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David McClain
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February 08
I am a simple man who has lived a simple life for sixty years. I have not dined with movie stars nor Kings and Queens. I have not walked the halls of power, nor have I been a mover and a shaker. I have, however, been a soldier, a tinker, a jack of all trades. I have raised five children....I have been loved and I have loved. I do not see grand designs nor do I chase afer them. Instead, I listen to the heartbeat of the land and I rejoice in a bird's song in the morning. Do not come here seeking answers for I have none. I do have questions which I will ask you constantly though. I do not believe in aruging so Politics will not be discussed in my blog. I do not care what your personal beliefs are for you are free to believe as you will...please allow me to do likewise. I have never been rich, but I have always been poor. Being poor however has never stopped me from feeling rich. I feel rich because I have the love of a good woman. Melinda completes me. She gives me the peace of mind and soul required to write about life without regrets and without envy of those who might have more. She is my world. Almosta Ranch is our heaven and we are happiy. This is what I want to share with you in this blog.


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JANUARY 5, 2013 4:04PM

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Open Salon

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A funny thing happened yesterday on the way to Open Salon. IT OPENED!

Now that might not seem like a big deal for some, but for me it was a huge deal. You see, for the past two months I had fallen into the sad habit of trying to access Open Salon once each day. Each day I would struggle to get the site to open only to be greeted with…at one point or another…the dreaded LOTS OF ERRORS sign. Once I got that sign, I would move on to another wonderful site started by a long-time Open member, Lorraine. Once there I would post my blog with no problems at all.

But…on Saturday…Open Salon opened for me in a flash. I was shocked but still not convinced so I began to navigate within the site, from blog to blog and sure enough, each blog opened like clockwork.

I was still not completely convinced so I decided to try the absolute acid-test. I tried to open my mail. Since the trouble began this was one function that never worked and always ended up giving me the Errors page. It opened like a charm!!

So I quickly posted my latest blog entry from Our Salon and was even able to read the few comments I got.

Does this mean that Open Salon is back? I certainly hope so, it has been a long couple of months. There have been volumes written by me and friends of mine about what an unholy mess this site has been in and we were right….it was royally screwed up, but if it is finally back then kudos to whoever fixed the damn thing because this is home and home always feels better when it works, ya know.

I hope this lasts. I want it to last and I want to post my blogs here….fingers crossed.

I doubt if he will ever read this, but I just want to say “Thank you” to our Editor, Jake Sugarman. I’m not thanking him for fixing the problem because I am sure it was those pesky IT guys we never see that did that. What I would like to thank Jake for was his having the balls to post updates and try to keep the rest of us informed. He took a lot of heat from a lot of angry people and he took it with aplomb that I would never have had. Thank you Jake.

Now…..let’s see if it’s going to let me post this thing.

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Hi David aka Torman, I'm glad I'm not alone. I experienced the same thing and posted about it this morning. R
Well almost fixed. There is still the Comments issue. Please delete the extra comments.
Glad to be here again. Hope it lasts.
Glad to be here again. Hope it lasts.
our salon is more and nuanced and has more useful features it's more reliable, and posting comments here is, yes, unpleasant whan this place seems reliable, i'll cross-post
We are an angry bunch, aren't we? :D
Johnathan, this is not a slam on Our Salon. Yes Ours is much easier and has a lot of cool features this one doesn't and I like it there. Open was reliable today so I posted here. When and if you ever do is up to you.

trudge....thanks my friend I'm glad to be here.

Sheila....I hope it lasts too.

Tink...I'm not angry at all, but then some just feel better when they're angry.
Well, so far, so good. The most recent posts feed is still clogged with spam, and comments still take time to appear, but hey ... it's better than it was. And, you're right: I can actually look at my inbox, even though there's nothing there, and send a PM to a friend on here. It'll take a while -- maybe a long while -- before OS regains my trust and my allegiance, though.
Boangeres...I completely agree. I am still going to post on Our Salon but when I can get in here, I will also post in here, no matter what the nuance might be.
me too...

remembering all the things we used to do here I don't want to forget... but until proven, the antagonist in me is going to Mustard.
maybe ...

I do hope more memories can be had and created here
So quickly we forgot how we were treated by the "good people" of Salon Inc. who has fallen off their own fiscal cliff but has yet to hit the pavement.
I'm too cautious to get excited but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
Chuck...You're right, it is too early yet.

tr ig...Here's the thing, nobody has treated me badly. Management gave me a platform to display my blog and when it stopped working I went to Our Salon and I love it there. If this site continues to work I will keep cross-posting from Our Salon. Simple as that. I see you too are back in here...that's a good thing isn't it. Oh and I also blog on WDC as well.
Margaret....I think you have the right idea.
Glad it's working better. When I comment, I press "post" and then move on. They seem to show up without waiting around.
well, fingers crossed!!! hi torman!! i mean david!!
ok, my comment did get lost, but hi there, and fingers crossed!
Still spam, comment problems and a moderator who is coming to keep it all in line. I guess we will be introduced to him or her. What an interesting job they will have....nice to read you here. Almosta Open
Coming back to OS is a big relief to me.For reasons I have mentioned before ,I find OS easier to navigate.Our Salon is pleasant,easy to manage but also deflective.Coming back to OS means having the posts and comments there in front of me without searching for favourites.
Clear as clear can be for my likes and needs.
I am happy to find my friends here,too.
Happy New Year to everyone!!!
Eh. I probably needed a little break from blogging anyway. I had figured that Salon either would or wouldn't get OS back online, and that since I had very little to no power over it, there was no use worrying about it...

