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DECEMBER 14, 2009 10:56AM

Men are assholes but Women are vicious

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I got into a little argument the other day about the eternal battle of the sexes.The subject? Between women and men, which are the bigger assholes? Being the male in the conversation I of course stood up for the testerone team.

I argued thusly: The male of our species are the ones generally considered to be born with a large red A on our foreheads. However, there is no way that even the most practiced kingpin asshole male can match the pure viciousness of the fairer sex; especially, but not limited to, the way they treat each other!

Having previously worked in a female dominated office setting I witnessed this firsthand on a daily basis. Ahhh, the lipstick jungle! Men, admittedly, can be atrocious backstabbers, but we can't hold a candle to the ladies. MEOW! HISS! Hell, the girls skip right past the backstabbing thing and move directly to frontal stabbing. I submit this evidence (click on the vid).

I love Animal Planet, but I have come to the conclusion that animals in the wild have nothing on the women of suburbia. Women, and animals in the wild, are both vicious and instinctive wild and natural predators. But at least animals hunt for the benefit of the pack. When women take down their prey it means, for the most part, that someone else in the tribe is going hungry that night.

Why do women constantly turn on each other like reality show contestants? The poor woman in the office that happens to be attractive is the constant victim of ridicule and gossip by the other ladies that might be older or less pretty. And no, not just behind her back. Barbs are sometimes veiled as compliments, given with a slight sneer or a subtle roll of the eyes. Like "oh honey, that dress is so pretty! You can barely notice the weight gain", or "that outfit would really work if you weren't so flat chested". 

Of course the woman in question likely gets positive attention from the males in the office which automatically makes her "the company whore".

I am not scared of wild animals but a poisonous snake in the wild will get wide berth from me if I'm hiking. I will give it all due respect while admiring it's beauty and acknowledging the threat of it's fangs. But an angry woman, sigh, can make me shiver to the core of my soul.

And yes, I understand that men in general are often times jerks.... and worse. I'll leave it to the women here to rip me a new ass in commentary!                    


                                       My new avvy, the uncropped version.








Bonus from Auckland New Zealand. This hysterical video should be a lesson to all men.



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Ahhh, nice pecs and lats. Mmmm mmm.
Ha Ha Ha!
Great work on the "full-body-av."

And you know I agree with you--I'd rather have 20 men in my life than 20 women.
Yes, we women might get a little physically violent, but it's the mind mess that we bestow upon men that can make them beg for death.
And that video! I don't understand how anyone could just sit and watch that chick beat the CRAP out of the other one. Whoa.
PS- nice ass.
I think in both male and female - it's the quality and depth of the person and has nothing to do with their gender. I try not to turn on anyone even when they hurt or make me angry. At the same time, I have felt the need to protect myself in situations and I usually choose to turn away...what others choose to do and how they behave is up to them...I have met and know many wonderful women who do not engage in the type of behavior you describe...I also know men who are not assholes...there is nothing wrong about being selective in the company kept - I would rather be alone than in bad company...the quote below keeps coming to mind in all kinds of contexts including the context of your post - this quote goes for male and female company alike:

"An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind." -- Buddha
Ya fancy a little Kipling? (And don't tell me you've never kippled.)

"Man's timid heart is bursting with the things he must not say,
For the Woman that God gave him isn't his to give away;
But when hunter meets with husbands, each confirms the other's tale—
The female of the species is more deadly than the male."

But I still prefer the company of women, myself.
men compete with each other, women compete with each other for men. the ones who won't admit it can't be trusted by either sex.
espritgui, yes... I work out, and wax weekly.

s_m, so you are in agreement? Yeah, the Av. It's a true work of art ehh.

rosie.. YEAH, the mind mess! And yes, it goes both ways. I'm still thinking that our females are more skilled in this regard.

Boanerges1.. thanks for Kippling me. Perfect!

BenSen. well said sir.
I haven't seen ass-whippings like that since my first wife caught me cheating. Damn, Trig, now I'm scared to go outside!
I haven't really had "great" experiences with women over the years --- from "friends" who stole my boyfriends to "friends" who didn't have my back. Maybe I deserved some of it, maybe I didn't. The truth is that I find this behavior strange and disheartening because I have always been the loyal friend. As I've gotten older, I have maybe 3-4 real friends. I no longer waste time trying to get my old friends to come back to my camp even when they were the ones who betrayed me. (I'm not even sure why I tried.)

Yes, men can be just as ruthless. But there are some really good ones.

I too like substance in friends. These are the ones who talk about ideas and things and leave the gossip to the hens.

