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SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 6:45PM

A history of the term "motherfucker"

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A black man that I used to be very close with here in Kansas City told me something one day that I had never heard before but has stuck with me over all these years. He asked me if I knew where the term "motherfucker" came from? Although it was a phrase I'd used many hundreds of times I had to admit I really didn't know. He said in essence that the children of the American slaves coined this phrase to describe what they saw day in and day out. When the slave "owner" (or his sons, brothers, or uncles etc.) would approach the slave quarters the children would say some variation of "Oh shit, here comes the motherfucker". The ones that rapes Momma in other words.

Folks, that wasn't that long ago.

The motherfuckers are still a force to be reckoned with.

The motherfuckers are the ones who "ain't gonna let their babies be indoctrinated by Obama". God forbid that a "black man" is going to say a thing to their precious white babies. So go ahead, keep 'em out of school Tuesday you stupid motherfuckers.

Oops, was that "getting personal"? Sorry, I can't motherfucking help it.

The motherfuckers were in charge of, and apparently still are, of who is labeled as"black".

The motherfucking plantation running slave "owners" that thought nothing of raping the female African slaves wouldn't own up to the children brought into this world by those un-Godly unions. Those children were relegated to live in the slave quarters and were considered black even though "daddy"might have been descended directly from the Queen of England.

Hell, as far as the motherfuckers are concerned ANY African blood so sullies the gene pool that the poor unfortunate person carrying even a drop of African blood is "black", which by motherfucking definition denotes some kind of inferiority.

Couldn't we argue that Barack Obama is white? Am I correct that his mother, the one that died of cancer poor and uninsured was a caucasian woman? So he is what he is whatever you want to call it if it has to be all about race. I personally call him a smart and compassionate man who genuinely wants to right a few of the wrongs brought about by unbridled cracker capitalism. Does that make him a socialist? Who the fuck cares? Not me... give me some "socialism" if it will balance the playing field...


The motherfuckers want their motherfucking country back and by God almighty above no motherfucking NIGGER is going to get away with this shit (what shit? like help us? yeah, even you asshole).

There, I wasn't going to use that awful term. Anyone that knows me knows I am not racist. But if you think that's not exactly what is being said by redneck gene pool deficient inbreds all over this cracker country than you are sadly mistaken.

I am so saddened and angry by much of what I hear on the news lately. People who are capable of criticle thought see the bullshit for what it is. But, best I can tell there is no breaking through the barrier of hate, fear and flat out ignorance that apparently is still so prevalent in this so called progressive nation.

So I give up. 

Fuck you motherfuckers...

(And before anyone says "Trig, gee, you sure look like a white guy to me. Doesn't that make you a motherfucker too?" Well, we're muts just like all the rest of ya. We have a good amount of "Indian" blood and who knows what all else. Yeah, probably some black too. I can say proudly though that I am not a closed minded racist to the core cracker buttsqueeze.)



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"I can say proudly though that I am not a closed minded racist to the core cracker buttsqueeze."

Not only did I get an education with your post, but also just a really great graphic sentence! love it.
Trig this was one of the most offensive posts I've ever read.
And the more I read, the more I figured out why.
It's offensive because it's true.
And the truth is the racism which still exists in America and which is rearing its ugly head in numerous insidious ways.
I try to deny it. I pray that it's untrue.
But each day I'm afraid. Afraid that this country has taken a giant leap backward from which it might not be able to recover.
The wars are now Obama's wars. The economy is now Obama's economy. Where did this crap come from?
Yes, this is an offensive post.
Thanks for writing it Trig.
Hang in there; I kept hearing it was going to get worse before it gets better. Better is on its way, we just have to be patient. BUT refuse to be silent - you go get 'em Trig! :-)
You are so motherfucking right.
I worked myself up to the point of shaking by the time I finished this.

mypsyche and spotted_mind thank you

Walter, yes, it is offensive. Was meant to be. And you are welcome.

outsidemyself I'm hangin' :)
I didn't discover the word until just after the 2000 Election Trigger.
Unfortunately, I use it more often than ever now.

Iamsurly and KoB thank you both
I agree with Walter Blevins that it's motherfucking offensive that this rant rings so true. rated.
Gosharoonie, Trig, way to let the emm effers have it.

Your fellow mutt.
I have never liked the curse "motherfucker" for the simple reason that it never made any sense. Seeing it in this light opens up whole new worlds of cursing for me. Now that I think about it I know of a lot of Motherfuckers. Motherfuckin' sons of bitches, in fact!
don't let the motherfuckers get you down!
myopia your avatar looks kind of... black. Thank you.

Cap'n Mutt you too my friend.
LifeisSharon I know, when you look at the term in that light it becomes applicable in a lot of situations.

marcelleqb I'm already down... but I still have my fingers with which to type, and my loud mouth.
"So go ahead, keep 'em out of school Tuesday you stupid motherfuckers."
hmmmmm a compelling argument.
or hysterics.
And here I thought you were going to say that definition in the urban dictionary had your picture beside it...
Offensive is not persuasive. But it's different when *you* do it, right?
I always heard that "motherfucker" had it's roots in incestuous relationships.
The word Motherfucker dates back to 1918 and is one of our youngest curse words. Slavery was abolished in 1865.
Apache Savage I hoped you would read this and glad you left a comment and what? even a rating?
You might notice that this "history" was anecdotal. Thanks for doing your research. It was 1918 huh before anyone uttered the first motherfucker huh? As far as the "you stupid motherfuckers"
I stand behind it. You can look THAT up in the Urban Dictionary.
I'll bet Obama considers the plight of Lincoln in 1865; the heat he took from the redneck contingency. I wonder how many times the word nigger lover was thrown around back then?

Of course they might have called him a motherfucker but the term wasn't invented yet. Those slave kids must have called the slave owner rapists something else that meant the same thing.
The motherfuckers need to shut the fuck up as far as I'm concerned. If they don't want to be part of the solution they at least need to stop being part of the motherfucking problem.
These motherfuckers ought to be ashamed of their bigotry and ignorance.
ahhh thank you theo

nana yeah, I'm thinking come up with alternatives that work better or shut thine motherfucking mouths
Yep, that's what I was thinking here Suzanne Freeborn
Prolly. But you have to remember too they learned their "English" from the reddest of the red. You know Banjos and stuff. But I dunno, I think the term they might have came up with would have carried a more hate filled impact, where the word fuck implies consent. I would be filled with hate if I witnessed such an occurrence. But to be honest not even Cunt, the mother of all swear words (13th century but not used as a swear word until the 1790's), could carry enough punch to encompass such rage. But maybe I'm putting too much thought into something that most surely rolled off the tongue with relative ease when faced with such an emotional crisis. I am sure, too, that mothers were not the only victims of rape among the slaves of the time.
*sigh*. well put. rated.
I never knew that and I am the direct descendant of one of those motherfuckers. Oh well, I just give as much grief to racists as I can. In Sacramento, that's easy.
"I am not a closed minded racist to the core cracker buttsqueeze."

Can you translate that back to the Latin? I want to use it as the motto on our family crest.
Just wow everyone else said it all. GREAT post and I am trying to think of a way to use the word and crap I am just not able.........ok one more time.........nope it just won't come out but then again you said it so well so thank you, thank you!
AS you're too damned smart to be an Obama hater but whatever...

alexis james sorry about giving you a *sigh* but thanks for the visit and comment.

Zuma I LOVED your post tonight! Sacramento's a redneck haven huh? I'm sure you're not alone.

Lena Mac thank you :)

don'tblamegrima LMAO about the family crest! Nanatehay might be able to give you the latin on that...

Lunchlady2 you're welcome, you're welcome and thank you :^)
Hi, Trig,
I remember when Obama won the elections, it was a great day for many all over the world, even here in Arg.
My first delighted thought was: " This is so good! How long ago was there black slavery in the USA? And how long ago were black people not allowed to sit on public transportation if a white person wanted the seat? How much have that society grown to support a leader who is not "white", who has the name Barack and who defies the Republican establishment!"... What the American society have achieved at large over your last elections is admirable indeed.
My feeling is that Obama needs more time because in general, it takes much longer to build (or rebuild) than to destroy. Bush and his "motherfucking" entourage destroyed much (not only in USA) in some 8 years, and unfortunately, all that can not be reconstructed overnight.

Excellent post, Trig; I´ve learnt some etymology tonight (!!!)
Whew - might be needing some xanax before next Tuesday is over. Give those motherfuckers hell, Trig.
TP - the anti-cracker!!!

Great post!
Damn, Trig! :)

Hey, if Obama wants to talk to students across the country and encourage them to better themselves, awesome. I do think the "lesson plan" stuff is stupid, why not just discuss it as a class and move on?

All this pissing over a fucking speech is sad.

Pawed, dammit! :)
I understand how writing these types of post are very upsetting to the writer. I experienced the same thing this morning and am still upset over it. You done good here, Trig. Real good.

Usually you can call a person a racist and they will be highly offended. The people you speak of here are proud to be racists. It's like a heritage that is passed down from generation to generation. I don't know if they can ever be reached. I just don't know.

My lineage goes back to a group of tri-racial people from an area in eastern Tennessee called the Melungeons. you can read about them here if you like.
Sub-SararaSaharanan, European and Native American are the three primary blood groups though there are many others mixed in. So, although I'm a white skinned blue eyed cracker ass cracker, I also have African blood coursing through my veins as I'm sure most of us do.
We are all mutts. Period. And we all descendants from Africa. There is no true blood line. Never has been from the dawn of time. That includes the pathetic excuse for human behavior known as the motherfuckers, though it may be a little difficult to convince any of them of that fact.
"But, best I can tell there is no breaking through the barrier of hate, fear and flat out ignorance that apparently is still so prevalent in this so called progressive nation."-- I think you have summed up the whole problem right here in this sentence.
Until our country can break through these barriers of hatred, fear and flat out ignorance we will always have the problems we are having now. I know the country would be a better place to live in, if we could break this barriers, because than everyone would be treated a equals, we are all human beings, no one is better than the other.
The problems that Obama is trying to correct are ones that have come from years of the ones before him. So why are we condemning him, why not keep the blame on the ones who have caused the problems to begin with.
Marcela of Argentina. Well, you could say (we all said) that we have come a long way. At least I thought so. The haters are out in force now though. The wishes and whims of the corporates are fanning the fires under their feet. The motherfuckers are easily swayed because of, at least in part, their racial hatred. They don't see that by supporting the corporations they are cutting their own throats, and apparently, don't really care.

Incandescent it was a hearsay story. The exact origins of the term I don't really know, but it made sense to me when I heard it.

dustbowldiva xanax or maybe heroin might be in order by Tues/Wed.....

bluesurly ok, I'll be the anti-cracker...THX :)

LadyMiko AMEN! Discuss the speech in class and move the fuck on. Isn't that what school is about? Indoctrination... that terminology blows my mind and defies all of what I understand as "intelligence".

Mike you are the voice of reason, you blue eyed white skinned cracker ass cracker. I'm off to check out the Melungeons. Fascinating and thanks man..
Thank you fireeyes.

Now I'm off to bed. Just finished my last cocktail (Tanqueray and lemon pledge, a concoction that Tink turned me on to).

Good night all and remember, don't be a motherfucker.
I'll have the lemon pledge straight up, motherfucker! xox
JK...I'm having...(i'm not going to say it) xox
Nice rant. And I tend to believe your source over Wikipedia as to the origns of the term.
I agree with you on just about everything you've posted here! My husband truly thinks that all this quarreling has to do with racism. The Republicans are just a bunch of racists and are really upset that a black man is our President. Of course they hide behind the "pro-life" issue making themselves look so "holy."
Trig, I was amazed when I read about the "controversy" involving Obama speaking at a Houston public school. Stunned, actually. And the irony is that it's happening at a public, not private, school. To me, the "incident" is more revealing than all the town hall meetings and tea parties. It illustrates a cultural corrosiveness of the lowest order. Thanks for the post.
Trig, I agree with your anger. The derivation of the word that you cite drips horror and pain. Still today, racist motherfuckers are never satisfied. The new thing about the racism thrown at Barack Obama is that it wounds brown, black and white alike with one sling of the mud. When you attack a president who represents the aspirations of millions of people, try to bring him down, the collateral damage extends to the entire country and all races.

Of course the word is older than 1918. The Urban Dictionary and the OED put it in the 13th century. While I'm sure it originated back then as a reference to incest, people adapt words to their social context and change the meaning continuously, and even the perceived derivation. It can be true that it was a term used one way in slavery and a different way among jazz musicians in 1918. For once, I'm not just riffing. I studied linguistics at Berkeley.

Thanks for letting us see you real, real mad, Trig.
I would say something here about some Roman leaders in the olden days to be "Motherfuckers", I won't, as incest isn't funny, unless you say something like, "I'm only joking, incest isn't funny!"

Anyways, I'm still unsure why some folks don't want their children to listen to the President speak, to them? I mean, the Prez back in my day, never did that, but then again, back in my day, we didn't have high speed internet, wasn't even an idea on a piece of scratch paper, hell, the Internet was still a fishing term used on the whaling ship! We'd all gather around as Captain Morton said, 'Grab ye net, and string it intertwined between your hands and your cock and balls!' And we'd go out and internet till the whales were either caught or we just said 'fuck it' and went back to killing whatever color was declared 'killable' at that time.

I shot a lot of purple folks back then!

Anyways, I would think parents would be honored that the President wants to speak to their children. We shouldn't being teaching our children to disrespect our leader. I would have said the same thing if G.W. Bush would have tried to speak to the children, he was our president, duly appointed by some judges in Florida, but still, he was our president.

Same holds true with Obama, he is our president, our leader. If you want, keep your children home from school but still, watch the speech, with them, at your home, and let them make their own minds up.

Stop the hate, stop the shit, don't base your hatred on the color of the skin, because, we are all one color, red, try slicing your wrist and see what color comes out!

Good night and have a better tomorrow!
Damn, I write terrible when I'm sober!! ~:(
I live in the South Trig, so I know of what you speak. And I truly think that much of this Obama backlash is based in racism. It's sad. When I cast my vote I had hoped we'd moved past this.

Every motherfucker should get this under their Christmas tree. I pray that someone could prove that Jesus was a black man and turn the religious right so upside down that they wouldn't know what to do. Motherfuckers. Perfect, trig.
Hmmm...sigh...same old shit, different day. I am so weary. I had such hope. I Will Not go quietly in to darkness and dispair over how completely stupid most Americans are. I will hang on by my finger tips to the open, bright, intelligent people I know and HOPE upon HOPE that the mfers are just louder and NOT the majority.

Please God! Please? Don't leave us now, wallowing in our own muck.

And, Jesus was most certainly a black man. If they can't understand that, how are they to understand health care reform?
Ooooooh boy, lots of comments. Thanks one and all.
I was angry when I wrote this as I'm sure you can tell.
Well, I'm still angry but I hope to be able to direct that
energy towards getting through all this shit and supporting
our President in the monumental fight ahead.
Motherfuckers will be motherfuckers and I guess will
always be around. We must move ahead and drag them
along kicking and screaming it looks like. They'll thank us later
Have a nice Labor Day everyone. I'll be gone for a couple
of days and will return with pictures of happy things...
Amen, baby.
(i'm a work so i'm gonna have to leave it at that for now:)
A couple of weeks back someone posted on the local community website for my home county in Scotland, about the preponderance of Scottish names among the black (Afro-Caribbean) athletes representing the UK at the World Championships. I had to enlighten them that this was due to a preponderance of Scots (or Scotch Irish) among the overseers on plantations. A lot of Scots went to both the US and the British colonies in the Caribbean to get rich. I managed to turn a flippant discussion into a pretty serious one. The consensus was that this was a chapter in our history about which we have to feel some shame. The one guy who would have dissented was out of it because he's been sin-binned for some racist comment on another topic.

Making a mental note never to get in a cussing contest with Trig...
I was 25 before I ever heard my father use that word. Up to that point I didn't think he even knew the meaning. It was a different time.
Now please... the history of the term "sonnabitch!"
Woot! Woot! You make a girl proud.
Woot! Woot! You make a girl proud.
Woot! Woot! You make a girl proud.
You know Trig, ol buddy. I wish there were more like you in this country.

You know where I was raised, in the 1950s and 60s, the battle lines for the Civil Rights movement were drawn in the red clay dirt of the south.

I'm old enough to have seen the "motherfuckers" take advantage of blacks, but refuse to let them drink from the same water fountains, sit at the front of the buses. I remember seeing "shanty-town, so poverty-stricken the homes had cardboard rather than lapboard or bricks on the outside of their homes. Any know how, like Kansas, fucking cold Oklahoma can get in the winter and how stifling hot it can be.

My brother-in-law and his mother are relics of white trash, 1950s style. On top of that, the brother-in-law is an utter moron, living with and off of dear old mommy at 54 years old.

They recently went to England where he constantly shot off his mouth about "niggers" and "sand niggers." I felt embarrassed for the stupidity he represented America with.

The idiot even entered into an argument with a cabby, telling him that Henry Ford invented the automobile. It's no wonder we're often called Ugly Americans. God, I took pleasure in correcting the dumbass, especially showing him that a "Dumb German nigger" has been given credit for inventing the auto - a guy named "Daimler."

He still refuses to believe it today. Now, who's the "dumb nigger?" I'd love to punch the idiot in the mouth every time he uses that word, but he uses it so often, I'm sure he'd be missing all his teeth by now.
Fuck all you liberal motherfuckers. There are bigger issues to worry about than Fucking racism. First of all, that nigger has ran this country in the ground. I ain't saying that the economy wasn't bad when he got in, but all that stupid motherfucker has done is make it worse. Last time I checked this is a free country and if people want to dislike the president, they are free to do so. Another thing, why does everybody always revert back to talking about racism or slavery every time someone disagrees with the president. Slavery is illegal now, and no one alive today has ever been a slave. You can't just go around thinking that the world owes you something because you are black and at one time black people were slaves. I don't owe you anything. I take that back, you are slaves. Slaves to the democratic party. You vote for them expecting handouts and even playing fields. Thats bullshit, get off your ass and get a job. You just can't see that socialism does not fucking work, and that you are the minority. America may be socialist for now, but we will fix this shit yall have created. Fuck all of you. Yall are just as racist as the "dumb rednecks" yoiu were talking about. If people want to be racist then they can, but your definition of racism is skewed. Disagreeing with a black person is not racism, Hanging a black person would be racist. Fuck you Trig or whatever your fucking name is, and fuck all the rest of you liberal motherfuckers!