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MARCH 15, 2012 11:00AM

People of the south wind (windy camping pics etc.)

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The Kansa natives, "Indians" as we ignorantly called them, were also known as"the People of the south wind."

The south wind in spring brings the warmth I desire and crave. This time of year, it blows hard from the Gulf-- not much geographically to stop it between there and, well, Canada. We reside here, in the middle. . .
 TV is gone. Check.
Therefore, Weather Channel- gone. Check.
Internet still good. Right!
Ah but weather prediction, still more an art than a science, isn't it. 

My winter is spent, to a large degree, waiting on the first weather good enough to camp, and yes. . . fish.
It's in my DNA; can't help it you see, so when I saw consecutive days of 80f highs, and 60 lows, with only MODERATE south winds of 15mph, or so, I geared up for an excursion.
The 'gear up' is a process. . .
The 19 year old But to me, a worthwhile pain. It's running well, now- starter rebuilt, new prop, etc.. Then there's the tent and lanterns, poles and tackle, on and on.
Tuesday, hugging the south side of the lake for shelter from the wind, we were able to rip up and down the lake for miles at maximum speed of about 40, which is pretty damned fast on the water. Fast enough for me at least. It can be borderline scary in a boat whose top side rides a foot above the water. White capped waves, generally speaking, mean enter at your own risk. This, I've learned from experience. 
Got girlfriends' fishing license at the marina. Check. . .
Two dozen minnows. Check-
Fish? Checked and checked. None to be found, which is not really so strange because despite the suddenly balmy temps, the surface water is still at 45 to 49f. Two more weeks of nice weather, water ten degrees warmer, and it'll be on like donkey kong. 
So, this would be an exploratory mission and equipment check. On that count all good. Everything worked, and the company was delightful.
 the boat and lover parked in a sheltered bay, Tuesday afternoon
 the shoreline at that same place..... filtered light,
trees only beginning to green up
Kansas sky... I saw a hovering hummingbird sucking nectar
 The lake is down a bit, drought of sorts, so much exposed like this fresh water mussell shell with a live insect on siesta
        dried moss and such... this lake is rocky, meaning gorgeous clear water and great fish habitat
 at the same spot as the pictures above this one, tenacious trees doing their best in the molar stones
 Ah but the wind. Tuesday night as the sun set, as we prepared the camp fire and food, the wind shifted from tolerably moderate, to borderline hideous! We slept in the Coleman tent, on a Coleman queen blow up bed, the queen and I, as the south wind whipped into a fury. 
So much for weather prediction... sigh. Much of the night, the tent was in the position you see above (pic taken Wednesday morning) 
 Moi, pole in hand as usual-- this pic by sweetheart asia rein. A keeper. .

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Used to tent camp but never out in the open. Without a windbreak it's just too much. Have fun.
And all we are is dust in that wind
Two questions:
1. Is Kansas (the group) from Kansas? Is that how they'd know about People of the South Wind?
2. Regarding the tent: Was it a south wind?

Molar stones are really cool. OK, a third question: Is that
what they're called in general or is that you waxing poetic?
Hyper-jealousin' here. We just lost the spring winds for a few days but they'll be back this weekend. My favorite New Mexico weather is happening now. I love that portrait of the fisherman with red lens flare. Great that you have woods to pull up to on shore. Thanks for the vicarious adventure.
aka... the tent was actually fairly well sheltered by hills to the south, believe it or not.

True that Tom... Kansas, the band, is going back a ways ain't it

KS (kosher salaami = ks, same as Kansas, whoa) Yes the band Kansas was from Kansas, and the song is about the Kansas, or Kansa "Indians"
The wind was indeed from the south.
Molar stones is me... they look like ogre teeth... see Shrek
And it's not even officially spring yet . . .lots more good days ahead.
Blame us Texans for the wind. Kansas is windy because Texas sucks and Canada blows.

