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June 03
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AUGUST 5, 2010 8:48PM

Aug. 5: Keywords

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  • sytycd
  • k-town
  • so you think you can dance
  • kagan vote
  • k town
  • project vigilant
  • jenn sterger
  • whoopi goldberg  michaele salahi
  • mosque
  • ground zero mosque
  • dodie mccracken
  • kyra sedgwick
  • thrilling train trips: the glacier express
  • housewives of dc
  • sharron angle
  • mortgage rates
  • teen mom
  • parks and recreation john mayer
  • the great typo hunt
  • brett favre jenn sterger
  • bus crash
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  • favre news
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  • regency san marino
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  • the real l word
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  • health care bill dummies
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  • hiroshima
  • us economy
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  • #atayoungage: What did YOU do at a young age?.
  • Emma Watson: Emma Watson has cut off her hair and tweeted about it.
  • Inception: Inception is a 2010 sci-fi action thriller film written, produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio. Inception was released on July 16, 2010 and has international box office grosses of $227M after two weeks in theaters.
  • Kagan: A Senate majority just voted to confirm Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.
  • Dilma: Dilma Rousseff is a Brazilian economist and politician who is running for presidency.
  • Morumbi: Morumba is the home stadium of soccer/football team São Paulo. The semifinals of Libertadores Cup, America's most important soccer/football tournament, will be held there tonight.
  • #whiletwitterwasdown: Twitter was down for maintenance and people tweet about what they're doing when twitter was down.
  • Hiroshima: On August 6th, 1945 the U.S. Army Air Force bomber 'Enola Gay' dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.
  • Arcade Fire: Arcade Fire's third album, entitled "The Suburbs," was recently released. Their show tonight at Madison Square Garden, directed by Terry Gilliam is also being streamed live on @vevo starting at 10 p.m. EST.
  • Naomi Campbell: Arrived to testify in a war crimes trial for the former leader of Sierra Leone. Said she received "dirty rocks" (aka blood diamonds).
  • Baleia Maldita: "Baleia Maldita" means "Damn Whale" in Portuguese. It refers to Twitter's recent overload, when a whale lifted by small birds was depicted.
  • Elena Kagan: A Senate majority just voted to confirm Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.
  • Supreme Court: A Senate majority just voted to confirm Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.
  • Ballenita: Ballenita means "little whale" in Spanish. It refers to Twitter's recent overload, when a whale carried by small birds was depicted.
  • Corin: Contestant taking part in UK Big Brother.
  • #bb11: Big Brother is currently pretty damn intense!
  • Bachillerato: En México los Bachilleratos regresan a clases el 16 de Agosto.
  • #recuerdosdemiinfancia: Stands for 'my childhood memories' so People are talking about their childhood memories.
  • Mistresses: A UK TV series.
  • Thunderstorm: There's an enormous thunderstorm in the northeast United States that's causing abig scare.
  • Lily Allen: Pop singer Lily Allen announces she is pregnant.
  • CEO: BP says CEO Tony Hayward will step down on Oct. 1, to be succeeded by American Robert Dudley.
  • Serra: José Serra is one of the candidates to President of Brazil.
  • Ngog: David N'Gog is a French footballer of Cameroonian descent, who plays as a striker or a winger for Liverpool.
  • Prop: Prop 8 was overturned in the state of California.
  • Peggy: Peggy Mitchell is a character from the UK soap drama, Eastenders.
  • Libertadores: The Libertadores Cup is America's most important soccer/football tournament. Its semifinals are taking place this week.
  • #np: An abbreviated version of #NowPlaying: music being listened to; films being watched; games being played.
  • Isidro: He was a 1 week old baby whose mother was attacked after withdrawing $20k from a bank in La Plata.
  • Chechu: Francisco Javier Flores Gómez, aka Chechu, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Girona FC, as a midfielder.
  • #wcagls: The 2010 Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL.
  • #antmng: Initials for All Noobs Take My Norit Gun. Today is international Call of Duty day from a message going around on the XBox and PS3 servers.
  • Collins: Jim Collins is speaking now at the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit.
