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June 03
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AUGUST 2, 2010 8:45PM

Aug 2: Keywords

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  • upskirt
  • health care reform
  • andrew breitbart
  • grilled peaches
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  • mel gibson tapes
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  • starcraft 2 macros
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  • christiane amanpour
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  • mel gibson transcript
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  • stamp prices
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  • larry fishburne daughter
  • gary shteyngart
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 Twitter Trends Explained by Whatthetrends

  • Bachelorette Finale: Ali is choosing her future husband tonight... or so we think! Dun, dun, duuuun! Go Roberto!

  • #thatsnothot: Twitterers are discussing what they feel is not hot (i.e females having hair on their legs).

  • Bill Cosby died: This is the second time Bill Cosby has died, according to Twitter. He is very much alive. Pick another celebrity next time.

  • Inception: Inception is a 2010 sci-fi action thriller film written, produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio. Inception was released on July 16, 2010 and has international box office grosses of $227M after two weeks in theaters.

  • VDG: [V]ida [D]e [G]aroto means boy's life.This is a web series which talks about the life of three boys. And now MTV has a reality in the search for a fourth member. The fourth will be chosen this Sunday at 7 pm on MTV Brazil!

  • #esnaquisimo: Es una exageración de ser naco, jerga Mexicana que hace referencia a algo vulgar o inculto pero gracioso

  • Dilma: Dilma Rousseff is one of the candidates for President in Brazil.

  • Shark Week: Shark Week is an annual tradition on the Discovery Channel and its offshoots, dedicated to programs about sharks.

  • Braves: Atlanta Braves beat the Cincinnati Reds 6-4 in the 10th inning.

  • Teresa: A Mexican telenovela.

  • Bielsa: Marcelo Bielsa has been confirmed as the Chilean National Squad manager until 2015.

  • Arcade Fire: Arcade Fire's new album release.

  • Lindsay Lohan: Alcoholic crack addict.

  • Bachelorette: The season finale airs tonight on ABC at 8/7c.

  • #its2hot4that: Started by @106andPark People are tweeting things that can't be done when the weather is too hot.

  • #bb11: Related to Big Brother 11 UK- the last ever Big Brother. YAY!

  • Josie: Josie is the name of one of the Big Brother Contestants. And also one of the song from Blink 182. Old memories..

  • Corin: UK Big Brother housemate.

  • Sequilhos: A very popular vlogger in Brazil (@pecesiqueira) said that he likes to eat Sequilhos (kind of cookie) when he was young.

  • Klaus: is someone from Big Brother (: who cares?! kk.

  • Dragons Den: A UK TV series.

  • Catalyst: "Catalyst" is Linkin Park's new single from their new album "A Thousand Suns", out on September 14. ok, someone cares! D.

  • #thingsuglypeopledo: People are explaining things that ugly people tend to do. They could have ugly looks or an ugly heart.

  • Cosby Dead: @BillCosby just tweeted at 3:49. He is not dead.

  • Lisa Simpson: In a 1995 episode of the TV series The Simpsons, titled "Lisa's Future", August 1st, 2010 was supposed to be her wedding day.

  • Never Say Never: A motto by Justin Bieber.

  • Linkin Park: linkin park were class almost as good as bross!! lol.

  • Jailbreak: iPhone 4 jailbreak released by @comex.

  • Iraq: Obama gave a speech on Monday in which he discussed winding down major combat operations in Iraq this month.

  • Clinton: Chelsea Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky got married on Saturday, July 31st in Rhinebeck, NY.

  • Niemi: Antii Niemi has been dropped by the Chicago Blackhawks NHL team and replaced by goalie Marty Turco.

  • CLR: It is a weather forecast abbreviation for "Clear".

  • #sharkweek: It's Shark Week for the Discovery Channel. Tune in!

  • Anaconda: Anaconda is a brazillian snake and also is a movie name here.

  • Turco: Marty Turco has been signed by the Chicago Blackhawks NHL team replacing Antii Niemi.

  • Schumacher: Michael Schumacher has been handed a 10 place grid drop for Spa-Francorchamps after a dangerous move on Rubens Barrichello during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

  • Chelsea Clinton: Former President Bill Clinton & Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton and investment banker Marc Mevinsky were married on Saturday, July 31st in Rhinebeck, NY.

  • SINGFEST: SINGfest is a 3 day music festival in singapore happening from the 3rd-5th Aug at the ford canning park. this year it will host acts such as Tokio Hotel, Wonder Girls & Katy Perry.

  • Fried Chicken Flu: The "Fried Chicken Flu" is the name of the 13th episode of Season three of American animated series The Boondocks. The Fried Chicken Flu aired on August 1 in the USA.

  • Keong Racun: Keong Racun or "Poisonous Snail" is a dangdut koplo disco song, now popular in Indonesia after two teens named SINTA & JOJO uploaded their lipsync video on YouTube.

  • #changeselftoelf: People are replacing the word "self" with "elf". Change self to elf.

  • Realigi: Indonesian Reality Show aired on Trans TV every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Night. this is a Hoax TV Show from Indonesia!

  • #your0uwasa0: Another Japanese hashtag.

  • #qanda: Q&A is a politcal forum hosted on ABC1 by Tony Jones with Twitter feeds running below the panel.

  • Barnaby: nutbag National Party senator known gor bizzare actions and comments. appearing in an Australian politicsl panel show -- Q&A.

  • Emerson: Craig Emerson was on the panel during tonight's Australian political forum #qanda.

  • iOS: the operating system for Apple devices such as iPhones, iPod touches and iPads.

