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JANUARY 13, 2011 3:55PM

Breaking News: Loughner is victim of family dysfunction

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They say Jared Loughner's Dad is a paranoid recluse, reportedly building a wall around the family home some fifteen years ago. After the wall was built, little Jared was not allowed to come out and play very often. 

“I am fascinated by his parents.

They've reportedly blockaded their home and questioned the FBI before they let them in, now a neighbor is saying that the parents are devastated and that the father is especially reclusive."


Instead, Jared was forced to sit inside with his father discussing the evils of left wing politics... often to the point of weeping. Additionally, it has been reported that one of Jared's aunts...





but was quoted as saying recently when informed of the tragedy...

“I wish we would stop fighting about whether or not he was left or right.
"Jared was registered as an Independent.
That should shed a lot of light on why there are hints from both sides reflected in his interests and ideology. All this speculation is purely blood libel”
How does she know I wonder? Hasn't seen him since he was seven!
One uncle was reported to snort...

“I hope he gets shanked in the yard. But, that would be getting off easy, eh? Damned kid wouldn't even run to get my pills 'til I cuffed him two or three times.”

Yeah, this from his own uncle!


On top of all this, insult to injury, Jared's girlfriend broke up with him!













some images and quotes from here...



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Keka.. the yard you don't dare go in? I had no idea. The vibe.. as far as the truth write it! and pm me the link


Dee, Chicken and dumplings, and it's good! My furnace is working overtime.

o/e Adams Family.. damn! That image inspired this post.. sick post that it is
Gadzooks. (note the absence of the exclamation mark - trying to do my part in ratcheting down the hysterical rhetoric)
The images were labelled correctly.
The last and most irresponsibly desperate hysterical rhetoric I heard was "go packers".
Certain resemblance isn't there myriad..

Matt.. I made this all up, well.. patched together a bunch of half facts and added other pure lies.

rw YES.

I realize this is the night of the first funeral. Christine 9-11-01/1-9-11.
and I'm
Right wing hate speech got just what asked for. Surely incitement to murder speech, images like crosshairs, and Giffords opponent.. fucking machine gun Kelly? They were shooting live M-16's at targets with her on them. Am I wrong? I actually wonder how many more nutjobs are inflamed and ready to snap.
rW what kind of tea bagging?

Amen Mr. Fawkes

Sheila.. sick of everyone apologizing to them for God forbid, implying that all those things they say day after day are taken to black little heart by a few.

Joy.. is that you Brianna O?
"“"the Department of Homeland Security warned in a report that right wing extremism was on the rise and could prompt "lone wolves" to launch attacks. But the agency backed away from the report amid intense criticism from Republican­s"

Those Republican­s sure know how to handle intelligen­ce reports. "

From chat board at the link.
All that moola they gave the libtards to fix the mental health system .. and they STILL dropped the tuna!
Fawkes, start with one.. jeebs

rw that's what I figured

Hi Veronica
I can't get used to 21st century conservatism.. Sarah says it goes back to the days when they had duals, but to me, the words and tone of all of the above examples plus several others have gone beyond acceptable; I don't remember Reagan, as much as I didn't like him, talking like that. Beck to me is nutty but believes what he says. Limbaugh is riding the money wave. His mouth is the most vile amongst them. Were there people like this 20 years ago, and I wasn't paying attention?
Duels... sometimes dual duels.
This is not incite murder speak, yet nasty by Rush

"Well, it didn't take long for conservative firebrand Rush Limbaugh to use the crisis in Haiti to attack President Obama politically. On his radio show yesterday Limbaugh said the earthquake in Haiti will play right into Obama's hands by allowing him to play up his "compassionate" and "humanitarian" credentials, and that the President will use this crisis to "boost his credibility with the black community."

As if that weren't enough, Limbaugh also pivoted off a caller who complained about Obama directing the public to the White House website to find charitable organizations operating in Haiti to promote a conspiracy theory that finding these charities via the White House website puts your money at risk of not reaching Haitians.

Limbaugh also seems to feel we've done enough already for Haiti: "We've already donated to Haiti. It's called the U.S. income tax."

The only reason he was sad about that earthquake is that it gave Obama a chance to look good. He'd be happier if Haiti were nuked while Obama and Clinton both were visiting.
Thanks David... welcome

Good Daughter: you should read Susan Creamer Joy's about the numbers implications, etc.. I'll look at spiritman's
Thanks femme... deer hunter of Cali. Sorry, I said I wouldn't tell.

I started with this because of something I heard on the radio..yeah, publicly funded soon to be eliminated from 'the budget' radio. About how the Loughner family was DYSFUNCTIONAL. My point, before it got took a turn, was going to be to ask who amongst us wasn't exposed to a good bit of 'dysfunction' on the family level.
got took.. was on purpose.. I mean..........................
Dr. Major (yes, a promotion) you done? Feel better? Not to be all facebook but lol..

snarkyschaser.. dude might say "LONERS." Others might say tip of the proverbial iceberg. Just an instinct here but I can feel a whole lot of crazy wannabee's that are plenty fucking insane enough, bravened enough by brother Loughner's actions to bust a move for Sister Sarah. She doesn't even try to deliver subliminal messages. Just says it. Lock and load! To you and I it's just words.
Ah, the "civil discourse" of the Left. This is such a riot! Mocking a handicapped child, joking about Palin killing herself, and associating people who have nothing to do with a madman's act with him. As usual, no class, no intellectual honesty, no logic, but lots 'o' hate. Good job!