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David McClain
Doniphan, Missouri, USA
February 08
I am a simple man who has lived a simple life for sixty years. I have not dined with movie stars nor Kings and Queens. I have not walked the halls of power, nor have I been a mover and a shaker. I have, however, been a soldier, a tinker, a jack of all trades. I have raised five children....I have been loved and I have loved. I do not see grand designs nor do I chase afer them. Instead, I listen to the heartbeat of the land and I rejoice in a bird's song in the morning. Do not come here seeking answers for I have none. I do have questions which I will ask you constantly though. I do not believe in aruging so Politics will not be discussed in my blog. I do not care what your personal beliefs are for you are free to believe as you will...please allow me to do likewise. I have never been rich, but I have always been poor. Being poor however has never stopped me from feeling rich. I feel rich because I have the love of a good woman. Melinda completes me. She gives me the peace of mind and soul required to write about life without regrets and without envy of those who might have more. She is my world. Almosta Ranch is our heaven and we are happiy. This is what I want to share with you in this blog.


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JANUARY 17, 2013 5:34PM

The Ride

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The day dawned unusually warm with temps above freezing and by noon the thermometer read a balmy fifty-degrees. According to locals, this happens quite a lot in Southeast Missouri and, after a week of temperatures ranging from fifteen-degrees to highs of thirty degrees, it felt like Springtime to me and Mel.

After lunch I could stand it no more. “You thinking what I’m thinking”? I asked Mel.

She smiled and kissed my cheek. “I sure am.”

So off we headed to the barn, hand in hand. Once there we called Shadow Dancer and Scarlett into their stalls and began the preparations. Putting on halters, tying them to posts, then breaking out the brushes and thoroughly brushing each horse until their coats shown and glistened.

There is something so comforting about using a curry comb and brush on a horse. You become lost in the gentle strokes in an almost Zen-like state and the horses are effected the same way. Both girls stood with heads lowered, eyes half closed as the brushes did their work.

We worked mostly in silence. What conversation that did take place was to our respective mount as we whispered softly to them as we brushed, inquiring as to how their night went, how they were feeling, or just cooing in their ears quietly to calm them.

Prep work done, we quickly saddled and bridled each horse and led them out of the barn and into the back pasture where we mounted up.

We rode at a sedate walk until we reached the border of our property, letting the horses grow accustomed to our weight and to the fact that today was not going to be a day of leisure for them. Once past our land we picked up the pace to a trot, enjoying the cool breeze, laughing, talking, and pointing to the deer and other critters that scattered at our approach.

Then, without warning, the forest thinned and we found ourselves moving over a broad open field. I looked over at Mel and grinned. “I’ll race ya!”

Instead of answering, Mel laughed and put her heels to Scarlett’s sides. They exploded away from us at full speed. “CHEATER!” I yelled at her as she pulled far ahead.

I leaned forward, gave the reins slack and barely touched Shadow Dancer’s ribs and she launched into full speed. Halfway across the field we pulled even with Mel and Scarlett. I slowed just enough to keep abreast of even with my sweetheart. “You KNOW you two are no match for Shadow and me.” I called to her with a smile. She stuck her tongue out at me.

Then we slowed to a ground-eating lope, side by side, our hands intertwined as we crossed the remaining open ground.

At the other end of the field the ground slopped upward to a ridge and we continued up that ridge until we got to the top. Once there we were amazed at the wondrous and beautiful sight that greeted us on the other side. It was…….

Then I woke up.

Seven in the morning and twelve degrees out with a blowing snow.

Old men dream dreams and young men do deeds. So it goes here on Almosta Ranch.

Originally posted 1-16-13 on OurSalon    

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Hahaha! You got me again, altho I started getting a tad suspicious with the riding "hands entwined" part. Still didn't know how you would engineer yet another of your trick endings. Loved the dream and the writing.
LOL! Thanks Matt. Actually Mel and I ride like that often but at a sedate walk, side by side.
Aw, man . . . I was so hoping it wasn't a dream . . . then again, I know you were, too.
Well, I wasn't here to read it the first time - but it was dreamily wondrous! Lucky you - to have those Dreams! R
And here I was just about to heap praise upon your head for being such an incurable romantic!!!! Well...I guess that shoe does still fit...

Cheater! I loved this. I have never ridden a horse and I think of horse riding as something the police do in Times Square. Neat view into your subconscious. Go, Mel!
Beautiful, David. Just beautiful.
Owl...Hopefully, in March or April, it won't be a dream any longer.

Maryilyn....I am indeed a lucky man.

Lezlie...Whatever romantic tendencies I have it is because Mel brings them out in me.

nilesite....You need to get off the concrete for awhile and spend some time in the country. Come for a visit and I'll put you up on a horse.
Unbreakable....Kim, thanks hon and it is good to see you again.
After I read this this morning on the other site, I was out in the garage, eyeing the iron horse speculatively. But it's cold on the street, and the bike's been winterised, so since I'm a lazy bloke who no longer rides in marginal weather, I didn't wake it up. Like you, though, I dream, literally and figuratively.

Boanerges....I keep threatening Mel that I'm gonna buy me one of those "Trikes"...the three wheel motorcycles, and If I do I may have to put her on the back and cruise on up your way so we can do some riding.
Got me!

I was 100% taken in even though I did wonder about the intertwined fingers while at a lope.

But hay-burners aren't my thing at all...... I'm with Bo on this; give me a thoroughbred two-wheeled iron horse and freedom overwhelms me.

Life is made out of dreams and this was a delicious one that will be remembered forever..
Got me too! My night dreams are never that wonderful. Good short, short.
At my age,I'd settle for a dream like that. Yesterday I shot a 68 on my Tiger Woods golf ap. I'll settle for that too. R
Seer...Isn't it funny, when I was younger I did things like that all the time and never gave a thought to holes. Now, when I get on a horse, that's all I think about though. Age does that to us, I believe.

skypixieo....Yeah, I know, silly I agree but then we are able to do stuff like that in a dream....thank God.

Linda...You are right. In fact, Mel and I are still talking about it today. Just wait until the weather warms up.

Ande....Neither are mine, this was a nice break from the usual.

Gerald....Lord, I tried golf once and I think I shot a 68 on the first five holes.