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FEBRUARY 26, 2014 11:31PM

Hero Cat Boulette Helps Save Eleven Humans

A few months ago, I shared the story of a cat cafe that had opened in Paris.  This place, known as Le Cafe de Chats, had a one month waiting list when it opened.  It, along with KitTea, is the inspiration behind the human’s plans to open The Cat Cafe.

Hero Cat Boulette Relaxing In Her Human's ArmsFrom… Read full post »

Mydia is one lucky cat.  She was rescued in a snowstorm, and the humans who helped write this cat rescue story would not have seen her if they were not on the road to help find some cats that had disappeared.

The human who rescued Mydia was in one of those… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 24, 2014 11:04PM

Sick Humans, Diabetic Cats, and Purring

“Human, you do not look good.  I think you are sick.”

“Yes, Bagheera, I am.  How did you know this?”

A Diabetic Cat's Human is Sick“You humans do not give us enough credit.  Just because you missed all of the signs of me being a diabetic cat does not mean that we felines will do the… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 24, 2014 1:05AM

Glucose Reading Update for Week of 2/23

Hello, kind humans.  Many of you have asked that I keep you informed about what’s happening with my blood sugar readings.  As you know, diabetic cats like me have glucose levels that are just too high.  In order to keep our blood sugar levels in check, we need to be put… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 23, 2014 3:45PM

Felines Sticking Their Butts In the Air

We felines often do things that confuse you humans.  Yesterday I shared with you information about why we knock things down.  I have also talked about some reasons we might go outside of the litter box.  Today I want to share with you the reasons behind another interesting aspect of cat… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 22, 2014 2:11PM

Felines Having Fun Knocking Things Down

Today, Jacey and I decided to drive the human nuts.  He was already exasperated because he was watching that game that you humans play on ice, where you hit things with a long stick.  It is like you human are trying to be like us felines, batting things around.  But you… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 21, 2014 1:49AM

What Prompts Peeing Outside of the Box?

The human told me that one of the very few things that I have done that mad him very angry at me was when I went outside of the box.  The human said that I cost him many green paper things at the last place we lived, because I made it… Read full post »

I often share stories with you of human heroes, who help protect us felines.  But sometimes, it is the other way around.  Today I want to share with you the story of a true cat hero.  Her name is Trigger, and she is a senior mixed breed with a lot of… Read full post »

I hate sharing stories of animal abuse because they make me both angry and sad.  But as angry and sad the story of Joe, a feline who was shot 17 times in the head, makes me, I am glad that he is recovering and the evil human who committed this horrific… Read full post »

Feline fanciers everywhere should become familiar with Tenth Life Cats.  This organization, whose most famous alumni is Lincoln, The Formerly Quadriplegic Miracle Kitty, helps cats in the St. Louis area.  They take on cases that many other organizations are not well equipped to handle.

Lincoln&#821… Read full post »

The thing that is most annoying about being a diabetic cat is the constant testing of my blood sugar so that the proper dosing of insulin can be determined.  The human has changed things up quite a bit, and is now trying to keep my insulin doses as consistent as possible.… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 16, 2014 4:03PM

Help David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

As a diabetic cat, one of the things that makes me happiest is that there are many humans who are learning about feline diabetes, how to treat it, and that cats who are diabetic can be loving, fun, and playful companions for the right humans.  I am glad that I am… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 15, 2014 3:22PM

Another Cat Caught By Illegal Bear Trap

Kind humans, I know you were not happy to read about how Scruffy was caught in a bear trap.  I know you are glad that Scruffy’s cat rescue story featured humans in white coats who would not charge his human for his treatment.  Scruffy is a tough feline and deserves all… Read full post »

There are many things I must endure because I am a diabetic cat and many of them are not fun.  But because I am an indoor only cat, there are things that I do not have to worry about.  There are many risks that felines who are outdoor felines have to… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 13, 2014 2:06AM

Remy Burned By Chemical, Needs Help

You know that I am a big advocate for stopping animal abuse.  I have highlighted many stories of felines who were abused, like Lucky, Justin, Pascal, and many others.  It makes me very sad when this happens.  I know that I am lucky that I have a human who protects me… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 12, 2014 1:35AM

Paralyzed Kitten Sinatra Sadly Leaves Us

Furiends, today I have to share bad news with you.  You will remember I introduced you to my good furiend Lincoln‘s brofur Sinatra.  Sinatra, like Lincoln and me, was a special needs cat.  Lincoln made a miraculous recovery from complete paralysis.  His human has taken on many difficult cas… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 11, 2014 1:12AM

Frozen Cat Tundra Recovers from Injuries

I recently shared the story of Frosty the Frozen Kitten with you.  She is recovering and doing well, and she is a feisty little kitten.

You can hear Frosty growling at the new toy, which she does not like yet.  She is definitely a feisty one, which is probably why… Read full post »

Yesterday, I shared a happy cat rescue story with you, where Kiki worked her way into a human’s heart and home.  I am hopeful that we can write another happy cat rescue story for a special needs cat named Finn.

Finn is a blind cat who waLet's Help Finish Finn's Cat Rescue Storys found and turned in… Read full post »

When I am not busy trying to become furiends with Marley and inadvertently annoying her, I like to share cat rescue stories with you.  A lot of times, these cat rescue stories start out with a human finding a cat who is outside, and deciding that they will help.  Eventually, the… Read full post »

“Human!  Human!  Come here, quickly!”

“What is it, Jacey?”

Jacey Warns the Human that Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is in Marley's Crate“Hurry!  Bagheera is in Marley’s dog crate and she does not like it at all.”

The human often doesn’t listen to Jacey, because she is always talking.  But this got his attention and he… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 7, 2014 1:44AM

Diabetic Cats, Diet, and Remission

When I first was diagnosed as a diabetic cat, the human and I were both hopeful that I would go into what is called remission.  This is when a feline with diabetes no longer requires insulin shots.  Often, this is because of a low carbohydrate diet, which reduces the spikes that… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 6, 2014 1:36AM

Sandy Survivor Tommy Has a Furever Home

I recently shared the story of Tommy with you.  This diabetic cat was a survivor of the horrible storm Sandy, and he had to get on one of those noisy metal tubes for a trip from the east coast to near where I live.  Tommy was living at the Helen WoodwardRead full post »

I normally do not write about canines.  While I do not fight with them like some humans say we felines do, I do not focus too much on them.  Normally, I focus on felines or humans.  Today, though, there is a canine who I am going to tell you about.  He… Read full post »

I have been informed by the human that you have a place called prison for humans who have done bad things.  Usually, he tells me, humans try to get out of there.  But that did not stop some kittens from breaking into a prison and becoming prison cats!

This happened at… Read full post »

My fellow diabetic cat Charlie is at the Benton Franklin Humane Society in Kennewick, Washington.  He holds a title that no feline wants.  He is the resident who has been at the shelter for the longest.

Charlie’s stay at the shelter started when his original human died.  The family of… Read full post »