I guess that I'm glad OS is back, though. I'd thought that it wasn't enough of a money-maker for Salon, and so they'd let it die...

I hope this lasts too. It's great to see things improving on OS.
I too am shocked to be able to open OS today as I check in once a week or so at this point -- but I do hope regardless of how long this continues that bloggers don't just cross-post the same article between here and Our Salon.
Kind of a diss, in my opinion -- a diss to your written piece and the host(s) that allow you to publish those pieces, not to mention the audience that has to pick one spot or the other. I'm afraid one spot or the other would just turn into a copy site and that's just not right, to the writer, publisher, or reader.

As for homes, I've rented enough houses over the years to know the difference between a shitty landlord and a good one.

The shitty ones might paint or nail down a loose board, but they rarely fix the crappy foundation or acknowledge the black mold -- and they *will* take ownership of every speck of your hard work you created to make your 'home' a nice place.
Just my thoughts...
"tr ig...Here's the thing, nobody has treated me badly"

Yesterday would have been my four year anniversary here. I come now, only to throw stones.

Perhaps I took this place more seriously than you David. I remember days of zero spam. Then, watching the place I did truly love, yeah . . crumble, it hurt. Yes, just a silly web site to you. It was my home page. . silly me. I met numerous contributors from here and formed real life friendships. Spent a lot of time and energy writing and reading and commenting. I witnessed all the promises broken by Kerry, and subsequently, your buddy Jake, when all they had to do was just tell the truth. Liars. Yes I took it personally.

Gina/Myriad said something on facebook at the tragically dubbed (as Jake once said) ORPHANS OF OPEN SALON . . . something about attentive lovers v. abusive lovers. Really struck home with me. Take care man.
Heh. In late November I started a blog here... Worst. Timing. Ever. But, was surprised to see it was mostly working today.

We shall see what the future brings.
jlsathre.....So far, so good, only time will tell.

daisyjane....Hiya daisy. good to see you again.


zanelle....."Almosta Open" I like that!

Heidi....I'm glad it's working too but I will keep posting in Our Salon and cross posting here. Unless I get booted from Our Salon that is.

Robert Crook...It is what it is and I take it with a grain of salt.

Diary...It is nice to see an improvement.

Just Thinking....That's certainly one way to look at it. Personally I tend to see my blog like those syndicated columns in the paper. A writer writes his column and it appears in maybe a hundred papers. He isn't dissing one paper or editor, he is just putting his words out there to be read. I would hope that people who really know me know that I would never diss them...especally Lorianne because she has done so much good work in sitting up Our Salon.

tr ig....I understand the way you feel and that's your right. I just let what any site's management does bother me. The real part, the cherished part, of any site are the friends we make on those sites and as far as I know, I haven't lost them. The people are important....kerry and his minions are a non-factor to me. I understand that the only way to know when they are lying is to see their mouths move...sure sign. If Kerry were to shut this place down tomorrow, it wouldn't surprise me. I have no faith in them at all, but I do have faith in the friends I've made here. Seriously, unless someone messes with my family, my ranch, or my horses, I'm not going to waste a lot of time being upset with them and i refuse to let them hurt me. I will continue to call Our Salon my primary blogging home unless of course you other members don't want me there because I post here too. Either's all good.

Tobbar....well hopefully the site will work better for you, but if not then you really should check out Our Salon. It works fast, smooth, and has a lot of options this place lacks and most importantly it has a manager who actually listens and tries to help with any problems. Kerry could take some lessons from Our Salon.
Interesting points you make too, I suppose.

As for you not being wanted one place or the other, please do not count me in that group. Hard to imagine anyone feeling that way towards writers we like to read....yet.... thoughts go more toward not wanting one site - the better site, in my opinion, OurSalon - to be diminished by readers considering OurS just copies of posts found here, as was happening months ago.
Hopefully now, OurS has grown enough for that not to be an issue, but still.
I was so loyal to here, Open Salon, until I just couldn't be.
Now I'm a bit disgusted and feel OS doesn't really deserve the good writers back, truthfully....or the right to own any of the writings.
I guess that's how my feelings enter the mix, that's the crux of it all for me:

I don't think Open Salon deserves to have any of us back.

Just me, no hard feelings to you personally, or anyone, personally.
I'll keep Our Salon in mind, David. But for the most part I was hoping that this site would start up again. 2013 is off to a promising start.