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JUNE 2, 2010 2:42PM

Pussy for sale: young, fairly clean, CHEAP!!!

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I do believe there is a good chance she is even a virgin! No guarantees however; we all know that the young'uns start much earlier than they did back in the old days.

Warning: this pussy is cute alright, but has an odd habit of attacking your feet and head when you are asleep.

She doesn't eat much.... yet, but her appetite will most certainly grow as she becomes fat and spoiled.

I'm thinking she will be fully capable of breeding by the end of summer. Think of all the money you can make as a pussy rancher.

And when I say cheap, I mean cheap. FIVE DOLLARS.............

..........or best offer.


OK, free.




Hell, I'll even cover your gasoline to get here...






Like my pimp hat don't ya!

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First come, first served!
Will it catch moles?
(the kind that are in the ground)
I think this post is gonna cause some hissy fits...
Free? I'LL TAKE HER!! ;)
I always love a good pussy double entendre.
awww, hope someone adopts her :) your brother needs a cat, right?
The kitty kills your macho look.
You shameless pimp! Hope someone needs some pussy. We have a gaggle of them so count me out.
That pussy looks like a handful to me. I think she looks great on your head.
Ahhh JEEZ. Look at my new avatar. Smurf stylists!

And we have a four hour feed on the front page with a lengthened list of participants. Pimp Palin is not on there though, dammit.

Now, where did my little pussy go?
*shakes head laughing* You are so obnoxious....
The cat is clearly insane.
Then I had a closer look at the avatar ...
I opened this up just to scold you, and so I will. Shame on you for almost false advertising!
Has anyone even been as far as to decided as to go want do use even look more like?
Trig , I couldn't see the avatar, so saved to my photoshop, it zoomed in quite nicely, now I can't get rid of it..... just what I wanted.....
What happened to the dancing potatoes, life was so innocent then...
We could have combined posts! Your pussy is adorable too....good luck finding her a home, although she looks very comfortable where she is..
That's one sweet pussy . . . here kitty, kitty, kitty . . .
I'm flagging this filth! And calling PETA! They will spay and neuter her, then probably do some other mutilation thinking that they are soooo much smarter than the rest of us.
Thanks for visiting pimp's pussy pavilion..

OS is driving me fucking berserk. It literally takes two to three minutes to get somewhere new every time I click. So I'm going to let it rest for a while and do something productive.
I hear in Canada you can sell a pussy like that for $12,000.
You could be a pimp for the SPCA ..They would love you pimpin out their animals..
Rated with hugs and meows
Gawd, I miss Lorraine and Jane.
I'm biting my tongue here, really I am, so I'll just say ...
AAaaaawwwww cute.
Oh! That pussy. I thought you meant the one occupying your avatar space; throw in the Smurf's and it's a deal. R
Yep, I feel cheated. :)
She's a babe! YOU, on the other hand, are WAAAY naughty!
am i the first to welcome you to the fashionista club with your matching hat and shirt? stylin', dude. and you even kinda match the kitty.

she's mine. i love those paws.
If I didn't live on a road with three lanes of traffic, I'd be over in five minutes to get her.....
What a love!
One thing is certain...Someone needs to rescue her from you...ya know how they say pets come to resemble their owners? Well?
The pussy is gone now. Sorry folks. She/he/whatever.. has a new home with BlindDogJohn and Terry the dog.