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JUNE 23, 2010 11:50PM

Hot woman with spider in panties

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girl with tarantula in panties















 Yep, I figure this post will get a lot more attention than the one that I spent 3 days writing... before this one. People are generally more interested in girls with spiders in their panties than some crap somebody wrote.



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It worked. But why didn't anyone tell me you had a post you spent 3 days writing? I'd have read it dammit.
Works for me.

Now get rid of the spider...

then the panties...
Creep picture. Missed post will read.
I meant creepy! Now I did say that Barton is a felcher, thought you'd like that word, right up your alley so to speak.
P.S. I did read your prior one, but I wanted to read the prequel before commenting.

P.P.S See I AM "keffa" before I open my big mouth... it's afterwords, that I'm a shrill bitch!
BTW, Trig is that one of your life sized condoms in the corner of that picture?????
Is that a spider or a crab?
Hey, I wanna read the other post. That pic is creepy :) Now I'm gonna have panty raid nightmares!

The creepy part is I think the spider is heading downward but I don't know. Gak!

Stellaa is my hero today!
I understand they taste like chicken.
Sorry, I missed the story. I just finished it and enjoyed. I was there for part one. The spider....I have nothing.
I wonder if a certain actor and a gerbil would have the same sort of appeal...
Is the spider, going down? The implications, the horror. It looks so much like a hand. The hand we want in our pants but really it's a spider. Oh no.
Interspecies porn! I'm telling!

And you are right about the junk winning over the three days of writing article!
Just two legs coming out of a pair of knickers is sufficient thank you very much
EeeeeGads! I will read your post; I promise! R-
So if I refuse to read your serious posts...will you post more photos of hot girls? I'm so torn now...
Kinda cute. Of course, I'm identifying with the spider.
I wish I hadn't seen this - gives me the creepy-crawlies!

In all seriousness, I clicked because I was SURE that if anyone had a story worth reading about a hot woman with a spider in her panties, it would be trig palin. Now I feel like you should spend three days coming up with a story about this - without pictures, please!
Thank God you are back to Trig, I thought a serious writer had taken his place and here would be no more BigDaddy or robot movies. I loved your first chapter and I will read the next, because I really some things are good in panties, spiders are not.
#I really 'think" some things good in panties.Spider had me all shook up.
some things ARE good in panties ... sheesh - how come It's always me that has to clean up around here ?

What Amy said : lose the pants, turn her around a bit, and let's get serious here.
Curiosity got the best of me!
Good lord.. I am choking on my cereal here..
You got my attention
rated with hugs
Obvious to me that the spider is going down. Wish we could see her face.
Thank you those who went to the other post. Hope my point was well taken. I can write a meta post in 5 minutes (and have) that will get 50 or 100 comments. No wonder people do that all the time.
What other post ?
You do other stuff ?
Yes Kim... and I've been wondering if I somehow offended you here lately (?)
Would appreciate your critique. Please follow the link in the intro to part one first. The two of them together can be read in five minutes or less I'm sure. Admittedly, part one is better.
Trig, we need a robot movie, things are too boring around here.
We all read your story, how about a robot movie for the weekend viewing.
Trig..I CANT BELIEVE >>I BIT !!lol
Trig, I'd like to hear the story of how the spider got in her panties...At least I think I would. :)

Tell me you didn't post this before you came over today? And I assured my family that you were NOT deranged. By the way, I read your story and loved it. Three days of solid effort paid off, baby! Now, can you post something a tad less disconcerting?
Peter Parker is a shape shifter
I like your crap, especially when there's a pretty girl or spider or something.
@RickTresa: "I understand they taste like chicken."

I wonder what the spider tastes like?