A very surprising avatar, btw.
OOOPS... Leonde D. I know that you just got mind fucked by deceptive man. What I have written is full of generalizations.
Trying to raise controversy here I suppose, but your points are well taken here. Thanks:)
I'm happy living in a man's world because guys have yet to realize that we own all the real estate. They're just renting. Seriously, women are hardest on each other. My best relationships have always been with men.
Some people are mean and vicious. I don't feed into the gender bias either way. I have good friends on both sides. Nice ass.
LOL Scanner... that beauty shop scene is rather eye opening isn't it. I'd rather defend myself from a rabid pit bull attack.

Miss Adams says "I too like substance in friends. These are the ones who talk about ideas and things and leave the gossip to the hens." And yes, there are plenty of humans on both sides of the gender aisle that are top quality people. However it's impossible to get through life it seems without dealing with those like I described here, and as you have described from your personal experiences.
I take exception with what Ben know my situation and I chose NOT to compete with a woman for a man. If a woman finds herself in a position where she has to compete for a man, the man is NOT worth it. My idea of good and healthy competition is a bench press contest, writing competition, getting clients in a tough and competitive market, beating out the competition when I open my internet cafe to get the market share of customers...these are competitions that are worthy of my time and energy - something at the end that is totally for me and will not hurt anyone else in the competing...I had a fabulous time in Charlotte...alone...meeting great people both male and female...and being happy without stress. I really have concerns about generalizing on gender roles. Very narrow and limiting...I refuse to play these roles defined by others...
Donna C. Funny--- yeah, we males are just the tenants and laborers. The gals own the real estate. I've heard MANY women say over the years just what you said here; that they prefer the company of men.

Rita:) True True... and thanks about my new ass.
Leonde... I totally get ya. And once again good for you for NOT putting up with that guys crap, and enjoying your trip anyway. AND I wish you much success with the internet cafe and all your other dreams and aspirations.
The video evoked a period in the 6th grade during which I was continually molested by a tall, powerful classmate by the name of Safronia Reed. She'd rip off my hat, pinch me, punch me; she seemed obsessed with harming me. I credit Safronia with instituting my masochistic relationship with women.
there are baddies on both sides. i just don't play with either one. life's too short for games (unless it's wrestling for who gets to be on top).

very nice ass. very.
MonChariot... Saffronia? Oh my. Have you written about this?

femme.. once again, yes, I speak in generalities here. Glad you approve of my muscly avvy.
Men are so much more in touch with their feelings than women who are only interested in sex.
J B....... I KNOW!

Kyle attagirl!!! Yes, we are amateurs. No, I don't want to piss off (another) woman, ever again.

I've always been "one of the guys" even though I am female. There is a grand total of ONE woman that I "get along" with for longer than the time that it takes to say "hello" and she and I share a brain.

I *tolerate* women... but I absolutely love the male of the species and how much EASIER they are to get along with.
That is one hellacious tukis. What was this about again?

Oh yeah, woman can be vicious in ways men can't even conceive of. I know from whence I speak.
Women can shape shift into Medusa when pissed enough.:)

Nice avatar, but I KNEW that wasn't your ass, hehehehehe!

I hear what you're saying, but I try to surround myself with the kind of women that aren't vicious.
Mrs. Raptor. I've known many women who like you had ONE female friend.

Cap'n I know... preaching to the choir. Yes, nice tukis.. LOL

Lady Medusa.. I mean Lady Miko--- thanks!:)

Caroline, yes, we ARE free to choose who we associate with aren't we.
I can shapeshift into Medusa if I'm even mildly grumpy *grins* Takes me about a millisecond.

I'm like MrsR. She's about the only woman I've ever known who I haven't wanted to brain within 30 seconds of meeting for being a bitch.

Plus, as she says, we share a brain. She'd know fast if I was gonna brain her =))
Ha! You don't need to be ripped a new ass. You have quite a perky one in your avatar. :)

The thing I like best about men is that there are rarely gray areas with them; you tend to always know where you stand with them.

@John Blumenthal - Bwahaha!
hourglass.. lmao. I am in awe of female humans. awe tempered with a healthy dose of pure fear.
Men can be asshole and many are, but there are nice ones out there. I would rather have a bunch of men for friends then a bunch of women. Women can be so vicious, ridicule, rude, spiteful, just down right mean. I feel that they can be worse then a bunch of men. Which I have witnessed in "real life" and also here on OS. This last month I became the "fall guy" the "scapegoat" to a few women here on OS, because of something that happened, and where I did nothing wrong in the game or to them.
But I do agree that with you that women are worse then men.
That being said great post..
Nice pecs. The office is a jungle... the males shuck the spear and the females cook the office vamp.
The wise philosopher disguised as a comedian tackled this sensitive subject. "Who are bigger liars, men or women?" The audience is divided, mainly because it seems to be half men and half women. He goes on to say (and this is from memory so I could be screwing this up), "Men lie more, women are bigger liars. Men lie about where they go after work...cuz men usually need to go for a drive, go get a drink, have a smoke. So they lie about not coming straight home from work. Women lie less but they are bigger liars. They lie about things like, "It's Your baby!" The war between the sexes seems doomed to last forever.
firm, round, just right for the holidays! You win the best icon award!!
FE. I asked you to not leave comments after you wrote a blog portraying me as a pathetic alcoholic screaming for help from the bottom of a bottle. You choose to disregard me. Fine.

