Her leader has assured her that this is the moment that she has been created for.

She will be singing for the President.

There will be thousands… Read full post »

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FEBRUARY 8, 2013 8:32PM

Sax and Violins



Had an interesting time this morning

Went to a Pain management Doctor.

Mapped out the fact that just about every joint in my body hurts

Not odd, really- many years of hard usage and sudden strains when I was young

was told to concentrate on the problem… Read full post »

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FEBRUARY 7, 2013 5:39PM

None Dare Call It Treason

Let's cut to the chase- Are we as a nation so constituted that one man or a group of men of the same political grouping, may in any case condemn to death and execute a citizen of our nation, a member of our nation entitled to all rights and protections of… Read full post »

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FEBRUARY 6, 2013 8:25AM

Skeet Photo- Good Catch Bill Beck!

Bill Beck

Good Catch!

 Skeeters- Obama's skeet photo


 Bill posted this link that explains the puff of smoke on the pres's shotgun barrel:

I figured someone out there would fill me in technically on this :
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FEBRUARY 4, 2013 10:57PM

Skeeters- Obama's skeet photo

We're not allowed to Alter or Photoshop the picture of the prez “Shooting Skeet”, else we're "Skeeters"

Why would anyone bother?


Unlawful Activity!

Unimpeachable Obama Defies the Laws of Physics as well as US!

Apparently whoever staged this shot had never heard of recoil

This… Read full post »

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FEBRUARY 4, 2013 12:12PM

Mourning for Mario

A  repost from 2010- because the thoughts of video games reminded me of it



I had a day here to try to write a blog posting, and I thought I would try to write something concerning the nature of knowledge and the derivation of “Truth” by “People… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 4, 2013 12:22AM

I am the NRA

This is kind of a Rorschach test

Having stumbled on Team Fortress 2 while pondering the current state of video games, violence, and humor

as I put forth in "Viewer Discretion Advised"

I find myself watching the various creations of people in this community with the same eye for the… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 2, 2013 4:16PM

Fair Market Value

The problem with a lawyer is that he will attempt to make  the matter of where he IS less important than “how he got there” As if any amount of discussions and precedents would cover the fact that I caught him red-handed with his hands in the cookie jar.

I believe… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 2, 2013 4:26AM

Viewer Discretion Advised


It's 4 in the morning

I'm just wandering the internet-


Started out with search of   "The Truman Show" and Emily Littela

somehow wound up here:

Warning: I'm NOT kidding -this is a disturbing video

If you find "amusing" violence offensive, please dont watch this. 

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FEBRUARY 1, 2013 12:59PM

Sudden Death Over Time

Actually, I'm just waiting for the Bus. Or Godot. Or perhaps Godot driving the bus.

Maybe he'll let me drive.

It's interesting the blossoming of really profound and stimulating posts I would have missed had i had my hip re-replaced on Wednesday, as scheduled.… Read full post »