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February 08
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FEBRUARY 4, 2013 10:49AM

My Favorite Superbowl Commerical

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This year's crop of Commericals were nothing to write home about but there was a few gems among the drivel. The Dodge Ram commerical featuring Paul Harvey was by far my favorite. If you missed it, here it is:

And yes, I am a bit biased on this one. Not only do I love Paul Harvey, but are just my kind of people, what can I say.

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Yeah, that one was pretty good.

Wasn't really impressed with the halftime show. I guess an old classic rock 'n roller like me wouldn't be.
Oh Thank you for sharing this. I loved Paul Harvey and this is like seeing him come back from the grave. Commercials that uplift are rare and they shouldn't be. Farmers are truly special people.
I didn't watch the game but I did go through some of the commercials on line this morning. I never got this one....and then David..God made you!
My first love was a farmer. They are a special breed. ~r another forum I mentioned this commercial as probably one of the worst of all time.

I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

I think farmers are great...but this commercial is most kindly described as something farmers use to help their crops grow.
This is a masterpiece, I think. My second favorite was the baby Clyesdale, which I fully expected to be your first choice. :D

Joisey Shore.....Yeah, I agree, the halftime show didn't really ring any bells for me either, musically that is. The eye candy was abundant though.

zanelle.....I would enjoy hearing Paul Harvey read the phone book. He was a giant among pygmies in his profession.

ThroughMyEyes......Aw, thank you, Dee.

Joan H.....We definitly march to the beat of our own drum.

Frank Apisa... I agree Frank, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for dropping by and thank you for the comment.
Lezlie....It was almost a tie for me between those two. I swear, when that horse came running down the street toward his former owner, I choked up.
Cool. Thanks for sharing this David. This is officially the first SB commercial I have seen. Didnb't watch the game and will probably just look up the commercials on You Tube when I have time.
Wow....I love this. Thank you for sharing it.
Didn't catch up with the game til later, but caught the commercial. Missed the Paul Harvey attribution. Liked the Tide commercial too. R
I liked it up until the very end. That's when it seemed to me like Dodge was trying to have it both ways. It seemed like the whole point of the audio clip and accompanying visuals is that farmers are a very rare breed. But then saying that there's a farmer in all of us seems to contradict everything that went before. (But then, if Dodge could only sell trucks to farmers, they wouldn't be in business very long.)

Does that make any sense?
We don;t get many here in Canada as we are on a Canadian feed. But I did see the Budweiser one and cried. I like commercials like the one above etc.. Good times not covered up with sex.
'To the farmer in all of us.'
The Dodge commercial was good, but my favorite was the Coke spot with the suveillance cameras. r
trilogy.....More and more, I find myself watching the game just for the commericals.

Michelle....You are very welcome

Gerald....Paul Harvey's commentary makes the commerical for me.

Jeanette....Yes, it does make sense. I guess I just never think about that deeply. To be truthful, I love that commerical because it makes me think of my father.

Linda....That one was a close second for me.

Seer....As I just told Linda, that one was a very close second for me.

J. P. Hart....Indeed, and I think we all have some of that spirit.

Trudge....I'll have to find that one and watch it because I missed it during the game.
It was my overall favorite, Tor. The funniest was the Sketcher's ad.
David, I agree with you 100% on this & in fact wrote a rare (for me) comment in Facebook on it this morning. It amazed me yesterday to see a room full of people at a car dealership go silent and pay rapt attention to that ad. I also talked to a person who was in a sportsbar at the time and the sportsbar went totally quiet as people strained to hear and were mezmerized by the message.
Best thing about this one is that money (from Ram Trucks) goes to charity (to feed people) when the video is viewed or shared on FaceBook.
I thought you'd like the horse ad. This one was good too though. And the Tide one was cute. There's a pudding ad today that works too. Oh yeah, I really loved the game for the first time in years!
This does not surprise me that you loved this little movie. Or at least it was a little movie until the end, when they tried to sell us a truck.

I didn't watch the super bowl, but did look at the top five commercials at the WaPo site, and the baby horse one got me good. Even though they tried to sell me some icky beer at the end.
Paul Harvey always had something to say....and said it so well.
Matt....there was some I missed like that one. I need to look them up and watch them all I guess.

Walter....It got quiet at my house too. I found myself leaning forward...listening, and remembering my father. He was just like that commerical protrayed.

GeeBee...I did not know that. Thanks, it makes the commerical that much better then. I've answered a couple of other commenters, that one was a veryl, very, close second for me.

greenheron.....When the horse ran down the street to meet his former owner I almost lost was good.

J.D. Smith.....You are so very right and that is why I always loved listening to him on the radio.
Didn't see the Game at all - so thanks for this - perfectly perfect for you & a reminder to us all! R
Farmers are appreciated. At least they are by me. My favorite commercial was the Budweiser Clydesdales. It was amazing! The halftime show was not.
I agree with you.
You can't mess with Paul Harvey, his vocabulary and his voice.
He was a true and fine spoken word artist.