Zen Haitian. Were you the cooker or the cookee? Hilarious.

Kyle D. exactly! THAT would put fear in the hearts and minds of the most hardened Talibani. A bunch of PMSing, menopausal vicious bitches... I'm thinking send Elin Nordegren with a set of golf clubs too.
"Men are assholes but Women are vicious"

Pretty much, though there are plenty of men who are both. Not many men need to worry about getting a broken jaw from their spouses.

Rated, and rated again for Mary's comment referencing Chris Rock.
why is it worse amongst women? it's all about the pecking order - people are much like chickens - and while a man may be lower down, amongst women, he's still above the women (society's rule, not my belief). It's animal behavior.
You want vicious? Go into the gay community. Everything from ageism to racism and everything in between. Someone mentioned substance when looking for friends. Substance is more important than the gender of the person. I've had more straight friends than gay friends! Great piece. One of your best!!
I also wonder what Ramesh would say. I miss him...
Hey Mary T. Long time no see here at MY blog! Yeah, it's an eternal battle isn't it. Your comedians story is hilarious. Truth makes the best humor.

berrycomposer... I'll take that. First thing I ever won...YAY

Nanafeminist. "Pretty much, though there are plenty of men who are both. Not many men need to worry about getting a broken jaw from their spouses."
Well, I worried about that, daily.

And uh oh.... I forgot Lisa Kern...dammit! thanks for stopping here. I'm surprised frankly with all the agreement from the fem side of the aisle.

marcelleqb you hit the nail on the head right there. We are animals. Fairly smart animals but animals nonetheless.

Luis G. I've heard that about gay males. I've had several gay friends over the years. That's what they've told me.
s_m I damn near did this from a Ramesh like viewpoint, or style. But damn, we must respect the dead.
Trigster, I haven't been around much at all so my big apologies!!!
Hello, that's the only comment I can think of that won't get me killed. And it might.
It aweright Mare:)

Leonde YES

Bob.. Yeah, I get ya. But thanks for reading.
It aweright Mare:)

Leonde YES

Bob.. Yeah, I get ya. But thanks for reading.
at last. an os avatar perfectly matched with the os personna behind it.
Lena M... ahhh thanks!
Oh man, Trig. They cooked me up and served me up for lunch!
Trig, I recently went back to work as an ER nurse. After two weeks on the job, I had to sit down and wonder as to how I could have ever forgotten.... what it felt like to work with a bunch of women. I truly had not remembered how much discussion EVERY person, event, thing, manager and change warranted! Don't get me wrong, not all of the conversation was catty or unnecessary, there was just so MUCH of it.
Trig I couldn't agree with you more. And just to let you know this is hard to write one handed. ;) Yes, woman are vicious and cold hearted must I add. Not all, but many. Why is this? I have not yet figured it out. And also, nice guys will always finish last. That's why I admire you friend. ~tears~

~turns tv to the Brady Bunch~
there is an old saying, "Women are evil, and men that are evil are just ones that are in touch with their feminine side"
It might just be true but as another old saying goes, "Women you can live with them, and you can't beat them to death and bury their bodies in your back yard...." or something like that.

Best of luck in the world where the fastest growing group in the top percent of the corporate world is female.
I agree, there IS nothing like it when the claws come out. Here's a tame example from a former office administrator who always had something up her ass (no offence Trig). I had just gotten a new hair cut. Nothing too much different, hardly even noticeable, really. I walk in the office unfortunately greeted by her and she says in her biggest voice. "Oh why did you do that? I just liked it the way it was before." Now if that ain't a back-handed compliment !
It wan't so mean but the intent behind it was.
But here's a word of advice you guys need to pay a lil' compliment to the other women too not just the youngest and prettiest.
Yeah, women know where to hide the bodies as well, men, we just sort of let them build up!!! :)
Both women and men are competitive, just in different ways. Women can get at you with pin-point accuracy because they use their "people skills" against you. Not all of course but it seems to be the general rule. Men, God love 'em, seem to be the blunter instrument.