  • CLR: It is a weather forecast abbreviation for "Clear".
  • Provocative: Indonesian TV show on @metrotv.
  • #blumenkübel: A flower pot is destroyed. A local newspaper reports. German Twitter explodes.
  • Pompey: Pompey is short for Portsmouth Football Club. They are facing up to possible financial collapse.
  • Arkham: Batman: Arkham City is the name of the second part of the Rocksteady's game Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  • CNT/Sensus: CNT/Sensus is a brazilian poll institute. Earlier today it released a new poll regarding Brazil's presidential election. According to its numbers, Dilma Rousseff (Workers) has 41,6%, José Serra (Social Democrats) 31,6% and Marina Silva (Greens) 8,5%.
  • Last Airbender: The Last Airbender is a movie based on the famous animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. This film has just been released in indonesia.
  • RMK: RMK = ReMuK. Tete nih yang. Tete apaan?.
  • #TwitPict: TwitPict is an app for TwitPic and allows users to take a picture and upload it on Twitter. It is not spelled Twitpict though.
  • Leadership Summit: Started by @billhybels hosted at Willow Creek Community Church the @wcgls is a worldwide christian based leadership conference hosted at thousands of sites around the world.
  • #thingsthatbotherme: People are tweeting about things that bothers them. For example: #ThingsThatBotherMe people who are jealous of justin beiber.
  • Blokir: Dibilangin pelawak dr Indonesia.
  • Keong Racun: Keong Racun or "Poisonous Snail" is a dangdut koplo disco song, now popular in Indonesia after two teens named SINTA & JOJO uploaded their lipsync video on YouTube.
  • Humid: Both coasts & the Midwest have been dealing with extremely high temperature & humidity.
  • Tvone: Indonesian Television channel. Being trending because of shouting the 'Blokir Blackberry'.
  • #ifcelebswerecartoons: People comparing celebrities to cartoon characters.
  • Pakistan: Revently there has been huge floods in Pakistan which have devestated parts of the country. More than 1000 lives have been lost.
  • War Crimes: Naomi Campbell is to testify at a war crimes trial at the Hague, having been gifted a 'dirty diamond'.
  • Se7en: se7en is a korean superstar!
  • Blanc: Laurent Blanc is the head coach of the French national soccer/football team. He has recently announced the caps for the upcoming friendly match against Norwey.
  • Laurent: Laurent Blanc is the new coach of France's national football team and announced his players, leaving off several notable players from the 2010 World Cup team.
  • AO2: METAR is a format for reporting weather information. AO2 indicates that the station is automated with a rain/snow precipitation sensor.
  • Overturned: Judge Vaughn Walker today ruled against Prop 8 as being unconstitutional under Due Process and the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Shark Week: Shark Week is an annual tradition on the Discovery Channel and its offshoots, dedicated to programs about sharks.
  • Short Bus Shawty: Legendary St. Louis Underground Rapper J-Biggs points out youtube video of Soulja Boy Waka Flacka Gucci and OJ da Juiceman.
  • Nolan: Nolan Ryan's group won the bid for the MLB team Texas Rangers.
  • Guten Morgen: 'good morning' on german.
  • Shaq: Boston Celtics sign 4-time NBA champ Shaquille O'Neal, 38 (Reuters).
  • Cuban: Mark Cuban in an attempt to purchase the Texas Rangers.
  • Pretty Little Liars: Pretty Little Liars is a ABC Family TV Show that airs on Tuesday night. It's a big hit of the summer!
  • Santos campeão: It concerns Brazilian football.
  • Neymar: Neymar is a Brazilian soccer player who plays for Santos FC. He is 18 years old and his football style pleases many fans all over Brazil.yesterday Santos was playing against Vitoria (first match of the final of Brazil Cup) and he didn't score a penalty because he tried to make a "cavadinha" and the goalkeeper got it.
  • A-Rod: A-Rod (alex rodriguez) of the new york yankees became the youngest player in MLB history at 35 years old to hit his 600th career home run! Way to go big boiii.
  • Jim Rome: NBA player Shaquille O'Neal challenges radio talkshow host Jim Rome to a fight via Twitter.
