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FEBRUARY 25, 2009 5:14PM

Bobby Jindal -- Hypocrite and Liar

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You know, just when I think there can't be a more ignorant, less informed republican than Michael Steele or Richard Shelby or Mark Sanford or Sarah Palin, along comes Bobby Jindal.

Well, we already knew he is functionally illiterate from a scientific standpoint, because he believes in creationism.  Just goes to show you that even an Ivy League degree on your wall doesn't mean you're not an ignoramus.

But he showed his ignorance and foolishness to the nth degree when he started picking on volcano monitoring as "pork."  Hey, dumbass, you ever been to Hawaii?  Know what they've got there?  Know what happened the last time one of their volcanoes really erupted?

Oh, and up in the land where things are sent out to keep an eye on Putin, there are active volcanoes as well.  Think it might be a good idea to monitor those, seeing how so much air traffic between the US and Asia flies around that area?  I mean, after all, volcanic ash can destroy aircraft engines, and airplanes don't fly so well without power.  And up there, if someone splashes down in the ocean, it's not going to end as nicely as the US Airways flight did a while ago.

And there's this small volcano you may have heard of.  It's called Mt. St. Helens.  Killed quite a few people when it erupted.  And it's part of a chain that potentially threatens the Seattle area.

So, if we want to cut volcano monitoring, because it's pork, why don't we just kill the National Hurricane center?  I mean, seriously, most of the country doesn't have to deal with hurricanes.  It's something they deal with in the southeast.  But you know, folks in Iowa and Kansas shouldn't be paying to fund pork to protect the likes of Bobby Jindal.

There's one volcano that definitely needs to be monitored.

And that's the volcano of bullcrap and hypocrisy and lies that is Bobby Jindal.

It should be monitored and highlighted as nothing but another face on the same old bullcrap and lies and hypocrisy and ignorance of the right wing nuts.

It certainly erupted all over the country last night.

Oh, and Mr. Jindal?  If you don't like federal funds, when do you plan on cutting a check and presenting it to Tim Geithner for all the money that's been spent in your state?  We've got a trillion dollar deficit, so since you don't want federal money, we'll take the check from you right away.

Otherwise, you're nothing more than another lying, hypocritical and ignorant sack of fecal material that should be flushed down the toilet.

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Great post Tony!

Governor Jindal was just saying the Republican Doctrine. They are the party of no ideas, no sound policies and definitely no leader. I think they are using Nancy Reagen's slogan, Just Say No!

Sacre bleu! I think Booby Jindal done overcooked the crawfish: