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SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 6:20PM

Why do young girls dress like hookers? For Dear Reader

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This post was inspired by Dear Reader...

Why do young girls dress like hookers?

A) Maybe, just maybe, it's because they were taught to do that from birth.

B) Maybe it goes deeper, straight to the DNA given them by Yahweh the Sky Daddy.

Or, a combination of both? I would argue nature over nurture, or at least that nature is the stronger influence.


But, back to A) 

'Ah, look at you. You are soooo pretty. Let me brush your hair and put lovely ribbons in it. Someday the young men will be fighting each other for the chance to marry you! Want to play with my cosmetics? That is so cute!'

The girls that don't willfully fall into this model of behavior are told that they will never catch a man. 'Want to be an old maid?'

Brings up the question of course of 'why should I have to catch a man? Sounds like a disease! I am just as smart as them (smarter than most even), just as strong.'

'Why? Because we as a society say that you must!What is 'a society' and why should you care? Silly silly questions! Now go and put on your prettiest dress for supper. You know Daddy likes that. We must please Daddy.'

Ain't sayin' this is not sick people and my mock-up may be more representative of the previous generation. Might be.


Now B) What did the cavemen do?

Dragged their subservient wenches into the cave?

Yes, that's it!

Why did that happen? Because women knew their roles! Very possibly, at that point they didn't intellectualize the 'whys' as I'm sure the rock headed men didn't either. It was the way they rolled, but be assured that even then, in the whatever paleontoligal period that I'm speaking of, that the girls were in competition for the strongest studliest man in the cave, asshole that he may have been (face it guys, he was an asshole!)

Why did the girls go pick red berries to blush their cheeks with (according to Jean Auel's "Clan of the Cave Bears" chronicles at least... ah, Ayla!)?

 Ayla was smart, yet hookerish!


They were the early version of today's "young girls dressing like hookers." There is a functionality there people!


So. Nature? Nurture? Combination of the two? 


This may be a controversial subject.



Damn, I hope so! 




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Man Trig, I still say it is because Walmart and Target says go ahead..
Oh yeah and it's those damn Bratz dolls..:)
Rated with hugs

a) You seem to be suggesting that women are to blame for men taking advantage of women.

b) Clan of the Cave Bear was not historical fiction. It was just good ol' made up bullshit fiction.

Let the controversy continue.
Oh--rated for controversy.
Children are the truest reflection of a society. We whore ourselves out more every day.
Starts with the word Hook: used for fishing and catching. Women are encouraged by everyone to hook for everything they get, including when they don't get the promotion they worked for. Men are programmed to "give in". Women know that it matters less to a prospect what you do or think than what you look like. Hookers think they have more men to choose from, which they may, but they probably have to throw a lot of fish back.
I have found there are men who firmly think in the saint and prostitute vein of women, and that's too bad. They are always using money to buy forgiveness or favors instead of just acting better. They usually like hookers, except when they realize that love is not actually on the women's minds either.
Clan of the Cave bear even got so far as having prostitute women at the big gatherings. That might have been a stretch...
R for reality check, and thanks for noticing.
Nah, not controversial at all. Neither is that fact that you are a Neanderthal douche bucket for basing your premise on "Clan of the Cave Bears". We should just be grateful you didn't pick "Wizard of Oz" and decide that we're all munchkins. ::eye roll::
What I want to know is, why do some young girls continue dressing like hookers when they go to school? Or work?
I understand completely the impulse to sex it up when you go out for an evening. Just because a girl dresses that way for a night out doesn't mean she's easy or that she'll give a blow job to any guy who wants one.
But why do so many young girls still dress that way at school or in a professional environment?
I know that they do. I attend a community college and many of the younger female students dress rather scantily and with a significant amount of make-up when they come to class.
And what's with the stripper shoes in the office?
The last number of offices I worked at were full of women wearing what looked to me like stripper shoes with their professional attire. Admittedly, the rest of the outfit was usually pretty modest, but those shoes! I don't get it.
One young lady told me it was to "show the guys what they couldn't have".

I saw the most amazing lady getting into her car in front of the restaurant where were were dining on the patio. I wasnt the only one who saw here. Every table did a swivel head in her direction and several of the men sighed audibly. Her boobage was awesome. Not gross but just absolutely delightful. There is nothing like a pretty lady. The hooker look can be good when it is not taken to extremes. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman proves my point.
Uh, is this movie available in 3D?
Linda, you have assuredly provided many a hooker uniform; Bratz dollz?

Ken. You get points for grabbing directly onto the gist of this!

ANFSCD... your thoughts parallel mine, except for that it's nothing new.

Ms. Bowl (I like calling you that if you haven't noticed)
"They are always using money to buy forgiveness or favors instead of just acting better." Personally? I have resolved to acting 'better.' I believe it's the easiest way forward. And I do adore women!

Amy... whateva munchkin!
This is wrong on so many levels that I am speechless.

It was funny though.

i'm with nick. horrifyingly funny? there must be a better way to say this.

commenting on this *at all* only because it's you, trig,
and peace to all,
candace (not otherwise known as a church lady)
*don't* get all riled up, amy. i'm just kidding around.
One of the funny things about open salon is that it seems to have an unusually high quotient of sensitive men, who love women and act better. I suspect the neanderthal hooker lovers that I mentioned are too busy buying Axe products and working on PUA lines than actually reading, writing, or thinking. The Situation is on Dancing with the Stars. I believe the only thing this man has contributed to modern society is his penchant for exposing his well developed abs. And he gets millions for this. Wonder if he likes girls dressed like hookers...... this is not a trick question....
I believe you may like the read, The Moral Animal by Robert Wright, about the sociobiology of human behavior and how we reward it on the Darwinian model of sexual selection and survival. He states that a woman is usually financially better off being the mistress of a rich man (wife number 2, 3, 4, or lover) than the wife of a poor man. People who expect to marry once and only once for reasons other than finances probably have a whole different set of criteria. Okay with being Ms Bowl. :)
Everyone knows that "Clan of the Cave Bear" is historically inaccurate, Trig.

The definitive documentary on those times is "Caveman," starring Ringo Starr, Shelley Long, Barbara Bach, and (this is how the back of my DVD case describes him) a "hilariously young" Dennis Quaid.

See, Atouk (Starr) wants to zugzug Gog's mate Lana (Bach) and Lar (Quaid) gets left to die when a dinosaur breaks his leg, but they team up, accidentally go to a nearby ice age and fight the Abominable Snowman (the bald guy from Night Court), discover fire, meet Nook (a Chinese caveman who speaks English), and in the end brains win over brawn and beauty, as Atouk is installed as new leader of the tribe and he throws Lana into a pile of dinosaur shit so he can zugzug Tala (Long).

Also, Lar armors up for battle by wearing a dead bird on his head.
Li'l box (brings sexual things to mind) "I attend a community college and many of the younger female students dress rather scantily and with a significant amount of make-up when they come to class.
And what's with the stripper shoes in the office?"
Enough said? Yeah:)

Zanelle, thank you for the pertinent observations. "One young lady told me it was to "show the guys what they couldn't have".
Yes, the tease factor... and what they can't have? Well yeah.. Most of them. Her dainty goods will be saved for the very best compatible breeder.

psychomama... I hope so!

JohnB.. who the f*** is that? Thanks for visiting
@ Leeandra Nolting: You know he's not responding because he's rewriting his thesis. ;~)

P.S. I personally like the one with Rachael Welsh as a cave woman that shaved her legs ::eye roll::
Nick, come on. Come out. Agree with me!

Candace (and I know you are not 'church lady') I am honored that you commented despite your inclinations not too.

Mz Bowl... sigh~ you seem to have a grip on this situation, better than I by far. Would love to read that book. Books seem to clash with my OS and mastur... never mind!... time. Marrying for money, as opposed to the cave man days instinct of marrying him with the most hairy mammoths killed and butchered? Same damn thing, right?

Leeandra with your Nubian appendages, how could I have forgotten the TRUE caveman history? HAHAHAHA

Amy... fucking forgot Rachael Welsh! Talk about hookering it up!
ohmigod, major hooting laughter at lee's comment. damn. another reason to love that woman. zugzug is my new favorite word. save us from the dinosaur shit. wooooooooot.
Genetic memeory dictates: It all boils down to attraction insures survival. Although I am doubtful dressing like a porn star is going to land anyone an alpha male of any value. Cite: Jersey Shore.
The 2010 Flintstones Bedrock Rocks award: I vote Leeandra and Ken for best comments.
i'm voting with linnnnnnnn. how many n's is that anyway? ;
Eventually however, in some French caves (bien sur), handsome and probably philosophic cave hommes started painting bison and dancing figures on the walls by firelight, and those who dragged their knuckles began to lose their women to these cultured and intellectual fellows who walked upright.
Hehee! You should see them trollops running around the campus. Holy crapoly they wear some funky stuff. I thought there was a dress code, but ain't nobody enforcing it. And there's a lady running the place!
I think they may want to look all like they come from the tough side of the tracks or something. Then you see 'em in the parking lot driving off in daddy's Lexus. Funny in a way, sad in another. It's just a youth thing, I suppose. I know I was a rebelious shit at that age. No biggie. But, it's also hard to watch when they grow out of it and settle. Life goes on.
back in the old home, it made genetic sense for the women and kids to stand in the center of the group, while the more dispensable males tried to frighten off the hyenas.

this led to men being stronger than women, and getting to fight one another for first, maybe only, shot at the women. see any chimp clan, they're still at it.

enter civilization. big step up for women, they only had to cope with one man, quite often. but which? enter the beauty contest.

which leads to today's young women measuring the 'sexual attractiveness' component of their market value by practical means.

so relax, it's here until there is a significant shift in economic power, which is happening. 100 years from now, young men may well be prancing in front of power-dressed women.
All of the above. I look at Emily and her friends, all stretched into their jeans, and they all look alike. To her credit, she doesn't use much makeup.
We still have "Junior Miss" competitions here--(mostly run by LDS folks and for the LDS young women) that I've found incredibly repugnant. Not necessarily because the girls are dressed like tarts (although it does happen) but because it's so clear that the makeup/hairspray/evening gown/fake smile/high heels crap is still held up as some sort of zenith of womanhood. What a steaming pile.

My mom still has a photo from 1969 where I was standing on the back steps (at the ripe age of about three years old) with a bouffant hairdo. I don't look real happy. Incredibly, I remember her telling me during the miserable time under the hair dryer that Daddy was going to be really surprised when he got home and saw me. I still have no idea how she managed to get me to agree to that torture, because she used to have to cut my bangs when I was asleep because I hated anyone messing with my hair.

I dunno, Trig. I'm glad I have boys and not daughters.
Trig, trig . . there are a few logical snarls here, like, equating dressing to attract favorable attention with dressing to attract commerce, and anyway, what we consider attractive or provocative is almost entirely a matter of fashion, and Madonna did us no favors when she initiated the bold new fashion concept of woman as object. But - rated because , hey ,it's you, and because I think men are just so cute when they try to argue difficult concepts.
Trig - Now, I know that you are about as irresistible as warm cherry pie...but...did you just hijack "dear reader's" post?

And, does anyone remember how Eve dressed in the Garden of Eden? That one shouldered, short and torn, revealing piece of animal hide that barely covered her gams?

Men have dictated what is sexy and appealing to their one eye since the beginning of time.
Oh Trig. Really? Ima have to tell you to STFU.

Since you have no young girl at home, I'll fill you in.

As well you might be right about *some* (and I use that quantification loosely) young girls, I can assure you that most of the young girls I know are not in that situation.

So, you ask, why do they dress like hookers then?"
((and I'll assume you mean young teens since an adult typically chooses the clothes for younger children))

Take one shopping. Take any young girl over the size of 6x to any retail outlet and try to buy them an outfit that isn't entirely too mature for their age and then send them out to school or any other social situation and see what you get back.

It's been in the upper 90s on and off here, but my Kitty hasn't been able to wear shorts to school because THERE ARE NO FUCKING SHORTS to buy that aren't cut up to her ass cheeks. Well, there are boys basketball shorts, but few girls I know at any tender age are going to go for that at the risk of having their sexuality questioned at the lunch table over a pudding snack and a goddamn fruit roll up.

Now, there are ways to control this, but it takes a lot of effort and a lot of money. Layers work - a cami under a low cut or baby tee, a cardigan over a cami, etc. There's no way to escape the jeans issue though. The rock star skinny jeans drive me out of my mind. And tonight - just to-fucking-night I saw an ad in Glamour for Levi's. LEVI's jeans that praised asses of all size and shape (yes it used the word ass) and then went on to show three girls with varied curves all wearing the same size 25-Skinny pair of pants. Skin tight.

As a mother, the options for choice when it comes to purchasing clothes is as infuriating as this post. And while I'd say that my kid never goes out looking like a "hooker", I still think the clothes and the overall look are more mature than I'd like.

Were it up to me, she'd still be wearing smocked sundresses with matching sandals, but that isn't realistic. It also isn't realistic to believe that you can force your kid to wear anything. Well, you can force them out the door in it, but since Elvis, girls have known how to escape that by slipping into the first bathroom and switching their clothes.

Boy. Sometimes I wanna knock you in the head. BTW - shouldn't we be watching the Chiefs? and WTF happened to Dexter McLexter (hahaha)????? I was looking forward to him and Succop this go round.
Go read some Desmond Morris and learn some nature truths. Know why men have mustaches and beards? And often big noses? Genital mimicry! That's right, men are trying to attract women by making their face look like their crotch.

Know why women use lipstick? Genital mimicry, they are trying to make their face look like the swollen lips of their whooo has. Have a look at a baboon sometime. Same deal.

As for dressing like little "tarts" I reckon those comments have been made by every generation about the younger ones. Take a look at the swim suits women had to wear back at the turn of the last century, egads, it must have been scandalous when a woman even dared to show her legs. Most young girls go through this phase and most acquire a sense that that shit doesn't really make them look very attractive or attract the sort of guy they might be really interested in. Gee, long before Madonna I recall mini skirts and go go boots and what not, and then there were the awful lycra shiny pants of the 70s and huge hair. All just trends, some executed less well than others.
Yes. Chiefs and Chargers tied at 7. Both cheerleader squads, HOT
You know I wasn't serious when I suggested you take young girls shopping, right? I do not want to be brought up on that episode of To Catch a Predator. ;)
Beats the crap outta me, I came from that culture in Egypt. Why women struggle to go back in time is a mystery. Oryoki Bowl is right "They are always using money to buy forgiveness or favors instead of just acting better. " Young girls don't know, losers are like buses if you miss one, there will be another one in 5 minutes, hold out for the good one.

In learning about my mom, she wanted me to be beautiful so I would get a rich husband with servants. A poor man beats his wife if she doesn't do enough. She was so right. If you marry poorly, it's your burden to carry.

Too bad we weren't Italian, it would have worked out better. When my husband was bad she would have sent a hit man and then got me and the kids a better husband. Problem solved and everyone is happy again.

If we're going back in time, lets pick a better culture for wives.
Yes. Chiefs and Chargers tied at 7. Both cheerleader squads, HOT

You are such a gross pig! My Charger Girls are WAY better looking! BTW, three of them are queer. I'll leave it to you to guess which ones!

(I'm serious! :~D)
Size 25? Asses? No ;ohjyd. cany see keys. Cheer;eaders
you're a caveman... yup.
reading these later comments is way better than watching my chargers fumble the ball and arm-tackle guys. sheesh. annie's right about the clothes in the stores for girls. even the ones *for* size 6, which i find so appalling i can't actually talk about it.
21 to 7.. Chief, men, ahead?
Phillip Rivers, Chargers QB is a woman. Not that there is anything wrong with that. We love women. Not many shots of the fairer types. The cheergirls. Hope the second half is better.
Found the light. I was in a hurry before. Don't know home keys. I am a MAN!
Thanks! Or.... love ya. Annie, Bleue, Lorianne, Amy (kisses) JC, skypix, sixty, ablonde, fetlock, cap'n, al loomis
Michael, greenheron, Linnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
it's raining... second half!
Does it count if you dress like one in your own home . . on occasion . . . like on New Years Eve? Hehehehe.

Miko, this is about YOUNG hookers!
My daughter is 21, built, honestly, like a Barbie Doll, tiny waist, huge boobs, long legs, and dresses like a skater girl. Baggie cargo shorts, loose make-up.

She is drop dead gorgeous, and has not a fucking thing to prove or show to anyone.

She is funny and smart, and has no reason on earth to flaunt her physical virtures..........gawd, I love that girl. She's got it all going on, and is a happy girl. She has her moments, as we all do, but overall, I do not think that this beautiful young women needs anyone's opinion of her body to influence her life in any way.

So there.

(Great post, usual.)
Oh crap......let me complete my earlier comment by saying that my daughter would be horrified it she thought that her personna was in any way sexualized.............she hates that shit.

She is a healthy young women living in a society where young women are overwhelmingly their own choice, but only because society dictates that their sexuality makes them special.

In leui of other gifts, THAT is what they have.

And THAT is fucked up.
Even if we assume that what we women really want is to catch a man and not end up "an old maid," a premise I don't necessarily buy, I don't equate attracting a mate with dressing like a working girl. Also, I'm only worried about young people doing it because of the premature worldliness they think it gives them.

The words "cat" and "pigeons" comes to mind in reading your post but if you would like to explore further your caveman fantasy, I'm sure we would all like to read it. I'm predicting a run on red berries at the market. R.
All I can say is Trig, I hope you remember this conversation when you have a granddaughter. In fact, maybe one of us should print it out now so we can show it to her. Life is fair. :)
Around here, hookers don't bother even getting dressed. They just hang-out in their underwear behind their display window reading a book waiting for the next John to come along. But I guess it's not that way everywhere.
To reiterate, I love woman. I believe they get all the respect they command although old world prejudices are still at work out there in the world.
My son's gf is extremely cute, and dresses fashionably but not hooker chic. The Hispanic girls at his HS, now a lot of them push the limits pretty far (whatever the limits are).

When I was in HS in the hippi-ish seventies the big 'sexy' thing was short as hell skirts, and there were a LOT of stairwells!

But in summation for Dear reader I married him, I don't believe that we are living in a generation where internet porn has inspired some new kind of blow job mentality. I would say that things are the same as they ever were. Fashions come and go. Some girls are born hookers and some aren't.

And to contradict my own post which was in fact designed to draw ire (only mildly successful) I DO believe that nurture is very important, and can in fact reverse or put in check the forces of nature. Maybe. Sometimes. I know there are some phenomenal mothers out there, who were raised by phenom... ok, you get it.

Thanks for the comments one and all.

Ginny, could you email me some pics of your daughter? :)
I love woman sounds cave-mannish.

How about, I love WOMEN!
I was a stripper and I totally dressed like a hooker. I was also very young and insecure. Great post. Rated! :)
I don't know what to say, except that there is a difference between a little makeup or ribbons in the hair and dressing like a hooker. Making yourself look a little better is different than looking like you are walking the street. It does seem that lines have been blurred. And I dislike Bratz dolls. If I had a daughter and someone gave her one, I would burn it.
Hey, I'm only 27! (get your point though, LOL)
@ LadyMiko: Thank you for sending me those SUPER HOT pictures of you in your costume, that you WERE going to send to Trig.

DAMN GIRL you look SEXY as HELL!

Too bad 'ol Trig shot him mouth off and never will get to see them, huh? :~D
LOL Amy, So does the cheerleading skirt over do it or what?
Oh, gawd!... you GOTTA see these Trig... My eyes are getting poaching!

Ooops. Sorry, no. What was it you said????

Miko, this is about YOUNG hookers!

Yeah, that was it!

Pictures of LadyMiko's "old" legs that go on FOR FREAK'IN EVER wouldn't interest you, I guess.

Probably the ... ahem... other "things" she has on display wouldn't either!

Too bad! Just means more for me!
STREAMING videos, dude! Or maybe I should say "steaming" videos.

I'll tell ya, beats the HELL out of the football crap the spam bot are pushing.

Speaking of pushing.... DAMN GIRL! I didn't know a person could bend that way! You're pretty flexible for an OLD chick of freak'in 27!

BTW, Trig... one word for you about the pics and the videos: YUM!
Did I send you the tennis ball one?
Tennis ball?
Ewwwwww, check for lint!
OMG Trig! She can balance two tennis balls on the tips of her perky... never mind... you don't care cuz she's an ancient 27 y.o.! ::eye roll::

HOLY crap Trig! She can juggle!!!!! W00t!
27.. robbing the cradle. I could NEVER,

ok maybe
haven't seen the post you're referring to but I'll tell you, this all started a while back when penthouse first came out. penthouse introduced gorgeous lingerie. absolutely stunning european type lacey garments that made the women who lived with the men who were drooling over the pinups wearing them crazy. you couldn't buy this stuff for shit. there was fredricks and that was it. and trust me, fredricks was scary stuff and nothing at all like the penthouse stuff.

then madonna started fetishizing lingerie, wearing it as outerwear. lots of makeup, glitter, lace, torn black stockings, garter belts, big hair sexy, stores started stocking tart yourself up clothes.

that's it. a lot of women like to feel like they're sexy enough to attract a partner (even when they have one). tarty clothes can give you that feeling. this is a competitive world. women compete for who is prettiest. even smart women want to look gorgeous. gloria steinem, for all her smarts, never once looked like she didn't care if she looked good or not. she had a calculated gorgeousness. you just know she had and probably still has a VERY NICE intimates wardrobe.

I think you got it right sort of. it's not something that needs encouraging. boys want to feel strong. Not all of them but most. they're flexing muscles when they're tiny things and I suspect a lot of this is hormonal. girls like makeup. they like prettying up. trust me...lipstick, without anyone telling you you look pretty absolutely appeals to little girls. we LIKE lipstick. we LIKE coloring our faces and making ourselves a little MORE.

probably we want to fulfill our biological destiny. it's not a feminist issue. it's an issue of biological attraction. a lot of females ANY age, right up into social security check age want to attract. you think that's scary UNTIL you reach that age. I find myself checking out the lingerie, figuring what will make me look good and what's not "too much".

we're become ultimate chicks. :) we're smart, we're sexy, doors are mostly open, ceilings are somewhat higher and just like guys we can have it all if we work three jobs to pay for it.
bratz are creepy but so was madonna when she first plotzed onto the scene. I remember when my kids were growing up there was a song that was hugely popular. I would lose my mind watching ten, eleven, twelve year old girls singing along with it:

"more more more,
how do you like it?
how do you like it?
more more more..."

and it was recorded by a porn star.
Similar to the reasons why you fella's snap each other with towels in the locker room and a friendly poke to the arm leaves a bruise.
It's not very complicated.
It really matters not what the man long as we have outdone the competition.
Really, Clan of the Cave Bear? The woman researched ferns. *facepalm*
Similar to the reasons why you fella's snap each other with towels in the locker room and a friendly poke to the arm leaves a bruise.
It's not very complicated.
It really matters not what the man long as we have outdone the competition.
Really, Clan of the Cave Bear? The woman researched ferns. *facepalm*
Rated for needing to be brought up!

The only ones to blame are the parents and the girls, many of whom choose not to dress like hookers.

There is a sheep like tendency in society. When hawkers and hustlers are able to convince people that doing something has benefits, then the weaker ones will do it.

In this era of monstrous and murderous sexual predation, especially on the young, it is really stupid and evil for anyone to tolerate their little ones going out looking like pagent whor...uh hookers.