  • Avada Kedavra: Avada Kedavra is the Killing Curse, not Spell, its a Curse of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter. People are tweeting about who'd they use that spell on.
  • Golazo: A high caliber goal in Spanish. People are tweeting about goals scored in a soccer match.
  • Padilla: Lost Angeles Dodgers' right-hander Vicente Padilla.
  • Dodgers: They beat the San Dielgo Padres 9-0.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Famous soccer player who plays for Portugal. In tonight's game between Real Madrid and Club America in San Francisco, Cristiano scored the game-winner for Madrid.
  • Marriage Ban: Judge Vaughn Walker rules California's Prop 8 (banning same sex marriage) unconstitutional on Equal Protection & Due Process grounds.
  • Ruled Unconstitutional: California's same-sex marriage ban, Prop 8, was ruled unconstitutional in a US District Court decision.
  • Roriz: Joaquim Roriz is a Brazilian politician who was prohibited from running for governor of Brasília in the elections of 2010 by the electoral court of Brazil because it was determined he was practicing corruption.
  • Judge overturns: A federal judge in California ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional, thereby allowing same sex marriage in California.
  • Vaughn Walker: The Judge who has just recently overturned Prop 8 in the state of California.
  • PAOK: Its a soccer team from Greece, will be competing against Ajax Amsterdam in UEFA champion league pre round.
  • Chicharito: A MexicanT footballer.
  • #cambiochat: Jonas Brothers Live chat On Cambio
  • Stekelenburg: Maarten Stekelenburg, Dutch goalkeeper played for the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup, is playing for Ajax against PAOK, for the UEFA Championship qualifier.
  • Joaquim: A live webcam was set in Sao Joaquim, Brazil showing the snow fall.
  • Suarez: Suarez, a player from the Dutch team Ajax, is currently playing with Ajax against PAOK in Greece for a spot in the final qualifying round for the Champions League.
  • #honestyhour: Has been trending for 3 days. That's 72 hours for you non math majors.
  • Melames: Melon y melames fueron a nadar. Melon se quedo en la orillita y melames en lo profundo... #miercolesdemelonymelames.
  • Ajax: Dutch Tweeps are talking about the match PAOK - AFC Ajax.
  • Brett Favre: Has retired and returned from retirement 17 times. As recent as today.
  • Wiel: Gregory van der Wiel is a Dutch soccer player. He is currently playing with Ajax against PAOK in Greece for a spot in the final qualifying round for the Champions League.
  • Felipe Neto: Felipe Neto is a popular Brazilian videologger. His controversial opinions constantly lead him to the Trending Topics.
  • BlackBerry Torch: RIM's new BlackBerry phone with a touch screen. It also has a Qwerty keyboard. The BlackBerry Torch will be the first BB phone with OS6, the new BB OS.
  • Homerun: Dominican-American baseball player Alex Rodriguez just hit his 600th home run making history.
  • Tiririca: Tiririca is a Brazilian singer and comedian. He is trending because he is now a candidate do the Chamber of Deputies (House of Representatives) of Brazil.
  • A-Rod hits: Alex Rodriguez, the third baseman for the New York Yankees (MLB), hit his 600th career home run during today's game with the Toronto Blue Jays.
  • ARod: Alex Rodriguez, the third baseman for the New York Yankees (MLB), hit his 600th career home run during today's game with the Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Planeta Terra: It's a brazillian music festival by Terra Portal ( People are twitting about the line up.
  • 3rd Anniversary: SNSD (소녀시대 / So Nyeo Shi Dae) or Girls' Generation, a South Korean girl band consisting of 9 girl members are celebrating their 3rd anniversary on August 5th.
  • Barack: happy bday Obama!
  • Wyclef Jean: Wyclef Jean says he will run for president of Haiti.
  • Ahmadinejad: President of Iran and was attacked with a grenade and survived.
  • Lubbers: Ruud Lubbers, former Dutch prime minister and former UN High Commissioner for Refugees. He has led the Dutch coalition talks for a little under 2 weeks, and now has a parliamentary debate about his actions and conclusions.

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