Great ass.
Very creative with that av!
I can't stand the pettiness of women. But try having more than a 30 second conversation with a man about which shoes look better or the deep meaning behind someone's words and they're outta there! So I'll say women are better for those long, drawn-out, meaningless conversations we love and men are better for everything else!
One sweet little ass! The cartoon version is hilarious! Buns of glory! Your new avvie is bootilicious! Oh dear me...your topic sounds like a "man scourned." usually heard the other way around. Everyone has a story, right?! Her story. His story. And then, the truth?! Adam and Eve started this whole gig off with the disobedience in the garden...thus, it's no picnic for men and women today! Inheritied times. And other times? Just pure bliss and peachy keen.
Aww, c'mon. I've run a company for 20 years and no employee has ever heard me raise my voice. There are better ways of getting ahead; men just aren't as interested in watching them.
Men beat each other up and they're being men.
Women do the same and they're being vicious.

Talk about the female fist fights and women will say "that's why I like men better"

Dumbass isn't gender specific. It's found in both genders.
Safer to be an introvert.

Incidentally, says the boyfriend in the window was behind it all. No surprise. Look up girl fights on youtube and most of them are fighting over guys. You'd think males were in short supply or going obsolete or something.

Yep. No shortage of dumbass out there.
(no pun on the avatar intended.)
You are not right in the head, boy. I am looking at a White woman's fake boody, and that is not right.

But you are right, women can be downright mean and vicious with words. They terrorize with words.
There are definitely these kind of women. We are not all this way. I've been the "victim" of salacious, malicious, gossip and lies from women posse's out to get me. Yes, they run in posse's. They can't do it alone. I don't understand this kind of thinking. I love my friendships with women. We are honest, open, enjoy great senses of humor and aren't afraid to acknowledge each other's gifts. We are not threatened. I think it comes down to not men vs women, but to folks. Some folks are just plain mean spirited and spiteful. They seem to have a hole inside -- full of fear. And when someone is out to get me, I don't see their power, only their fear.
Lori S. thanks for the read and comment

lionspride welcome to the testosterone team

priest 1913.. good luck to you too

Scarlett Sumac, cheers backatya

ame i--- very interesting

Tink.. good point:))))

Dear Reader "Men, God love 'em, seem to be the blunter instrument." UH HUH!
Karin G. I drew that on my etch-a-sketch

JustCathy dahlink ~ once again, we all have free will to choose who we hang out wit' don't we. Thanks for weighing in, and admiring my ass too.

High Lonesome, you, like most of the women on here don't fall into the category that I wrote of here. You are very cool. Like you when you waded into that frozen creek to save the photographer. Beyond cool:)

Ranting Boomer. But why do women fight over men? Like you said, no shortage of dumbasses to choose from

Zumaboody, terrorize with words. Well men do it too. I know you recognized my attempt at humor here.

Joan Wilder... what a great summation
"Some folks are just plain mean spirited and spiteful. They seem to have a hole inside -- full of fear."
Um. Trig? I did not give you permission to use that picture of my arse as your profile pic. I distinctly remember _not_ giving you permission to do that. In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't even know how you got that picture of my arse. Could you take it down? You don't want to make my arse angry. Really. It's ugly. Trust me.
Dewey Red... done deal, it's gone. No, I wouldn't want to make you mad..
I love both my male and my female friends. I appreciate them both. I wouldn't want to live in a world where there was only one gender!
Trig! You're changing before our very eyes in ways I never would have imagined. You're going to need some major underwire for those puppies, they look explosive!
I have always thought that Ben Sen's theory is so much sexist BS. So that probably, according to his theory, makes me someone you shouldn't trust.

And I really don't care if you do anyway. I didn't compete for men in my life. I didn't see the point. If you 'got' a man by competing for him, when would you ever really feel the competition was over? Who wants to sign up to live with that kind of insecurity? It's just crap. At some point you just want to get on with your life in the company of reliable and interesting partners.

I don't subscribe to your theory either. I think people behave badly when they don't know who they are, what they want, or what their life is worth. Behaving badly is part of a series of bad decisions for which the bad actor doesn't want to be responsible.
There is a reason men can usually outrun women and it has nothing to do with lions on the Serengeti. The guy in the video needs to learn that.
Oh. And people don't like to think of themselves as animals, but when it comes down to it we are. Fancy animals, but still animals.
I could kick those fat girls asses?..................maybe, maybe not. I dont want to find out.
This new avatar in an insult to OS. How dare You! (Where did you get it? hah)
You ain't right in the head Trig.
That new avatar is giving me the creeps.
Thanks for returning your avatar to the regularly scheduled program...
That avatar was breathtaking.
I think that if you are careful, you can find women without claws. I hate to say it, but the less preoccupied women are with how men value them (and what men value them for), then the less likely they are to treat good-looking women like crap. I just won't have catty friends. If someone has nothing better to do than make snide remarks, I always remember that they will be making those about me to someone else. I change the subject or avoid them whenever possible.
Love the new avvy! But I'm horribly jealous of anyone with a fine ass, and as you are now the possessor of a better ass than mine, I will have to hunt you down and...hmmm...fondle it.
There must be some evolutionary explanation for this behavior. Let me know if you figure it out.