I'm with aka, I can't handle the tent thing anymore. Too damn old and broke down.
Sighing here, I used to love going camping by the lake with friends. We bought an ancient pop-up and once the Cowboy set it up facing away from the water. My girlfriend and I returned and was so sad he and his buddy turned it around by hand.

Good thing you have a tent, the pop-up and a few trailers were murdered during a big Minnesota wind. Luckily I'd made him walk me to the bathroom so we weren't inside it at the time. Strange to come back and see it flipped over.

Beautiful lake, nothing wrong with a boat there's no payment on. You're lucky to have great weekends away with such a lovely lady.
Holy crap, look at that front left feed. Surely.. surely, SOMETHING could be done about the freaking live sports feed spam.
Hey Stacey.. vicarious adventure, yes you are welcome. Yes we have trees AND hills in Kansas. This lake is on the edge of what are called 'the flint hills.'

FtM, yep.. only better from here out.

Rat, I may be getting kind of old and broke down too for this kind of activity. Takes a lot out of me, no kidding. Still, I suppose I'll keep doing it as long as I'm able, or until I can afford a RV or whatever (and not holding my breath waiting for that).

Bleue, fine story on the blown over pop-up.
I've tried to grow tolerant of the wind as part of nature and all that, but it just makes every little thing more difficult and some things impossible... like boating.
Is what it is I suppose.
It was still fun.
So sorry for the rate and skate no comment drive by earlier. But yes, it was fun, such as it was. It was comfy even with my back pain, ugh...

Its gonna be a fun summer!
I haven't camped since pre- 1995. Wow. That's when I got Lance and I couldn't handle Lance and Sunny in a tent. Those two were the Godmother and her hit man; Sunny barked and Lance attacked. NOT good out in a campground. So I have a cool tent that I've never used and no more dog... Too long of a drive to Possum Kingdom, though.
It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, too.
That tent problem looks more one of poor design rather than being poorly set up. All your pegs seem to have held quite nicely so it was properly staked.

What a trip it would be to make love in a tent with the wind blowing and the tent acting like it wanted to be anywhere but there!! What a ride!!!
Been there, done that, and I have great skin because of all the years of involuntary dermabrasion. I can also tell you from experience that once a tent gets loose and starts rolling, it really picks up speed.

Wow, do I miss all that.
With that much wind, I thinkid have retired to the automobile but then I'm a city girl so what do I know? Nice pice, trig. I'm especially partial to the one with the red bubbly abstract stuff, very cool,.
Okay, I like camping, or used to, but in high wind? Great shots. Oh, and thanks for being flat-land so that Gulf wind can keep right on coming. We got summer temps scheduled for the weekend. (But I'm not going camping anyway...)
Something to be said for free dermabrasion. Doing our part to keep the cost of healthcare in America free, by not paying for healthcare. We just set up a tent in a gale and let the tent whip our faces.
BJ would approve of your medical choice.
Yes she would Myriad! LOL. (reference at wren dancer's)

Hi femme, thanks! I look good in red orbs. Maybe I could get red orbs incorporated into my bathroom mirror so I don't scare myself so badly in the mornings.
I love my tent(s) but I've had tent poles snapped in the wind twice in SE Utah (Cedar Mesa) and spent some other sleepless nights as the tent fabric popped and continuosly snapped noisily in the wind the way a flag does, all night long. So I can empathize with both the joys & the frustrations. Still, it looks like you had a lovely early spring adventure!
The molar stone photo was so interesting. I thought you had found a particularly architectural duck blind or the like...It was so organized looking!

At least you and your sweetie didn't bust your Coleman air mattress early in the timeline. That makes for a miserable night. I remember camping a little too vividly.
Awesome pics? How were you able to catch the filtered light one? I must get out there and see all this for myself.
Awesome pics? How were you able to catch the filtered light one? I must get out there and see all this for myself.
I guess everyone knows it's Windy! thanks so much for sharing this too!
Great post. Great pics. I like the tenacious trees "doing their best."
Where were these taken? How inviting they look! Good photos. By the way, how is your son?