  • Starcraft: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty computer game was released Tuesday, July 27th.

  • #breakuplines: People are stating dumb lines to use to break up with someone.

  • Jeremy Kyle: Legalised bear bating on TV. It's format consists of the host Jeremy Kyle presenting "straw men" to the audience so they may boo and hiss together. The strawmen are the ritually burned.

  • Missing Lyric: Missing Lyric is an Indonesian TV show. Jojo&Sinta that sings Keong Racun was there.

  • RMK: Airport weather information in METAR format. RMK is shorthand for "remarks," and is part of the format.

  • #flatstanley: Flat Stanley is a 1964 children's book by Jeff Brown about a boy who is flat.

  • Boondocks: Satirical comedy show based on a comic strip created by Aaron McGruger. Airs on #AdultSwim. Not for the easily offended.

  • Kendo: False rumors of Puerto Rican Reggaeton artist Kendo Kaponi state he's been killed.

  • Kourtney: Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami is a TV show on the E! channel featuring sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.

  • Mad Men: A show taped nowadays based om the 60s. episode tonight.

  • Take Miami: Kourtney and Khloe look for Miami Hurricane players.

  • Khloe Take Miami: Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami is a TV show on the E! channel featuring sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.

  • Shark: a maneating aquatic animal.

  • FHC: Former Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso (also known as "FHC") was interviewed by Marília Gabriela on her Sunday night talk show "De Frente com Gabi". he is trending for his remaks on current president Lula and presidential candidate Dilma Rousseff, backed by Lula.

  • Salmonella: The cause of Fried Chicken Flu. #teamboondocks.

  • Exorcism: Trending because everyone is scared of or is talking about "The Last Exorcism" trailer.

  • Thugnificent: Thugnificent is a character of The Boondocks, which the episode airing now 7/25 is about him.

  • Pastrana: Travis Pastrana is competing in X-Games 16. He does motocross and rally.

  • Last Exorcism: An upcoming movie that appears to be a real spine-tingler.

  • Madson: Small Brazillian Soccer Player. Played today in the match Grêmio x Santos.

  • Don Draper: He's the main character of Mad Men on AMC & Season 4 begins tonight (July 25, 2010). Plus he's a total badass.

  • Dodgers: A mediocre team that was swept in a 3 game series by the SFGiants!

  • Jon Jones: A UFC fighter.

  • Alfonso Herrera: Alfonso "Poncho" Herrera is a Mexican actor and ex-member of the music group RBD. Today "Panico na TV", a Brazilian humor show, aired his meeting with a fan. He was a sweetheart and people are commenting on the episode.

  • Love&Basketball: Everyone's favorite movie that came out 10 yrs ago is now showing on ABC Family Channel.

  • Draper: Mad Men character played by Jon Hamm, trending because tonight is the season premire of Mad Men.

  • #Madmen: The 2nd episode of the season of MadMen on AMC tonight.

  • Okami: The UFC fighter that fights Munoz.

  • Munoz: The UFC fighter that has just lost to Okami.

  • Barros: Pedro Barros is a 15 year old kid from Brazil who just took home the gold medal in Skateboard Park at X Games 16.

  • Pedro Barros: 15 year old Pedro Barros won gold at the XGames skate park finals today.

  • Gustavo Foshi: Trending because he has won immunity from elimination in the Brazilian reality TV show "Colírios Capricho".

  • Sonnen: Chael Sonnen's UFC on Versus 2 Trash Talk to Hype UFC 117 Bout With Anderson Silva.

  • Omar Epps: Trending because Love and Basketball is on TV.

  • Sanaa Lathan: A beautiful woman & talented actress who played a character name moncia wright in Love and basketball.

  • Fernando Prass: Fernando Pass is the the goalkeeper for the Brazilian football team: Vasco da Gama who defended three kicks in the same attack moment.

  • TrueBlood: True Blood is a show on HBO in which the main character, Sookie, is in love with a vampire, Bill. There's also some werewolves, some sex, and some great storylines.

  • Gomi: Gomi knocked out Tyson Griffin in the 1st round.

  • Tyson Griffin: Tyson Griffin was knocked out by Takanori Gomi on UFC on Versus 2.

  • Antonio Nunes: People of the Brazilian show "Pânico na TV" is searching for a guy called Antonio Nunes.

  • FaceTime: Some people are experiencing issues with FaceTime and their MMS on their iphone after jailbreaking it.

  • LatinAmerica♥Biebs: Peru, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, etc... Love Justin Bieber.

  • #happyfriendshipday: People are tweeting their closest friends on Twitter, or things about real friendships.

  • Grêmio Prudente: Gremio Prudente é um time imprudente brasileiro.

  • Rodriguinho: Rodriguinho is striker of the brazillian soccer team Santos FC.Santos is playing against Prudente by the national championship.

  • Formigueiro: Brazilian comedy show TV, hosted by Marco Luque. @MarcoLuque.

  • Arcoiris: That means rainbow in spanish.

  • Chiquititas: remembering Fernanda Souza's song Chiquititas from 1997.

  • Appleby: Stuart Appleby carded a final round of 11-under-par 59 and won the Greenbrier Classic by a stroke over Jeff Overton.

  • Grenal: Grenal is a combination of Gremio + Internacional. Brazilian teams that played today for the national championship.

  • Gol Impedido: Portuguese for "disallowed goal due offside refering to the Corinthians-Palmeiras match for the Brazilian championship.

  • Alan Carr: Alan Carr is a british comedian. Currently trending as his show chatty man is airing in the UK.

  • Elliott: see def for Sadler TT.




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